NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Slide On Pencil, Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, Black Sparkle

Last Updated On Wednesday April 29th, 2020
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Its On Sale! But is it Cheap?

- The best price we've seen on Amazon in the past 12 months was on March 27, 2020. The current price is considered low and a good time to buy. It is 23% higher than the cost at its lowest.

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currently low price

60% OFF

Updated April 29, 2020

Price Checks

Current price is higher than the price on Mar 27, 2020.
Current price is low in the past 12 months.
Used not available currently.

Price Activity

DatePrice ActionChange %Price Level
28 Apr, 2020On Sale-60.00%low
26 Apr, 2020Sale End150.00%average
20 Apr, 2020On Sale-62.67%low
5 Apr, 2020Price Increase246.82%average
27 Mar, 2020Price Drop-71.17%lowest
Update on 29 Apr, 2020

Amazon.com price change % swings above and below average price

Showing: Area under 0 show price is cheaper than average. Above 0 shows higher price than average.
NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Slide On Pencil, Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, Black Sparkle

Product Details

  • Amazon.com Sold on
  • B0057WJ2BY Amazon ASIN
  • SL02 Model Number
  • Categories

    Beauty & Personal Care, Makeup, Eyes, Eyeliner

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[Contest] Add ons! [R]

6 years, 3 months agoJan. 21, 2014

So I'm buying some stuff on amazon today and thought I'd add something of yours to my list! Link me your add ons, and the raffle phrase will be I don't need the city. only 2 winners this time~

ends: 5PM central

Sorry, we are closed.

6 years, 3 months agorosie__ posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Jan. 21, 2014

add ons are annoying. I don't need the city

[Contest] How much do I have left? [R]

6 years, 3 months agoDec. 31, 2013

So, my mother-in-law bought me an Amazon gift card for Christmas with the strict orders of spending it on myself. I think if she could have made me sign a contract in blood swearing to that, she would have. :| IN ANY CASE.

I've bought what I want with the gift card and have a little left over. I want you to link me an item from your wishlist that you think is the exact amount left (or as close as possible). Shipping matters, I do have prime. I will choose the person that comes closest without going over. In the event of a tie, I'll choose the person that linked the amount first (so pay attention to other's posts!). Contest closes sometime Tuesday.

Your only hint is that it's more than $5 but less than $10.

Edit: Linking from your wishlist is super helpful since the gift amount is whatever is left on the gift card. :| I should have been a bit more specific. Also, US only! Sorry guys. :(

Contest Closed! Sifting through the numbers and choosing the winner now. :)

6 years, 3 months agorosie__ posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 31, 2013

[Contest] Fun with Add-Ons! [R]

6 years, 4 months agorosie__ posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 7, 2013

This contest is closed
Winners will be chosen and gifted by midday 12/8. Thank you everyone for participating!

Alright kids, here's the deal. Let's get some of those pestering add-on items off your list.

- Must have an intro post
- Must have gifted at least once
- You must have your address attached to your wishlists! If not, you will be skipped.
- Link me to a specific add-on item you like or to your add-ons wish list if you have a separate category for that.
- Contest will end at 6:00 PM PST today 12/7/13

Winners will be decided arbitrarily at my discretion. There will be several winners, at a minimum. Y'all know how I like to gift in groups. But, In case I need it, please include the raffle phrase CLICKETY CLACK!

6 years, 4 months agorosie__ posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 7, 2013

[Contest] Show me your Add-Ons! [R]

6 years, 4 months agorosie__ posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 3, 2013

This contest is closed.

I forgot to order a few things and have enough in my cart to add some things on, so show me your add-ons!

You need to:

  • Have an [Intro]

  • Please have gifted at least once.

  • Link me to your add-on list, or what you want most, I may pick for myself though.

  • Take two seconds to tell me why you want it.

  • Use the reddit raffle phrase "tomorrow" (because I'll do it, tomorrow!)

This contest will:

  • End in about 1 hour. That would be 3:18 pm EST.
6 years, 4 months agorosie__ posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 3, 2013

I need more color in my life and this would be really cute for holidays. tomorrow


6 years, 5 months agorosie__ posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Nov. 13, 2013

This contest is closed. All of them.ALL THE WINNERS!

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Fine print: Ends in 8 hours. To enter a contest, reply to the top-level comment pertaining to it and follow the instructions. If you leave your own top-level comment you will be disqualified. If you use bold in any of your replies you will be disqualified. If you mock our oppressive rules you will be disqualified. Quiet, you.

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Bonus: There's a hidden contest! Do you have the tools to find it? First person to locate the hidden contest and follow the instructions will win.

6 years, 5 months agorosie__ posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Nov. 13, 2013