Nutiva Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil from Fresh, non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Coconuts, 54-ounce


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Nutiva Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil from Fresh, non-GMO, Sustainably Farmed Coconuts, 54-ounce

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Recommend Lube for Dryer Times in Cycle? [R]

10 months, 2 weeks agoTantraGirl posted submission on sexover30.
Oct. 7, 2018

During the dryer times of cycle (before she starts, and right after it ends) when we have sex we have been using one of the heavier variants of S Liquid, a water based lube, for sex.

On my end it feels fine, but for her she says it still creates some friction which really takes the enjoyment out of it. What are some lubes that might work better during the dryer times in her cycle?

We do not use condoms, and we do not have to worry about damaging sex toys - so we are open to whatever.


Edit: forgot to mention, for whatever reason coconut oil burns her.

10 months, 2 weeks agoTantraGirl posted comment on sexover30.
Oct. 8, 2018

If it says "refined," 9 times out of 10 it was processed with hexane. So that's one to stay away from. Stick with "virgin" and "unrefined."

For example, Nutiva bills itself as "Organic, Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin Coconut Oil."

It's good stuff! :)

Coconut Milk Kefir Cherry Ice Cream (vegan, paleo, keto & body ecology) [R]

1 year agoAug. 7, 2018

Coconut Milk Kefir Cherry Ice Cream (vegan, paleo, keto & body ecology) is the perfect summertime ice cream recipe to cool down & is filled with probiotics.

Leading conventional cancer treatment centers even recommend coconut water as part of the management of chemo symptoms. (13) Coconut kefir is an even better choice than coconut water since coconut kefir can replenish the good bacteria that chemotherapy kills, replenish electrolytes and provide hydration. 5.

Coconut water kefir contains no dairy or lactose, making it a safe option for those who suffer from the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

Coconut water kefir is certainly high in the crucial mineral known as potassium.

The probiotics found in coconut kefir are excellent for discouraging constipation and encouraging healthy elimination on a regular basis.

Erotic massage questions [R]

1 year, 8 months agoTantraGirl posted submission on sex.
Dec. 12, 2017

My (18f) boyfriend (29m) has recently been mentioning that he would like to give/receive a sexy massage. I love giving massages but I’m not completely sure how to integrate the “sexy” part of it. I’ve researched a couple products that that claim to be like a 2-in-1 massage oil and lube, but I’ve never had experience with them and would like to get some insight maybe in time for the holidays. Any one have any super positive experiences with this? What made it good? Thanks!

1 year, 8 months agoTantraGirl posted comment on sex.
Dec. 12, 2017

My husband and I have been swapping long erotic massages at least once a week for years. It's one of our very favorite things.

We take about three hours, total. About an hour of that is me giving my husband a tantric massage and an hour is him giving me one. It's a combination of full-body sensual massage and a deluxe mix of oral and manual stimulation, plus whatever extras (nipples, anal, etc) we feel like, with a ton of edging to increase intensity.

If you're looking for tips on techniques, this is a good place to start:

The fourth and fifth articles are reviews of books and videos about sensual/erotic massage. Further down, "The Art of the Handjob" is great for you as the giver and "OMG Yes!!!" describes an app that provides wonderfully detailed tips for when he's the giver.

This r/sexover30 post is another source of great tips for you as the giver: HJ's - the final frontier!. And this r/sex post is another good description of the man's role as giver: u/Paran0idAndr0id's guide to How to do an Erotic massage.

If you want to go beyond just the basics of sensual massage, I strongly recommend learning the sexy, physical kind of tantric sex. [NB: this is not the hippie "spiritual" kind of "sacred sex" that goes by the same name.] [This is a fairly detailed description of our tantra mornings.](

If you want to learn how to do it, this is a great guide, essentially a free book in blog form:

There's a series of twelve posts on giving and receiving tantric massages, starting here with you as the giver and concluding here with him as the giver.

Finally, I definitely recommend getting a good, inexpensive (<$99), folding massage table, a couple of big towels, and some quality coconut oil. (Avoid the cheap canned stuff at the market; it's unfiltered and often gritty.) Having a table makes it MUCH easier to give a great massage.


coconut oil as lube? [R]

1 year, 11 months agoSept. 14, 2017


1 year, 11 months agoTantraGirl posted on sex.
Sept. 14, 2017

We buy big 54oz jars like this one from Amazon and transfer it to a 6 ounce squeeze bottle for bedroom use.

It melts at about 75˚, so whether it's a liquid or a solid depends on your room temp. If it's pasty or solid I sometimes stick the little bottle in my bra after dinner and it will be liquid long before bedtime. Or you can run it under hot water or put it in the microwave for 20 seconds.

Have some questions on coconut oil....refined or unrefined? [R]

5 years, 2 months agosHockz posted submission on keto.
June 15, 2014

Hi guys, quick question....I found a gallon of coconut oil on amazon that seems like a spectacular deal for only $15...but it's refined. Is there any real difference between the refined/unrefined stuff? This stuff liquefies at 76 degrees and seems to have the same nutritional information as the organic cold pressed unrefined what am I missing here, or is this stuff good to go for keto? Here's the link to it:

5 years, 2 months agosHockz posted on keto.
June 16, 2014

awesome, thanks! i went with this stuff instead....

Anybody ever try and all coconut oil diet? With Protein and fiber of course. [R]

5 years, 4 months agoSamdajigman posted submission on keto.
March 25, 2014

I recently started keto but I'm only using coconut oil to get my fats. Has anybody else done this? And if so could you describe if it and how it differs from a regular Ketogenic diet.

5 years, 4 months agoSamdajigman posted on keto.
March 25, 2014

I got my protein from, also I use Nutiva coconut oil: , this is by far the cheapest coconut oil I could find, on its like a dollar cheaper per jar. The reason I don't want to use any liquid coconut oil is because to keep coconut oil a liquid they remove the lauric acid which would mean that I'm losing out on the benifits of the lauric acid itself while still getting caprylic acid and the capric acid.

Whats a good tasty addition to add to eggs? [R]

5 years, 7 months agoJan. 13, 2014

back story, I used to be a long distance runner, and would wake up every day, eat 2 fried eggs (in pam) between toast, and run 8-12 miles. Took a year off and gained 40 lbs. Im getting back into running, and am doing the same diet, but eggs are a little plain. Any good recommendations to add to fried eggs? Also any good alternatives to the toast?

5 years, 7 months agotimmermania posted on fitmeals.
Jan. 13, 2014

Lately my wife and I have been trying to cut back on calories/up our nutrition. She's been cooking our scrambled and fried eggs in organic coconut oil - super healthy and adds a really good flavor! We've been using it in place of butter or olive oil for most of our cooking needs.

First time going grocery shopping for keto diet. What should I get? [R]

5 years, 10 months agoFnNiceGuy posted submission on ketorecipes.
Oct. 23, 2013

Hey, I'm completely new to this whole keto diet thing and I'm looking for some general or specific ingredients that you guys love use in your cooking. Any tips would help!

5 years, 10 months agoFnNiceGuy posted on ketorecipes.
Oct. 23, 2013

I buy from amazon 54oz $25 Nutiva Certified Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil -- 54 fl oz by Nutiva

Women of reddit. How do you feel about going down on a guy after he has been in you? [R]

6 years, 3 months agoMay 4, 2013


6 years, 3 months agoSerae posted on sex.
May 4, 2013

I use it as a moisturizer, face oil wash, shave oil, hair treatment and cooking oil. A 54oz container lasts me all year. For $20 that's really amazing. I've spent more on lube for less time that couldn't be used for as much.

Seriously, worth the money.

This is what I get, but it's $30. Around x-mas it was on sale for $22. I haven't used it for sexy times, but gosh darnit now I'm going to have to add it to my list of reasons why this stuff is a staple in my life. I wouldn't spend $20 on a 12oz jar though. That's robbery.

Edit: wrong oz size, and added link!

Monthly post: review of purchases and empties [R]

6 years, 3 months agoOjosDeLuna posted submission on SkincareAddiction.
May 1, 2013

This is a new series, to be posted the first of each month ~ 9am EST.

Please share with the group any products you've completely used up. Also we'd love to hear about your new purchases as well!

6 years, 3 months agoOjosDeLuna posted on SkincareAddiction.
May 1, 2013


  • Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser- I loooooooove this cleanser, not a HG item since it's not like it works miracles on my skin or anything, but it doesn't irritate or break me out or any of the stuff that usually happens to my skin.
  • Josie Maran Argan Oil- I know, I know. It's overpriced. But it's so easy to pick up a little $10 (or $14? I can't remember) bottle when in line at Sephora. I don't think I'll be repurchasing because I might have found a replacement.
  • Coconut oil- My skin (on my body) loves this shit. Baby soft err'day. And my hair drinks it up too. I haven't had a haircut in almost a year and this helps my postpone my haircut until I decide what I want to do with it.
  • Sample of F.A.B Ultra Repair Cream- It's okay. I didn't irritate my skin or cause a breakout, and it moisturized my skin well without feeling greasy, but it feels too plain for the price.


  • Nuetrogena Naturals Purifying Face Wash- I hate this shit. My face hates it. Even my sister (who isn't at all into skincare and will basically use whatever is in the bathroom) hates it. It irritated my skin and seriously dried out my sisters face.

  • St Ives Exfoliating Pads- They're very gentle. Brighten my skin overall, but do almost nothing for my post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. These irritated my sister's skin, which is strange because her skin hardly ever gets irritated, but maybe because it was her first time using any sort of chemical exfoliation (she's 17, I'm not forcing skincare products onto a 6 or 7 year old).

  • Stridex Maximum Strength pads (red box)- I haven't worked up the courage to use these on my face, put they do a pretty good job with my bacne! At first I was like "fuck this shit" because after I used them on my back a few days, I started getting these big cystic pimples. I attributed them to the Stridex and just tossed them with the rest of the skincare rejects under my sink. But because I'm stupid and am not one to learn her lesson the first time, I tried them again. And tada, they worked and didn't cause big red angry bumps. I'm still not sure what caused them the first time.

  • Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel- I wash my face with this when I feel that raw honey won't be enough. I like the way it feels and smells, and it doesn't irritate my skin.

  • More Raw Honey- Probably tied with Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cleanser for my favorite cleanser. I love the way it leaves my skin moisturized and soft.

  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask!!!- I'm excited I finally bought something that's talked about on the sub. I just got his two days ago. Spot tested it on my chin, no bad reaction, so I tried it on my forehead and nose yesterday. No big improvement, but I like the way it feels. I also think it brought some of the little bumps on my forehead to a head, so I popped those little suckers this morning. (sorry for the gross imagery, I'm a picker, I can't help it)

  • Last, but not least...Hemp Oil <3 - I got it as a replacement for jojoba oil since it had a zero on the comedogenic scale (I don't know why I still really check it since something could be an absolute zero on the scale and still fuck my face up). I mixed it with some coconut oil when I got it, and oh my sweet god, it was the best body moisturizer ever. The richness of the coconut oil and the lightness of the hemp oil combined perfectly to create heavenly soft skin on my legs. I'm still not sure if I like it on my face ( I like the way it feels but I'm not sure if its clogging my pores). I decided to drink some in my smoothies at the same time I decided to try it on my face, and I broke out in a small rash/whiteheads around my mouth and chin area. This happens whenever I try to take any sort of Omega supplements, and I'm not sure why. :(

TL;DR: I'm sorry this is so long. I buy and try a lot of things.

oil pulling to whiten teeth. does it work? [R]

6 years, 4 months agoApril 14, 2013


6 years, 4 months agocherryfizz posted on TheGirlSurvivalGuide.
April 14, 2013