Pressure Positive Co. The Backnobber II (Cobalt Blue)

Last Updated On Tuesday May 26th, 2020
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The Pressure Positive Co.

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Pressure Positive Co. The Backnobber II (Cobalt Blue)

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    Wellness & Relaxation, Back Massagers, Massage Tools & Equipment, Health & Household, Massage Tools

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

I need some help, can't cum. [R]

1 year, 8 months agoaltaccountthree posted submission on CumFromAnal.
Sept. 23, 2018

So guys, I bought a dildo 2 months ago, I tried in every way to reach the sissygasm , but it never happens. Just some precum. Now I'm thinking that maybe my dildo is too soft. The dildo is 20cmx4cm medical silicone, from Lamantt. I ride it for hours but no orgasm, at some point I feel like I have to pee so I start to fuck myself harder i feel a huge pleasure in my guts and chest, but nothing happens and I totally loose my forces so I can't go on unless a little rest.

Please help me I don't want to touch my clit again.

1 year, 8 months agoaltaccountthree posted comment on CumFromAnal.
Sept. 24, 2018

And if the Njoy is too expensive for a fella, the Backnobber has the same general shape and can get the job done just as easily.

I prefer to use the larger end of my backnobber, I start dripping cum mere minutes after it goes in and can usually still be spurting a good 10 minutes later. Mind you, it's milking my cum out, I'm not actually orgasming at that time... That usually comes quite a bit later on and those are dry orgasms.

I heard the horny ladies here go wild for plaid, so upvote if you love the smell of napalm and drinking pina coladas in the dunes of a cape [R]

1 year, 8 months agoSept. 20, 2018


1 year, 8 months agoUnknowablePhantom posted comment on weekendgunnit.
Sept. 21, 2018

Toys with curved handle? [R]

1 year, 8 months agoBurnmotherefferburn posted submission on ProstatePlay.
Sept. 12, 2018

I am trying to find info about a dildo/vibrator that has a curved handle. My SO enjoys fingering my ass while I'm on top of her but mentioned she would like to find a toy she can use on me while I fuck her. I'm all for it but the logistics seem to be causing a problem.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a toy that she would be able to hold on to and use with the somewhat awkward angle involved?

All input is appreciated

1 year, 8 months agoBurnmotherefferburn posted comment on ProstatePlay.
Sept. 12, 2018

Don't know if they're safe, but the back nobber is a giant s curve and I know some people use that.

You are a shit marketer when you dont know this [R]

3 years, 1 month agoSquareintelligence posted submission on marketing.
April 19, 2017

Nobody can do it all and do it well. Specialization for most people seems to be the way to being able to contribute skillwise as trying to do everything in such a shifting landscape as marketing is iffy.

I see condescending sentiments in this subreddit where not knowing a particular domain one guy is familiar with automatically means the guy who doesn't know is a shit marketer.

Now thats just narrowminded and ego centric. Maybe the boss didn't know what an alt tag is. Shes an idiot now? Maybe her skills are in managing a marketing team and negotiating funding from upper management. Id say thats damn important. You couldnt find clients on your own? How the hell are you a marketer? Hur hur First off client acquisition is a field in itself thats more sales than marketing. Marketers lure with bait and salesmen spear the prey. Sure a marketer can try to do both but maybe his time is better spent becoming a better trapper if he supports a sales team.

What im saying is lets not be so harsh on others who may not have the same expertise in a narrow niche like us. Just because its obvious to us doesnt make ignorance of it a disqualifier of competence.

We marketers need to be nicer to each other. Even at work its always the marketers who are so toxic. The designers, recruiters and programmers i worked alongside are so chill and cool. Why the hell is this?

3 years, 1 month agoSquareintelligence posted on marketing.
April 21, 2017

Dude nice blog.

Also for airawear........ I NEEEED IT

but it looks too good to be true.

Like the more complex something is the more ways it can fail.

Like im sure Im gona be stoked when I get it but for how long?

Wires and circuits being flexed all the time under the weight of my body

Batteries being scrunched up by me and overheated by my body heat and being covered with layers. What if it goes all samsung on me WHILE IM WEARING IT! Its like a really shitty suicide vest.

Whats the basis for the "massage" exactly? Is it just a derivative of the mall massage chairs that only massage the lattisimus dorsi? If so while yes it feels great but is it actually based on ~~medical science~~ massage disciplines?

If you could prove the product has all of these points covered I guess it could be a huge shield for the common curmudgeon responses.

Im a strong proponent of simple and reliable unless absolutely proven to be effective and amazing (ie smartphones). I also strongly also buy things that are "buy it for life".

Thats why for me Id probably get something like this instead

What makes the airawear superior to this little piece of plastic?

Dont sweat it too much. A curmudgeon like me is probably not your demographic anyway

Also I checked out the product vid and id like to recommend a background music

Your vid

background music

Play these 2 at the same time. Let me know what you think. That song is royalty free and i believe only costs 20$

Is it safe? [R]

3 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted submission on CumFromAnal.
Aug. 8, 2016

I've been thinking about getting this trigger point massager as a poor man's prostate massager. I know it looks ridiculous but it might just do the trick while still able to be played off as a back massager. My concerns is, if it's safe or not. I now some forms of plastic have certain chemicals that might be harmful to your body. I just want to be sure I'm not doing something unsafe here. Also, if you have a suggestion for a better incognito alternative or even just a better brand of hook massagers, I'd greatly appreciate it.

3 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted on CumFromAnal.
Aug. 8, 2016

After watching this video I bought a Backnobber II. I found that it is easy apply too much pressure if you don't use a condom, which makes for a sore day or two. The condom also makes cleanup quick.

Need suggestions for a good shoulder massager! Making a trip to Brookstone today. [R]

4 years, 7 months agoorange_teapots posted submission on AskTrollX.
Oct. 8, 2015
4 years, 7 months agoorange_teapots posted on AskTrollX.
Oct. 8, 2015

This is a bit odd, but it's 1000000000x better than a vibrating massager and I take it EVERYWHERE with me: The Original Backnobber II

Help :( extreme upper back pain [R]

4 years, 8 months agowehappy3 posted submission on BabyBumps.
Aug. 29, 2015

The mattress I'm sleeping on is terrible. So terrible I'm literally never sleeping on it again. My upper back is KILLING me today. It hurts so, so bad. Sitting perfectly still is painful but when I move the wrong way (basically any way at all, including breathing too hard) ooh boy. Pain pain pain.

So what do I do here? I've had SO rub my shoulder where it hurts the most and that helps for a few minutes and then it's right back to murderous pain. So do I hunt down a heating pad, an ice pack or what? What's best and what's worked best for you? Thanks in advance!

4 years, 8 months agowehappy3 posted on BabyBumps.
Aug. 29, 2015

Get a Backnobber. Seriously worth the money. SO laughed until he tried it. Friends of ours laughed until they tried it, then they bought one. It's fantastic!

[tw: implied groceness] Late Valentine's day present for the wife. Want to make sure it's working first. Which part/s am I meant to insert? [R]

5 years, 3 months agoMagnusson posted submission on fitnesscirclejerk.
Feb. 19, 2015

Looking for a very thin anal toy [R]

5 years, 4 months agovanisaac posted submission on askgaybros.
Jan. 14, 2015


I'm doing some anal training for a new bottom. I'm looking for a prostate massager that is very thin. I've seen them in porn, but the closest I can find to buy is this. That is close to what I'm looking for but a little short. Any links or more accurate search terms would be greatly appreciated.

5 years, 4 months agovanisaac posted on askgaybros.
Jan. 14, 2015

How's this?

6 years, 6 months agoHarnessSeeker posted submission on sex.
Oct. 31, 2013


painkiller [R]

7 years agoxrawv posted submission on greatNWside.
May 13, 2013

painkiller - even thou the judas priest album has its calming effects,

what ways do you deal with aches and pains? ibuprofen, asprin, naproxen does little for me.

epson salt bath and magnesium salicylate pills do ok.

what are you pain reliving secrets? any essential oils or odd ball stuff like soaking in vinegar or something? white willow bark?

what you got?

7 years agoxrawv posted on greatNWside.
May 13, 2013

what aches? I've got a recent persistent prob that exists in and near my trapezius and it makes the area around my clavicle ache. I've been using a tennis ball, and this: