Thermos 2330TRI6 Vacuum Insulated Food Jar, 10 oz


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Updated August 19, 2019

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Thermos 2330TRI6 Vacuum Insulated Food Jar, 10 oz

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  • B0008GNJEU Amazon ASIN
  • Thermos Brand
  • 2330TRI6 Model Number
  • Categories

    Sports & Outdoors, Fan Shop, Home & Kitchen, Kitchen & Dining

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On the road a lot, how to be healthy when i cant microwave any pre prepped food? [R]

1 year agoNoeyCannoli posted submission on EatCheapAndHealthy.
July 24, 2018

Hey /rEatCheapAndHealthy I work on the road with my new career and am looking for your options for eating healthy! I'm in and out of the office, hours are anywhere from 8 am to 9 pm. I choose whenever I want to work, but I'll average about 200 hours a month. I was thinking of keeping a few larbars in my console in case I can't eat supper, but would love some better options when I know I'm gone without eating out!

Thanks in advance!

1 year agoNoeyCannoli posted comment on EatCheapAndHealthy.
July 25, 2018

Lol it was actually thermos brand....lemme see if I can find you a link and I’ll edit this comment with it.

Thermos 2330TRI6 Vacuum Insulated Food Jar, 10 oz