Identiv SCR3310v2.0 USB Smart Card Reader

Last Updated On Wednesday February 19th, 2020
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Identiv SCR3310v2.0 USB Smart Card Reader

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    Electronics, Memory Card Readers, Memory Card Accessories, Computers & Accessories, Computer Accessories & Peripherals

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

How do you access your lab/network when your out and about? [R]

1 year, 6 months agoRikairchy2 posted submission on homelab.
Aug. 19, 2018

Trying to gather ideas on how to best access my lab when I'm out/mobile/at work. What I want from remote access: access lab servers/shares (not directly from work PC) and workaround for work blocking sites such as reddit :) Current method is a Proxmox CT running ssh on Ubuntu and the port forwarded in OpnSense (also had to change ssh server port to 443 to get round work proxy). I use Firefox portable so I can alter the proxy settings and access my lab from within Firefox. I know this isn't very secure and the ssh server should be treat as a hostile machine so what method do you use? I'd also like to set up a vpn server to connect to from my phone but haven't really looked into it.

1 year, 6 months agoRikairchy2 posted comment on homelab.
Aug. 20, 2018

I use a few SCR3310s, but I've also had luck with SGT111 readers. The SCR3310s are in my laptop bag, the SGT111 stays on my desk.

Senator Warren introduces Equifax bill; launches industry probe [R]

2 years, 5 months agotechmaster242 posted submission on Political_Revolution.
Sept. 15, 2017
2 years, 5 months agotechmaster242 posted on Political_Revolution.
Sept. 15, 2017

Unfortunately, they will never come up with a way to do that.

This is a federal mandate. Any retailers that get defrauded for not requiring smart cards will be forced to personally eat the costs. Credit card companies will no longer be liable for credit card fraud from any retailer still using magnetic stripes.

Accidentally delete users [R]

2 years, 7 months agoproton-byte posted submission on mooltipass.
July 22, 2017


I accidentally deleted all users from my Mooltipass mini (Wanted to create a backup for my holidays so I had to erease the one card and also checked the "delete user"). I have a backup as .bin and also the PIN. And of course the card with all the passwords, but the Moolti keep saying "Unknown Card". How can I get to my passwords?

If someone could help me, I would be really happy!

2 years, 7 months agoproton-byte posted on mooltipass.
July 22, 2017

Ok, I've just read this post:

So do I have to buy something like this: insert my card, that get the message "Unknown Card", get the script and through that my encryption key and my data?

Boss has decided to switch to laptops, this is pretty new to me, how do I secure them? [R]

3 years, 5 months agoGoldenBeer posted submission on sysadmin.
Aug. 26, 2016

So my boss today pulls me in and says that he wants to switch everyone to laptops. This is bringing up so many questions/issues that I am trying to find out answers for.

  1. How do you guys manage users who allow other family members to use their laptops? Just in case something malicious happens?

  2. Is there a way to disable all USB ports as far as storage devices go, but still allow my personal USB drive to work for reinstall of software and other things like that? We will also be using Eport Plus, so I'd need to be able to disable those as well. I still need to be able to use USB ports for peripherals.

  3. Is there a LoJack style option for Windows machines in case it is lost or stolen? Something similar to MAC where it can be tracked by bouncing itself off of WIFI/bluetooth?

  4. Does easy Transfer work between Win 7 and 10?

  5. We use WSUS in the office to push updates right now. Since the laptops will not be on the network 24/7 like the desktops are, what is the best way to adjust WSUS so that updates are pushed when they ARE on the network?

  6. In the event the laptops are left in the office overnight. What is a good option to use to prevent theft by break-ins or even cleanup crew?

  7. Where can I buy those inventory stickers and what is a good way to track inventory?

I really appreciate any help you guys can give me on this. I did not see laptops being an option. I'm hoping it isn't too much different from a desktop, but fear that there are things I'll miss. I know that I can't prevent everything from happening, but definitely would like to prevent as much as possible as we are a small business and this is a hefty investment.

Thanks for the help!

EDIT: Thank you to EVERYONE who helped me with my questions. I think for the most part I had everything in place but you guys solidified a lot of what I was thinking. Bitlocker was one thing I hadn't considered and a lot of you suggested it, so I will be using that for sure. Other than that, I think the biggest issue we are going to face is, what happens if/when a laptop is lost, stolen or broken? But, hopefully it will be a long while before we have to worry about that.

I definitely think an Acceptable Use Policy will have to be initiated, so if anyone has any examples of a good AUP for company laptops that I could use, please PM me or link me to it. Til then, I'll do some Google searching.

Thanks again for your help!!

3 years, 5 months agoGoldenBeer posted on sysadmin.
Aug. 27, 2016

You can also get USB smartcard readers. Used these a lot back in my military sysadmin days.

LifeProTip#2: Put this CAC reader on your keychain [R]

3 years, 6 months agoJam3993 posted submission on AirForce.
Aug. 20, 2016
3 years, 6 months agoJam3993 posted on AirForce.
Aug. 22, 2016

I have had so many problems with mine. I hated that stupid thing and just broke down and bought one of these,

LifeProTip: If you add a personal Email to your vMPF profile you will get an email if an assignment drop. [R]

3 years, 6 months agoavailablelight89 posted submission on AirForce.
Aug. 20, 2016

Source: I was notified of my last two assignments from my personal email during non-duty hours. The shit works.

"It's not science fiction...."

3 years, 6 months agoavailablelight89 posted on AirForce.
Aug. 21, 2016

I like this one

Scm Microsystems USB Smart Card Reader SCR3310V2

Let's play "Check your AKO for that email!" [R]

3 years, 12 months agopsychopete posted submission on army.
Feb. 25, 2016

Here's a list of instructions for checking your official email from a work computer, or worse, a computer at the on-post library. You can print it out and use it as a handy guide. Please note that this guide assumes that you managed to track down the platoon sergeant who owns the only functioning CAC-reader in your company and borrow it from him.

1) Log onto the computer with your CAC. For no reason, this will take two attempts. This will take like, 20 goddamn minutes, so if you have to use the restroom, or take an APFT or something, now's a good time.

2) Open Internet Explorer. DO NOT attempt to use another browser, or some fat fucking commo sergeant will materialize and tell you that it's not authorized.

2a) Correct the commo sergeant's uniform or grooming standards. There'll be something wrong for sure. Protip: He's still wearing his black belt from 2005.

3) Type in the URL for AKO. Instead of going to the website, Internet Explorer does a Bing search for it about 80% of the time.

3a) Click on the first result, so that Bing redirects you to exact URL you just typed.

4) "There's a problem with this websites security certificate." Click "Continue to this website (not recommended)." There is not a single Army website that has a security certificate recognized by any web browser.

5) Login to AKO with your CAC. Enter your PIN.

6) For no reason, this page cannot be displayed. Click back to return to the login screen.

7) Login to AKO with your CAC. Be sure to choose the certificate that says "DOD email" instead of just "DOD" or whatever. Whichever one you didn't choose last time. Maybe you chose wrong, and that's why the page cannot be displayed.

8) Click on the little email icon.

9) Your email has been migrated to Enterprise Email! Click the link to proceed to Enterprise mail. Why the fuck didn't AKO just send me to Enterprise when I clicked the email icon? Seriously, it's the only option. It's not like I wanted to check some non-Enterprise shit.

10) Oh, shit! A USG Warning and Consent banner. That sounds serious! I've never read it. The text is bold and red so I know that the civilian in charge of this warning thinks it's important. Well, fuck him. Click "OK" to proceed.

11) Choose your CAC certificate again. This time for sure choose the email one, because you're checking your email, and somehow, it might make a difference. Probably not, but what if you click the wrong one and have to start over? Not a risk I'm willing to take!

12) There's a little yellow box now that reads " Use the following link to open this mailbox with the best performance:" Click that link. There's also an option to "Add to Favorites". Ignore that. These computers never save your settings. Again, why doesn't the Mail icon on the AKO homescreen not just send you to the same link that you have to click on here, and save you four fucking steps?

12a) At this point I like to look to the guy next to me and say something like "Fucking Army computers, right?" And he'll be like. "Yeah, this is bullshit." We'll laugh, but I can tell by his eyes that he's dead inside. We both are.

13) THAT FUCKING USG WARNING AGAIN! GODDAMNIT! FUCK I HATE THIS. Click "OK". Make a mental note to drink tonight. Not too much, just 4 - 6 with dinner, and maybe some whisky in your coffee tomorrow morning, so you're not too hungover for PT.

14) Choose a CAC certificate again. Unfortunately, you forgot if you chose the email one last time. Shit. You're going to have to start over for sure!

15) Wait for a while while the page loads - or fails to load. Only time will tell.

15a) It failed. Close IE entirely and open it again. Don't be too hard on yourself. I'm pretty sure that it would have failed no matter which certificate you chose.

15b) The stress is too much. Decide to go outside and smoke. Really commit to your drinking plan while you're out there. Come back in and repeat steps 1 - 15. This time it works!

16) The email you were expecting isn't in there. Do it all again tomorrow! At least you got a sweet offer to attend a Special Forces brief later this week. Imagine briefly that it's not a mass email, and SF wants you specifically.

3 years, 11 months agopsychopete posted on army.
Feb. 25, 2016

>1) Log onto the computer with your CAC. For no reason, this will take two attempts. This will take like, 20 goddamn minutes, so if you have to use the restroom, or take an APFT or something, now's a good time.

This is because its creating you a DoD Visitor Account (if you don't already have an established network account).

>"There's a problem with this websites security certificate." Click "Continue to this website (not recommended)." There is not a single Army website that has a security certificate recognized by any web browser.

This is because whoever the fuck maintains the computer decided not to install the DoD Root Certificate Authorities. Its not hard, you can do this on your home computer.

>Steps 3-8

Just go to

>11) Choose your CAC certificate again. This time for sure choose the email one, because you're checking your email, and somehow, it might make a difference. Probably not, but what if you click the wrong one and have to start over? Not a risk I'm willing to take!

Unless the user is a non-dual status technician (Dual Persona). These soldiers have two CACs, one civilian one military. To make them work, they have to expose the PIV certificate. If you are one of those users or you have needlessly exposed your PIV certificate, then choosing the email certificate will just return the BIG-IP page.

>Steps 12-16

Just set up your personal computer. Request a CAC reader from supply or order one from amazon and Follow the steps found at to set up your personal computer to access Army sites like enterprise mail, ALMS, ATRRS, etc etc. The website contains instructions to set up Macs and PCs (Windows 7 through 10).

Also don't forget that you can buy Office 2016 (Mac or PC) for $10 by going to, follow these directions to get the program code (You need to use your CAC to get it).

Also, on AKO, click the self-service tab and select Anti-Virus services for instructions on how to get a FREE and full internet security suite from McAfee... again, FREE.