Stortz & Bickle 0930 Volcano Plastic Herb Grinder, 2.3, Orange

Last Updated On Friday April 10th, 2020
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Stortz & Bickle

The Price has Dropped! But is it Cheap?

- The best price we've seen on Amazon in the past 12 months was on August 21, 2019. The current price is considered low and a good time to buy. It is 7% higher than the cost at its lowest.

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Updated April 10, 2020

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Stortz & Bickle 0930 Volcano Plastic Herb Grinder, 2.3, Orange

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Best fine grinder for Pax 2? [R]

1 year, 7 months agoAdfran1 posted submission on ploompax.
Sept. 13, 2018

Hi all

Looking at getting a finishing grinder to make my bud extra fine and enhance the Pax experience.

At this stage the MFLB finishing grinder seems the top pick, but I'm wondering what alternatives are out there.

I'm in Australia so bonus points if there is an Australian vendor for your recommendations.


1 year, 7 months agoAdfran1 posted comment on ploompax.
Sept. 13, 2018

Storz & Bickel 2 piece plastic grinder! This thing rocks! Cheap and a fiiiine grind! Official Volcano Vaporizer Herb...

Looking for new Grinder [R]

1 year, 10 months agoidiotsANDignorance posted submission on PAXvapor.
May 29, 2018

Hey y'all, I'm looking for a new grinder rn. I know the Santa Cruz Shredder is great, but I'm looking for something a tad cheaper. Can anyone recommend anything thats decent quality but still cheaper than $60+?

1 year, 10 months agoidiotsANDignorance posted comment on PAXvapor.
May 30, 2018

Official Volcano Vaporizer Herb Grinder Orange

What is the best grinder for a PAX? [R]

2 years, 7 months agoBurning_Faith posted submission on vaporents.
Aug. 29, 2017
2 years, 7 months agoBurning_Faith posted on vaporents.
Aug. 30, 2017

After experimenting with several grinders (including the MFLB finishing grinder) I found that this grinder is just as effective as the MFLB but much cheaper.

We're finally down to the 80s out here in Southern Az. Nice to be able to get to a solid [6} while enjoying my patio without feeling like I'm in an oven. [R]

2 years, 7 months agoBurning_Faith posted submission on trees.
Aug. 17, 2017
2 years, 7 months agoBurning_Faith posted on trees.
Aug. 18, 2017

Yeah I have the Pax 2 and I love it, I use it more than any piece I have. When I first got it it was alright, was a little hard to draw from, but after purchasing this vented lid for more airflow and using this grinder to grind my herb very finely, it hits so smoothly and amazingly; like smoking out of a fine cigar.

Now in terms of getting a bigger one worth the money, that's completely based off your preferences. Are you going to be using it more at home or will you be traveling around with it? Do you want something flashy or something discrete? I got the Pax 2 because it has a 10 year warranty if ANYTHING happens to it (besides losing it), it's discrete looking, compact, battery life is good, easy to take anywhere. I also got this case for it which allows me to store my weed as well and just makes smoking on the go SOOOO convenient. I personally haven't had the opportunity to try other vapes so I can only really tell you about mine. Through what I've heard, you're going to get the same high from other vaporizers, but the differences come in the forms of battery life, draw, vapor production, taste, and amount of herb you use. There's dozens upon dozens of vapes to choose from but to get the ball rolling for you check out more about the Pax, Magic Flight Launch Box, The Crafty, Boundless CF and CFX, and the DaVinchi IQ and Ascent. There's bound to be something for you!

I would DEFINITELY recommend switching over to vaping for many reasons; i.e. healthier, only 5% smoke, you get more cannabinoids, and you can reuse the ABV (already been vaped) weed for edibles.

Best of luck, Ent!

An early start to the weekend. [R]

2 years, 8 months agoBurning_Faith posted submission on trees.
Aug. 11, 2017
2 years, 8 months agoBurning_Faith posted on trees.
Aug. 11, 2017

you should really grind your herb more finely. I use to load it like that and it just wasn't enough. If you turn your grinder upside down it definitely will grind it more finely, it will hit better, and since there's more surface area it will "cook" more evenly. If you really want even better results, get this grinder. It turns the herb into almost podwer-like and is by the far the best way to use your Pax to it's full potential. Trust me.

Flower Help [R]

3 years ago[deleted] posted submission on PAXvapor.
March 17, 2017

Hey so I just bought the Pax 3 yesterday, it is my very first vape so I'm going in a little blind, I watched some videos, read reviews, saw some guides on how other people were doing it and I'm fairly certain I'm doing it right? However I did pack about 3 bowls yesterday but didn't really get that high compared to if I did 1 or 2 bowls with my bong using the same flower. I understand the bong hits may be more intense but I still never really made it past that buzzed stage of getting baked, I ground up the bud using my Phoenician grinder maybe it isn't ground finely enough using it? I'm not sure exactly how fine it should look or how that would effect my session, I think packed the full oven relatively tightly up until the top of the oven leaving only a small silver outline at the very top, then I turned on the Pax, let it sit for about 20-30 seconds, I use it on flavor mode at about 380f I also see people saying they stir / flip the oven when the flavor starts to diminish, at the point when I'm not really seeing smoke coming out when I exhale from a pull is when I have been stirring/ flipping the oven but at that point it already looks pretty brown and used up, am I waiting too long to do it? I'm not sure if when really matters if by the end the whole thing appears to be equally used up is there something I'm doing wrong? Is there a guide somewhere that may help me?

3 years ago[deleted] posted on PAXvapor.
March 17, 2017

You probably need a finer grind. I personally had the same issue about 3 weeks ago when I first got my Pax 3, and cresting a finer grind as well as making sure I packed the bowl right (a good guideline is that turning the device upside down doesn't let the herb fall out) improved my results tremendously.

I use this grinder: Official Volcano Vaporizer Herb Grinder Orange

First I grind the herb in a normal grinder (go upside down for a finer grind) then continue grinding in that one, it makes it very very fine which is what you want.

Then I use the packing tool (the rubber keychain that came with it) to pack it down until it's at the top of the oven.

I'd also recommend picking this up: Pax 2, Kandy, Pipe Cleaning Kit-Wipes, Scraper Tool and Pipe Cleaners

It has a packing/scraping shovel tool, as well as some wood picks and plastic qtips, and some alcohol wipes for cleaning. I find myself needing to clean it once a week with a daily usage (I can make one full pack last about 1.5 days).

What's the best fine grinding grinder under $30? [R]

3 years, 5 months agonwsreddit posted submission on vaporents.
Nov. 4, 2016

I found the finishing grinder for $25. Is there anything better around this price? I always see people recommend it for a very fine grind. I just use my Sharpstone right now and I still feel like I can go finer sometimes.

3 years, 5 months agonwsreddit posted on vaporents.
Nov. 5, 2016

The grinder that comes with a volcano is awesome. $10, grinds fine, stores extra

Fine Grind [R]

3 years, 9 months agopedrobeara posted submission on ploompax.
June 27, 2016

What do you guys use for a fine grind. I usually put it through my grind firts then the mflb finishing grinder. I like to pre grind and put it in a jarz container but i found it is very tedious with the finishing grinder as it only does a little at a time. Any tips would help

3 years, 9 months agopedrobeara posted on ploompax.
June 30, 2016

New Vape Fine Grind vs MLFB Finishing Grinder [R]

3 years, 10 months agopedrobeara posted submission on ploompax.
June 6, 2016

Hello guys Ive been enjoying my pax2 and i love it, Ive been using a 4 piece grinder and i think that it isn't fine enough... im kinda wanting to buy one of these two grinders but not really sure, here is where you all come in.... which one is better for the pax? or better in general?

3 years, 10 months agopedrobeara posted on ploompax.
June 6, 2016

[Question] I'ma buy a grinder tomorrow, metal or plastic? [R]

4 years, 9 months agoJune 30, 2015

i've been told that plastics are better. thoughts?

EDIT: gonna get a $30 to $40 one. I live in Australia so they'd probs be more expensive than in the states

4 years, 9 months agofaintdeception posted on saplings.
June 30, 2015

I own 4 metal grinders of various sizes ranging from $25 - $60 bucks, and a plastic grinder that I got for $12 and the plastic one is my favorite.

It's the one that comes with the volcano, your mileage may vary, but the best part is that if you start with the cheap one and hate it, you're only out $12.