Watco 241758 Butcher Block Oil & Finish, Clear

Last Updated On Monday April 20th, 2020
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Watco 241758 Butcher Block Oil & Finish, Clear

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8 months agoLightThatMenorah posted comment on DIY.
Aug. 18, 2019

Would this product be suitable for finished oak coasters, figured if it was food safe and durable enough for butcher blocks it would do just fine for coasters? https://www.amazon.com/Watco-241758-Butcher-Block-Finish/dp/B000VITOT4

DIY kitchen island questions/lessons learned? [R]

3 years, 3 months agoArizonaLad posted submission on DIY.
Jan. 9, 2017

I'm going to be making a kitchen island, the current plan is to use kitchen cabinets on the bottom and then use 1x6's for the top. My question is:

To join the top, should I use pocket screws or glue to join the boards side to side?

I was thinking a pocket screw every ten inches 50" total width. Is this excessive? Can I get the same effect with wood glue and clamps?

I am also thinking to finish the top I will be using an oil based polyurethane (8 coats or so). Would lacquer be a better choice?


3 years, 3 months agoArizonaLad posted on DIY.
Jan. 9, 2017

So you want to create your own butcher block?

If you just want to glue it, using a biscuit joiner would insure that it remains flat and level. The biscuits help lock it together.

For the finish, you want to look for the label "food safe". Something like this:


What do you think of my butcherblock made of bookmatched end grain walnut wood? [R]

3 years, 7 months agod0gmeat posted submission on woodworking.
Sept. 12, 2016
3 years, 7 months agod0gmeat posted on woodworking.
Sept. 12, 2016

Pure tung oil is foodsafe. But you have to make sure what you buy is 100% tung oil, since lots of manufacturers put chemicals in with it to make it apply smoother, dry faster, etc.

For anything I want to be food safe, I generally use Watco Butcher Block Oil. It's probably about the same as tung oil to work with, as it makes a nice hard finish.

For non-food safe surfaces, I like poly better than anything else I've used.

what clear coat finish for butcher block desk? [R]

4 years, 5 months agowhalemanj posted submission on woodworking.
Nov. 2, 2015

Hi, I created a computer desk with ikea "hammarp" beech butcher block.

I would like to preserve the look of the wood without darkening it too much while creating a smooth long-lasting healthy finish.

What kind of material is good? I am located in Europe.

4 years, 5 months agowhalemanj posted on woodworking.
Nov. 2, 2015

This might not be so popular around here... but I used Watco butcher block finish for my edge grain desk. Couldn't be happier. It is a nice hard finish that won't darken your wood. http://www.amazon.com/Watco-241758-Butcher-Block-Finish/dp/B000VITOT4

*edit- to clarify- I wouldn't use or recommend this product for an actual, used-for-food butcher block surface.

Turning a Salt and Pepper Grinder [R]

5 years, 4 months agodoppelbock42 posted submission on turning.
Dec. 11, 2014


I am going to be turning a salt and pepper grinder today and I have not seen any information on sealing the inside the grinders on any of the youtube videos that I have looked at.

What is the general practice sealed or not sealed? I am going to be using Madrone to make the grinders.


5 years, 4 months agodoppelbock42 posted on turning.
Dec. 11, 2014

Unfinished should be fine but if you wanted to use something they make finishes for things that will contact food. Here's an example of one made for butcher blocks and salad bowls. I've never used it myself. http://www.amazon.com/Watco-241758-Butcher-Block-Finish/dp/B000VITOT4

need help on refinishing salad bowl [R]

6 years, 5 months agojchance posted submission on woodworking.
Nov. 9, 2013

I bought a vintage wooden salad/fruit bowl at a garage sale. You've probably seen them ... decal of fruit/veggies inside. Looks like it has a varnish overall, cracked by water or just conditions on the inside and outside bottoms. No discoloration. How do I get the varnish off without damaging the decal and what product should I replace the varnish with?

6 years, 5 months agojchance posted on woodworking.
Nov. 9, 2013

I doubt you're going to be able to remove the varnish without damaging the decal underneath. I would try to smooth the existing varnish with 600 grit sandpaper (or 320 grit if that has no effect, but be gentle) and then once its smooth put a fresh coat of salad bowl finish over the top. There are a few different brands. Behlen and General Finishes make the highest quality product but it's harder to find and more expensive. Watco makes Butcher Block Oil (which is a similar food safe varnish product and not really an "oil") and is available at the big box stores.

You just want to make sure you use a food safe varnish that builds a film and not "butcher block conditioner" or "wax" or mineral oil since those don't harden.