SYMA X1 4 Channel 2.4G Rc Quad Copter - UFO

Last Updated On Wednesday March 25th, 2020
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SYMA X1 4 Channel 2.4G Rc Quad Copter - UFO

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

What's something fun I can get for $50? [R]

5 years, 8 months agoirishmcsg2 posted submission on gadgets.
June 29, 2014

Long story short, I've given myself a budget of $50 (including shipping) to order something fun or interesting online as a random gift to myself...

Sure, there are a few things I can think of that might be interesting (an Arduino starter kit for one) but I'd like to hear some suggestions in case there is something awesome out there that I haven't heard of!

What's your favourite gadget that a guy in Canada can get in his hands for $50?

I look forward to hearing suggestions!

EDIT: I should probably mention that $50 is an arbitrary self-imposed limit, so if you know of something amazing that's anywhere up to $100 please suggest it and I'll decide if it's worth it on my own...

DOUBLE EDIT: Okay, so this thread exploded since I last checked it. I apologize but I'm not going to read all of these comments right away, I'll probably peruse them over the next couple of days. I definitely appreciate all the suggestions! As for everyone who is PMing me about lasers: I'm hesitant to give you a recommendation because if you don't do some reasearch on your own you'll probably end up blinding yourself or burning your house down. You shouldn't even consider buying a high powered laser unless you know exactly what they're about! Do some research, make google your friend! By the time you know enough to use the laser safely you'll know what you want to order! Have fun!

5 years, 8 months agoirishmcsg2 posted on gadgets.
June 30, 2014

A beginner's quadcopter. Super easy to fly, tons of fun.

Looking for something to practice flying with b4 starting first project. [R]

5 years, 9 months agoBiggie313 posted submission on Multicopter.
June 26, 2014

Hey Guys I am planning on building a quadcopter this summer to make a few gopro vids of me and friends when we go skiing during winter.

But before I get to that and before I want to fly the quad I will probably have spent hours building I figured it would porbably be smart to learn flying with somethin cheap. I dont have any Quad experience yet.

Can you Guys sugges anything? Thank you a lot!

5 years, 9 months agoBiggie313 posted on Multicopter.
June 26, 2014

LAPD adds drones to arsenal, says they'll be used sparingly [R]

5 years, 9 months agoborn_again_atheist posted submission on politics.
May 31, 2014
5 years, 9 months agoborn_again_atheist posted on politics.
May 31, 2014

It's not that bad if you buy and build it piece by piece. Start out with a cheapo, like the Syma X1 to learn how to fly. Then just start buying pieces over time and put them together. This gives you time to learn with the cheap one so when your big one is complete, you already know you won't be slamming it into stuff and breaking it. Of course things happen and there's no guarantee you wont destroy it, but it's much less likely.

The most expensive parts you'll have to buy are the Radio and the Battery chargers/power supply and you won't have to buy new ones for a very long time. The rest is fairly cheap.

I've got $600 at Amazon to spend. Help me get started? [R]

5 years, 10 months agorephlex00 posted submission on fpv.
May 21, 2014

I'd like a quadcopter of some sort I think.

What about the hubsan quadcopters, they have a camera. This is /r/fpv after all.

5 years, 10 months agorephlex00 posted on fpv.
May 21, 2014

Unfortunately a lot of parts to build your own (which I always suggest) aren't going to be on Amazon. While a DJI Phantom is available, I would start with something smaller and cheaper if this is your first foray into the multi rotor world.

Personally I always suggest the Syma X1 as it is cheap, large enough to be flown outdoors, and can take a beating.

Learn your orientations and generally how a quad flies and you'll be ready to upgrade to something bigger without having to worry about breaking it or injuring yourself or others.

Cheap and strong? [R]

5 years, 11 months agoApril 9, 2014

Hey r/multicopter, I'm a newbie and only found this subreddit today and wondered if you could point me in the right direction.

I want to buy an affordable copter, with enough strength to hold my GoPro, so I can take some cinematic shots. I'm a newbie to flying too, so easy flying product would be a bonus, although I usually pick up exciting 'techy' things quickly. The cheaper the better, seeing as I'm still saving up finish my PC build :P


5 years, 11 months agoborn_again_atheist posted on Multicopter.
April 9, 2014

Get a Syma X1 learn how to fly it well, then move on to a more expensive one. Like andersonsjanis said, you won't get anything that can hold a gopro for cheap.

Looking for some advice! [R]

5 years, 11 months agoApril 9, 2014


5 years, 11 months agoRaider1284 posted on Multicopter.
April 9, 2014

If you have never flown a quad before I would not recommend starting with an expensive Phantom. I would first go with something like the syma x1

That $30 quad will get you started and will let you know whether this hobby is something you want to dump time and money into. Once you have fully mastered a starter quad, then upgrade to something like the Phantom, though at that point you may want to make your own quad ;)

6 years agoMarch 7, 2014
6 years agoCallMeOatmeal posted on technology.
March 7, 2014

I'm experienced with small copters and quads. This is the one I've been playing with recently. I'm familiar with the terms somewhat as I've been lurking all the drone subreddits, and I've been researching the different systems for the past month or so. I will not attempt the build until I feel I have all the tools and resources I need to be successful. I'll lurk a little more before I put a few hundred down on a kit.

Best use of drones I've seen - dolphin stampede [R]

6 years agoimasunbear posted submission on videos.
Feb. 28, 2014
6 years agoimasunbear posted on videos.
Feb. 28, 2014

Quadcopters are so much easier to fly than those RC helicopters. I got this cheap little toy a few months ago just to mess around with, and it flies like a dream (it even has a button to do a flip) up to around 100 feet.

RC Helicopter trims the trees [R]

6 years, 1 month ago1842 posted submission on nononono.
Jan. 29, 2014
6 years, 1 month ago1842 posted on nononono.
Jan. 31, 2014

It seems that quadcopters are a good place to start. They'll get you started with the basic controls.

One of my co-workers recently got one of these --

It's pretty fun, affordable, durable, and the controls you learn will be useful for both more advanced helicopters and planes.

I picked up the Nano CPX, which is incredibly difficult to fly for a beginner. I'm sort of waiting for the weather to break so I can try it outside, where I have more time to correct mistakes... I've flown lots of flight sim video games over the years (just planes though) and thought that an CP helicopter wouldn't be that much more difficult. Well, it's stupid hard. :P Something 4 channel, like that quad above, or a V911 helicopter would be an excellent introduction, and easy enough to learn on. You'll still crash a bunch and hit things, but you shouldn't destroy anything or hurt yourself.

Lastly, simulators are an awesome way to get some basic muscle memorization figured out before you break anything. If you've got a game pad (e.g. USB Xbox 360 controller), you can fire up a free RC sim and give it a try -- that's what I did with FMS -- it's an old sim, but it works. Sounds like RC Desk Pilot is popular around here too. I then picked up Phoenix 4 to use with the transmitter I have -- much better sim, but something free will get you started.

Just be warned -- my girlfriend picked up a Syma S107 for me for Christmas, and that was my first experience with aerial RC -- I've already dumped lots of time learning, practicing, and buying more. :P It can turn into a huge time/money dump. (The S107 is a great little helicopter too, but it's pretty limited. Awesome for short flights in very small areas though.)

How easy is it to fly a DJI Phantom for a total beginner? [R]

6 years, 1 month agourethrasecks posted submission on Multicopter.
Jan. 26, 2014

After multiple times of telling my older brother that he should buy a cheap one first to practice on he still bought a DJI Phantom. He literally saw videos (for the first time) of it yesterday and bought one a few hours later. So now I'm doing the responsible thing and researching as much as I can about quadcopters as I know nothing about flying them as well. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

6 years, 1 month agourethrasecks posted on Multicopter.
Jan. 26, 2014

I don't think he even realizes how easy that 500-ish dollars can go down the drain with flying RC vehicles. He's set on having the mindset of the DJI Phantom being really easy to fly after watching a few videos on youtube. Though I realize he isn't stupid and can figure things out, I like being more prepared on things that cost a lot of money.

As for small quadcopters, what would be a good cheap one ? Saw this yesterday on /r/shutupandtakemymoney and it seems to have good reviews.

Need some help entering the hobby! [R]

6 years, 4 months agoNov. 19, 2013


6 years, 4 months agoledmik posted on Multicopter.
Nov. 19, 2013

I started with the Syma X1. It comes with the remote and a spare set of props. There are a few different canopies that change the price anywhere from $30-$40. The cheapest one on amazon right now it the ufo for $32.

Quadrocopter with iPhone 4 (please help me) [R]

6 years, 4 months agozbowman posted submission on fpv.
Oct. 30, 2013

So I figured this might be the best place to post this in, please excuse me if it's not. Also please note that I'm completely new to this whole thing so I'm basically clueless even after watching a couple of videos/websites about it.

Basically, I wan't to have some sort of quadrocopter. I don't think I need it to be fpv, (If I understand correctly, that is what it's called when it's transmitting live video to a screen/goggles) I just want a quadrocopter that I can attach a camera to, and record some awesome scenes like someone did in this video for example:

In that video he uses a DJI Phantom, which seems really great for what I want to do and on top of this has a pretty reasonable price , so that's the one I'm looking to get at the moment.

And here comes the weird part, I want to be able to attach my old iphone 4, instead of, lets say a gopro. Because at the moment there's no way I could afford both a quadrocopter and a camera, and I happen to have an iPhone 4 that I don't use anymore.

So basically my questions are: What is a good, reasonably priced, quadrocopter to which I can attach an iPhone 4? What do I need to add into my purchase to actually make it work?

These are the only questions I can think off at the moment. Please help me guys, This looks like something I could really enjoy doing.

Also excuse the horrible formatting, I just couldn't get it to work like I wanted..

6 years, 4 months agozbowman posted on fpv.
Oct. 30, 2013

Ready to Fly (RTF) means it comes with a transmitter radio in addition to having a receiver built into the plane/quad/multi or it comes with a compatible receiver.

Almost ready to fly (ARF) usually means it comes with a receiver on the plane and its your job to make sure you have a transmitter (radio) that is compatible.

Most other listings are for a plane/multirotor are for the plane itself and require you to bring your own motors, escs, transmitter, receivers.

I'd honestly recommend a cheap as can be like the husban x4 or syma x1. After you learn how to fly for more than 5 minutes with a $40 toy without crashing then invest in building your own that can lift the weight of an iPhone4. building your own is cheapest and lets you learn about wtf is actually going on, plus you will crash, you will crash a lot and break things so you better know how to put it back together when you do crash. <--- they have tons of DIY videos and sell parts that make building your own multi rotor easy. also for electronics the cheapest is generally or

UFO over Miami on 10-20-2013 [R]

6 years, 5 months agoRancid_Bear_Meat posted submission on UFOs.
Oct. 26, 2013
6 years, 4 months agoRancid_Bear_Meat posted on UFOs.
Oct. 29, 2013

Great news is you don't have to spend hundreds to get a very decent and fun quad-flying experience.

Here's one for about $35!

I can say first-hand that this is a great little quad with surprising features and agility. It's also true 3-channel radio control; not infrared like the little helicopters everyone monkeys with. This will give you great control and range.

Of course it won't go as fast or as high as the $300+ models but it's definitely worth the price. It has great lift and you can easily rig it with LED's for night flights no problem.

One caveat: the manual is very poorly translated.. but there are great translations from the community online so if you do purchase one, keep this in mind.

I've been looking for an anniversary gift for my husband: the gift that keeps on giving, the remote control shark. [R]

6 years, 5 months agoab2650 posted submission on shutupandtakemymoney.
Oct. 23, 2013
6 years, 5 months agoab2650 posted on shutupandtakemymoney.
Oct. 23, 2013

Not-so-great reviews, plus the obvious factor that you have to fill and refill with helium, which most of us don't have laying around.

I think a better choice is a Syma X1 with a few extra batteries. Pretty fun little 4-channel flying R.C. for not that much money.

Looking to move to a cheap 4Ch heli [R]

6 years, 5 months agoOct. 8, 2013


6 years, 5 months agosnugglebandit posted on radiocontrol.
Oct. 8, 2013

Sure. If you don't mind waiting a week or two for it to arrive, has several models that are very good.

Hubsan x4 V2

Hubsan X4 V2 w/camera

WLToys V929

If you want it quicker, you could get a Syma X1 from amazon.

If you want to order from xheli, they carry the 929 and the x1 at a higher price.

remote control go pro helicopter. WANT IT SO BAD!!! [R]

6 years, 6 months agogilker posted submission on shutupandtakemymoney.
Sept. 10, 2013
6 years, 6 months agogilker posted on shutupandtakemymoney.
Sept. 12, 2013

This one doesn't go as far and doesn't have all the bells and whistles but for less than $40, I've had fun with it: [Syma X1 Quadcopter] (

DJI Phantom + GoPro Mount + Battery = $480 [R]

6 years, 6 months agobaddox posted submission on Multicopter.
Sept. 9, 2013
6 years, 6 months agobaddox posted on Multicopter.
Sept. 9, 2013

If you think you ever want to get into building your own multirotors, I think you might as well do it first. My recommendation is always the same: buy a "toy" quad for around $50 so you can learn to fly, and at the same time research your custom build and just do it. Sinking $500 or more into a commercial RTF quad will probably come back to bite you once you do get around to building your own rigs, because you can't really upgrade the RTF products or reuse parts from them in bigger and better projects.

For the cheap quad, I love the It's generally $30-40. Can't beat the price.

Zero to Hero Budget quadcopter -- Help needed. [R]

6 years, 6 months agoa1blank posted submission on Multicopter.
Sept. 6, 2013

Hey there fellow redditors!

in the last weeks I developed an interest for quadcopters. as a newbie in the field I have absolutely no experience with this at all. but I want to take the challenge and try to build and fly a quadcopter myself. I have got a vacation from my "job" soon so I have got a lot of time to learn and invest.

I set a few goals that I want to achieve in order:

  • build and fly a quadcopter to have fun (and gain some piloting skills and knowledge in this field on the way)

  • to maybe attach a camera (GoPro?) on board and take some aerial photography (as photography is one of my hobbies)

  • to maybe one day replace the onboard flight controller with my own flight computer (maybe raspberry pi or an arduino) (as I am an experienced programmer and its sounds like a nice challenge to take)*

  • note: I understand that the raspberry pi is far from realtime microcontroller but I've seen some success over the internet and would like to try it myself.

so in the last weeks I've learned some theory about motors, batteries, ESC's and flight in general but I still feel my knowledge is far from enough to build a quadcopter. thats why I come here for advice.

I have seen a video of this guy ( doing about what I want to do so I took advices from him building this build over at hobbyking (I tried to keep the budget as low as I could as I am limited with this resource):

Parts List

a quick "need" / "want" table:

  • I need it to work

  • I need it to be quite cheap

  • I want it to be as stable as possible

  • I want it to be able to fly as long as it can

  • I want it to be able to carry a camera (if possible)

  • I want to be able to replace the control board one day

As someone who never flew a Quadcopter before I heard its might be a good idea to buy a microquad and sharpen these rough flying skills. as budget is a big deal for me I guess thats a good idea (as I dont want to break the quad too fast and want to have a few successful flights) so I was looking into the WLToys V939 and the Hubsan H107 X4 both nearly the same price, got any recommendation ? with that being said I still want to build this quadcopter as challenge is something I desire.

finally my questions are:

  • did I miss something out? did I take something extra which I do not need? (considering I have no parts at all at my home)

  • should I replace a part for something different? (like the control board with the KK2.0? or the motors? or different battery?)

  • is hobbyking a good place to buy stuff? should I check some other websites? (hobbyking seems good because it has everything in one place)

  • Part comparability is a big issue for me as I do not know how to know what goes with what:

    • is everything here is compatible with everything?
    • will the ESCs works with the motors?
    • will the battery works with everything?
    • will the charger charge this kind of battery?
    • the Props are the right ones?
  • do you have any experience buying from hobbyking? how is the delivery?

ANY input for any of the questions or the post or generally is very appreciated!

Thank you for taking the time and reading this post!

EDIT: formatting

EDIT2: updated the battery to ZIPPY Flightmax 5000mAh 3S1P 30C and added 10x4.7 props

6 years, 6 months agoa1blank posted on Multicopter.
Sept. 6, 2013

I'm in the same boat as you. I was pretty nervous about having never flown before, so I opted to get a Syma X1 to practice flying while I built my quad. I think it was a pretty big help to already be decent at flying a quadcopter before I started flying one I actually cared about.

Noob low budget multicopter from hobbyking [R]

6 years, 7 months agosnugglebandit posted submission on Multicopter.
Aug. 22, 2013

I am making a multicopter now that I have made a plane. I qm having trouble to decide do I want to make a hexacopter or a quadcopter. Both would be the micro ones with a PCB from hobbyking, as all parts will be ordered from there. What parts can I buy cheap and which parts need quality? I need to make it cheap but effective. I have a friend who knows how to program them and whatnot.

6 years, 7 months agosnugglebandit posted on Multicopter.
Aug. 22, 2013

Your best bet like ichelo said is to get a micro brushed quad from this website or a Syma X1 from amazon.

Looking for a semi-inexpensive quadcopter and video camera to take arial videos around my hometown. [R]

6 years, 8 months agogilker posted submission on gadgets.
July 19, 2013

I had always wanted to get something like this, but this guy made me drool with jealousy. I know I can't afford the stuff he's got but I wasn't sure if there was some less expensive versions of his stuff. A quadcopter in the sub 200 range, something I can mount a simple digital camera on. A quick search on Amazon offers TONS of products, but I would love to narrow it down. Looking for a fun weekend hobby :-). Any suggestions? Thanks!

6 years, 8 months agogilker posted on gadgets.
July 19, 2013

RC Quadcopter with camera as a hobby [R]

6 years, 8 months agosnugglebandit posted submission on radiocontrol.
July 7, 2013

I'm thinking about starting a quadcopter as a hobby. So where do I start? Which brands or stores are reliable and have affordable spare parts?

6 years, 8 months agosnugglebandit posted on radiocontrol.
July 7, 2013

You should start small. It was the advice given to me several years ago and it paid off. If you try to learn flying a larger more powerful quad you are likely to end up with a pile of busted parts you don't know how to repair. You need to learn how to fly first and small quads with brushed motors are the perfect learning tool.

If you want a brand name and great customer service and local hobby shop support, look no further than Blade. The MQX is the larger of the two quads and is easier to see if you want to fly outdoors. The Nano is brand new and all I really know is that it is tiny and seems to have auto level which I don't think the MQX does. If you go this route you should consider purchasing a DX6I radio which will allow you to buy the BNF or bind and fly models. The DX6I will bind with any Horizon Hobby (parent company) sells. It is programmable and will help you understand that aspect when you eventually get to larger models.

If you just want to get something cheap to try out the hobby, I suggest you order a Syma x1 from amazon or go to and pick one of the quads they have there. The V9?9 series is very popular and highly regarded.

Check out the mini multirotor forum if you want specifics on any particular model.

I have never made a multicopter or any robot for that matter, but I really want to. How do I get started? [R]

6 years, 8 months agoMister-Biscuits posted submission on Multicopter.
June 30, 2013

I have basic tech knowledge. No electricity knowledge, but I'm a fast learner. Can anyone point out some videos, books, texts, software, or general information to get me started?

6 years, 8 months agoMister-Biscuits posted on Multicopter.
June 30, 2013

Do you know how to fly yet? Before I even began to figure out how to build a full size multicopter, I started with this Syma X1 -> Even if you know you're going to build one, if you've never flown one, order that first.

After that, I would look at a kit. People love to poopoo the stock DJI motors and ESCs that come with the 'DJI F450 Flamewheel ARF kit', but the point is, you know that when you put all of it together, add in a flight controller, ubec, and rx; that the damn thing is going to fly. Hard to beat that small amount of security!

If you have followed my instructions so far, you can use this video to assemble the above kit:

Then all that's left is a flight controller (Hobby King kk2.0 or a MultiWii are both high quality and cheap!), batteries, battery charger, connecters, servo cables, transmitter/receiver, and a sunny day!

Good luck! I've had a few tonight, so gimme slack if I missed something!

Advice? - looking for aerial video/photography setup... [R]

6 years, 9 months agoaparis99 posted submission on Multicopter.
June 11, 2013

The quadcopter arena is VAST and there is so much information and varieties of things so I'm asking for opinions from you! I'm basically needing to know what options are out there for someone like me. I do various types of photography, from landscapes, to real estate. I also wouldn't mind dabbling in the video editing world to create aerial videos of and around the town. I suppose the most common use would be a GoPro, which is fine since I can use it for images, b/c I'm sure a DSLR gimbal and all that would be way too expensive. I'd also say that the "FPV goggles" would be helpful so I could actually see what my subject is... Anyone have some options that aren't too complex? TL;DR - Looking for video/photo quadcopter that's stable/smooth with "FPV goggles"

6 years, 9 months agoaparis99 posted on Multicopter.
June 11, 2013

Yea, I realized I needed something small to get good at the controls. I came across the Syma X1 which looks like it has pretty good reviews and is cheap...