Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract (Discontinued by Manufacturer)


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Nokia Lumia 520 (AT&T Go Phone) No Annual Contract (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

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Weekly beginners question thread: July 13/07/2017 [R]

2 years, 1 month agoHug_A_Snake posted submission on windowsphone.
July 13, 2017

This is a central thread where beginners, and others, can ask all the (basic) questions. Don’t worry that your question might be "stupid" or "too basic".

Please don't be shy to ask anything related to Windows Phone. The community will try to answer it. And we know that Nokia and Microsoft follow our topics, although they are always too shy to reply.

Don't forget to checkout our archive for questions and answers.

2 years, 1 month agoHug_A_Snake posted on windowsphone.
July 13, 2017

I currently have a Nokia 520 (my second one) on AT&T GoPhone and it's on it's last legs. I'm looking for a new Windows phone that is in that same budget bracket (<$60) as the 520. I love the 520, but with WP8 loosing support I'd like something that can run WP10. Might just get another 520 for $45 and keep the old one for parts if I can't find a newer WP.

Any ideas of a cheap WP (not necessarily nokia) out there?

Will this particular AT&T phone get service/connect in New Zealand? [R]

3 years, 3 months agoMay 14, 2016


3 years, 3 months agoameoba posted on NoStupidQuestions.
May 14, 2016

Probably not.

Specs say it uses the 850/1900MHz frequency band - the frequencies used in the us. The rest of the world runs on 900/1800MHz.

Try one of these - it's "dual band" so it supports both sets of frequencies. It's a solid, reliable phone - even if you don't have a data plan. I've been using one for the last year or so.

It's crazy that the Wii U is still $300 [R]

3 years, 3 months agoApril 23, 2016

I've been itching to get one to play all of the Nintendo exclusives I've missed, but the price is holding me back. With the release of Star Fox, that's pretty much the last major release the system will see since the NX is coming soon.

Right now you can get an Xbox One for $300 and a PS4 for $350. Those are two consoles that will be supported for another couple of years at least.

Right now, I'll probably wait for the NX and hope it's backwards compatible. I'd love to be able to jump on a Wii U now but it seems like a bad idea.

Any new Wii U owners out there have any opinions on this?


I get the games are great. I'm not denying that! It's the main reason I'm bummed about the price.

However with the pricing being the equivalent of other new consoles, it's hard to justify when I could just wait and see what the NX turns out to be. If the WiiU were $100 cheaper I would have made the purchase today, and bought more games in the near future. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this boat either.

3 years, 3 months agoBabyPuncher5000 posted on Games.
April 24, 2016

You can get a $40 Nokia smartphone with all that crap in it, and the build quality is quite good.

Where to buy used phones? [R]

4 years, 2 months agoBears51 posted submission on IowaCity.
May 24, 2015

I know this might not be in the right sub, but I'm trying to look for a reasonably priced unlocked gsm phone. Preferably one that was formerly with AT&T. I doubt I would find anyone in here with one, but does anyone have any advice for looking for one locally? Also, is there a subreddit out there dedicated to this sort of thing?

4 years, 2 months agoBears51 posted on IowaCity.
May 25, 2015

If you're looking to for a cheap android phone check out the Moto E, amazon has it for $150(it has LTE and an SD card slot). Link

If you're looking for a cheap smart phone, I've heard the Lumia 520 can be had for around $50. Link

Also I highly recommend as a place to purchase good/great condition used phones.

Deciding Between Phones From Previous Thread (Thanks for the help!) [R]

4 years, 4 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Frugal.
April 7, 2015


4 years, 4 months ago[deleted] posted on Frugal.
April 7, 2015

Since you list the Lumia, I had this one briefly

It's officially a "go-phone" so I didn't mention it but if you email AT&T they'll give you an unlock code and you can put it on any network.

Windows 10 ROM for Android: Xiaomi Mi 4 Windows 10 install coming [R]

4 years, 5 months agoPurpleHippo587 posted submission on Android.
March 20, 2015
4 years, 5 months agoPurpleHippo587 posted on Android.
March 21, 2015

My mistake, sorry. There was a deal that was going on for quite some time where the Lumia 520 was $20, but it is now $50. [Here's an Amazon Price History chart for the 520.] ( They also just announced the Lumia 430, which is $70 with no contract, if that matters.

Looking for a new portable music player! [R]

4 years, 5 months agoFeb. 28, 2015


4 years, 5 months agohells_cowbells posted on Music.
March 1, 2015

Here's an off the wall suggestion: a phone, specifically the Lumia 520. It's $40 at Amazon, and you can put a micro SD card in it. It's on AT&T's prepaid plan, the Go phone plan. You can actually buy it and never activate it, and just use it on WiFi. I bought one, and put a 64GB card in it.

The first Tizen smartphone isn’t an “Android killer”—it’s a bad Android clone [R]

4 years, 6 months agobigfkncee posted submission on Android.
Feb. 6, 2015
4 years, 6 months agobigfkncee posted on Android.
Feb. 7, 2015

Nokia 520(AT&T GoPhone) was $20 around Christmas time. Still can be found on Amazon for about $30-40. Not bad for someone to have as a wifi device to try out Windows Phone.

Edit: Added link.

Dumb phone with nice camera? [R]

4 years, 6 months agoJan. 27, 2015

Is there such a thing? What's with companies stopping development on dumb phones? I've never had a smartphone....don't plan on ever having one. They kind of go against everything I'm trying to do as a human (be more present, focused etc...) Plus no data plan bill :) I am jealous though when a friend is able to whip out their phone and snap a high quality picture.

I wouldn't mind a super sleek, super durable and affordable dumphone with a nice camera. Everything I need...texts, calls, and a nice camera. Anything like that out there?

EDIT: I get where you all are coming from with the iphone suggestions, but I guess there are certain things I'd still be missing that would come from a dumb phone: lower price, durability, smaller size, simplicity, and longer battery life.

4 years, 6 months agoSteelering posted on gadgets.
Jan. 29, 2015

companies are slowing development of dumbphones for the same reason typewriters and wordprocessors got phased out by the initially much more expensive personal computers, which eventually became incredibly cheap and affordable to the point where even a quality typewriter or wordprocessor made little sense over the far more versatile PC.

the same is happening with smartphones

for instance, why bother with a dumbphone when $30 can get you a surprisingly good smartphone?

really it isn't surprising, making calls isn't even a top 5 use for a smartphone these days...the niche of a dumbphone is rapidly shrinking not unlike when typewriters and wordprocessors were being replaced by home computers.

ELI5: Why does an iPhone 6 Plus cost $750 While an much bigger iPad Air 2 costs $499 with more real estate, memory and hard drive? [R]

4 years, 7 months agoameoba posted submission on explainlikeimfive.
Jan. 23, 2015

iPad Air 2 also has better battery, more pixels, is capable of making calls with skype, google voice etc

4 years, 7 months agoameoba posted on explainlikeimfive.
Jan. 23, 2015

All the top-tier phones are overpriced.

Consider what you can get for $30 without a contract. I just picked up one to use as a dedicated Pandora device.

What is the cheapest smartphone for SB TV???? [R]

4 years, 7 months agoChipSalsa posted submission on SwagBucks.
Jan. 19, 2015

What is the cheapest smartphone for SB TV????

I don't want to have to pay for internet. i want a phone that you can use local wifi with.

4 years, 7 months agoChipSalsa posted on SwagBucks.
Jan. 20, 2015

You could purchase a Nokia Lumia 520, and use in the browser.

Freezing to death Literally. Urgent Crisis! Please advise! [R]

4 years, 7 months agoooglyguy posted submission on personalfinance.
Jan. 9, 2015

I am living in my car in the Mid-Atlantic and Freezing.

I just started work this week as a server working Saturday and Sunday full shifts and evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays. I will be starting a paid internship at the end of January working Tues, Thursday, Friday. I am also going to school on Mondays and Wednesdays.

My school and hometown are an hour away from the internship. I picked up the serving position in the same town as the internship to save money on gas instead of running back and forth. I have no place to stay and these bitter temperatures are too much to bear much longer.

My bills are as follows:

Gasoline- 350 Phone-90 Food-100 Car Insurance-180 Car PMT- 500

I understand that having a car payment of $500 is outrageous in my situation, however I had the car when I was working a different job making a significantly larger salary. I own a second car with no payment. I am still upside down in the loan, so selling or trading is not an option.

I expect to make $736 after taxes from the internship and around $400 low balling from serving. Bills = 1220 Pay = 1136

I need to be able to afford a place to stay but I dont know how. Theres nothing I can do for a third job and I need this internship and schooling very much for my life passion and to move forward and get a good job. I have friends I can stay with for free in my hometown but that would mean more driving expenses to commute!!

Please help this student poor decision maker out!!

UPDATE: I called the local cold weather shelter and they are willing to let me stay for a while but not permanently since I am not from inside the county. Thanks to the responses, I realize I have to decide whats really worth holding on to (the internship? the car?) in order to survive. This is not an easy process but at least I will have a place to stay tonight out of the cold until I can get it figured out! Thank You Personal Finance! I hope to use the people here to help me get back on my feet and on to the financial freedom and stability I need! With little debt and searching for a good job in the future, I have the platform I need to build a solid future from the ground up!


4 years, 7 months agoooglyguy posted on personalfinance.
Jan. 9, 2015

What service plan are you using for your phone? $90 is extremely expensive for a singe cellphone. This phone costs $30 and you have the option of getting unlimited talk, text, and data for $40/month. If you don't need that much data then you can save a bit more money with lower data plans. Also, like a lot of people here are saying, having two cars is a problem.

Cheapest Devices of the Week. 01-04-2014 [R]

4 years, 7 months agoJan. 4, 2015

Edit: Oops. The title is supposed to say 2015. Sorry about that.

Post the best and cheapest devices that can run Perk TV here. This thread is only for companies like best buy, walmart, etc.

Don't post links to your ebay, amazon, etc. device listings in this thread. If you want to sell your own devices, use this thread

Previous Threads

4 years, 7 months agoKimJong_Bill posted on perktv.
Jan. 8, 2015

Nokia 520 GoPhone is $30 on Amazon. I bought one for Perk and I love it! I would use it as my daily if I didn't have Verizon. It also runs perk very well, it has not crashed i the two weeks I've had it, although you can only play movie trailers on it, there are no options for App Trailers or Popular Videos.

Nokia 215: Microsoft unveils its cheapest ever internet phone with 29-day battery life and $29 price tag [R]

4 years, 7 months agofakenigga4lyfe posted submission on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015
4 years, 7 months agofakenigga4lyfe posted on gadgets.
Jan. 7, 2015

Nokia 215: Microsoft unveils its cheapest ever internet phone with 29-day battery life and $29 price tag [R]

4 years, 7 months agofakenigga4lyfe posted submission on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015
4 years, 7 months agofakenigga4lyfe posted on gadgets.
Jan. 7, 2015

Advice on cheapie MP3 players from Ebay [R]

4 years, 7 months agoibseanb posted submission on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015

Has anyone had experience with these sort of cheapie MP3 players found on ebay? My GF wants something to use at the gym. They seems cheap enough to take a gamble on, but it's impossible to find reviews on products without a name!

4 years, 7 months agoibseanb posted on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015

No contract Nokia Lumia (Windows Phone 8.1). Small and very awesome, $29. No need for a data contract, works great with WiFi only.

Nokia 215: Microsoft unveils its cheapest ever internet phone with 29-day battery life and $29 price tag [R]

4 years, 7 months agojoebesser posted submission on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015
4 years, 7 months agojoebesser posted on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015

You can get a Nokia Lumia 520 Windows 8 GoPhone on Amazon for $29.

Nokia 215: Microsoft unveils its cheapest ever internet phone with 29-day battery life and $29 price tag [R]

4 years, 7 months agoooglyguy posted submission on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015
4 years, 7 months agoooglyguy posted on gadgets.
Jan. 6, 2015

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a smartphone with the same price as this on amazon and does everything except dual sim, plus more because it runs a full smartphone operating system (apps, etc.) Here's the phone

What is the best way to track a thief? [R]

4 years, 7 months agowittewewic posted submission on homedefense.
Dec. 30, 2014

I just bought a HomeMonitor camera which is an alternative to Dropcam to see whoever goes inside my room.

I want to have a GPS tracker inside of something like a backpack in my room that a thief would steal so I can show the police where the thief is.

I thought about buying an old phone and leaving the phone always charge. When the thief steals the phone, hopefully I will be able to track him/her down. However the phone service cost a lot monthly...

Living in Orange County, California.

4 years, 7 months agowittewewic posted on homedefense.
Dec. 31, 2014

You could buy an unlocked/no-contract phone that has a separate GPS chip in it. Something like this is only $30 and can be tracked without service and the battery lasts for 16 days on standby.

Cheapest Devices of the Week. 12-28-2014 [R]

4 years, 7 months agoDec. 28, 2014

Post the best and cheapest devices that can run Perk TV here. This thread is only for companies like best buy, walmart, etc.

Don't post links to your ebay, amazon, etc. device listings in this thread. If you want to sell your own devices, use this thread

Previous Threads

4 years, 7 months agorockStedi posted on perktv.
Dec. 30, 2014

Amazon has Nokia lumia 520 at $29.99 - last i checked windows phones work for perk.

Please help he replace my husband's stolen phone. [R]

4 years, 8 months agomlj8684 posted submission on Assistance.
Dec. 22, 2014

A few days ago my husband's cell phone was stolen. We have insurance on it but the deductible is 200.00. We just don't have that extra kind of cash. I just feel horrible not being able to replace it because he is such a hard worker and provider for our family. He also has had a horrible year. He was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year and has just had more medical problems arise. He is such a wonderful husband and father. I would love to be able to do this for him. Is there anyway you can help me do this for him? We have a gofundme site already set up for medical bills or I have a paypal.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Edit: of course I have a typo in the header.

Edit 2: After checking with our phone insurance it is not covered for Loss and Theft so I don't know how I'm going to get him a phone. Does anyone have an extra AT&T phone?

4 years, 8 months agomlj8684 posted on Assistance.
Dec. 22, 2014

Would something like this work? I just ordered one when r/frugal saw the price was $20. I don't really have a need for it and was just going to see if anyone in my family needed a phone. But I can send it your way instead when it arrives.

Nokia Lumia 520 No-Contract GoPhone for AT &T is just 20$ on Amazon [R]

4 years, 8 months agoDec. 21, 2014
4 years, 8 months agowickedsteve posted on deals.
Dec. 21, 2014

Looking into buying a new cell phone on amazon but I'm nervous about spending several hundred dollars sight-unseen... Are there any tips besides reading reviews? [R]

4 years, 8 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Frugal.
Dec. 21, 2014
4 years, 8 months ago[deleted] posted on Frugal.
Dec. 21, 2014

I make no claim as to the quality, though I did just buy this myself.

I'm hoping to switch to google voice and wifi based calling for a $0/month phone bill....we'll see how it goes.

Phone deals with perk tv gift cards [R]

4 years, 8 months agolznj posted submission on perktv.
Dec. 21, 2014

Any good links for websites with phones under $15 and does android 4.0 or better

4 years, 8 months agolznj posted on perktv.
Dec. 21, 2014

They are $20, but I hope this helps:

New user with a few questions. Yes I read the Tutorial post. [R]

4 years, 8 months agolznj posted submission on perktv.
Dec. 21, 2014

I did read the PerkTV Beginner Tutorial, but it's 9 months old and the most recent post is 3 months old. I'd like to know the following:

Am I still able to run more than one phone per account? If so is that number still 5? What's the best phone that's not a lot of money that I can get off amazon and root? Do the videos max out like the Swagbucks apps? I saw someone mention beermoney assist pro will it just let me set the phone(s) up and forget them, or will I still have to press the "are you still watching" button? Also will beermoney assist pro violate TOS, of so how likely am I to have my account terminated?

I didn't see any of this talked about in the Tutorial posting so I thought I would ask.

4 years, 8 months agolznj posted on perktv.
Dec. 21, 2014

You can run each of Perk's apps on up to five devices at once. So you can have more than 5 devices on one account. 5 for Perk TV, 5 for Perk TV Live (only on anroid), 5 for Perk Pop Quiz, and so on. And I don't know if you can root it, but someone posted this Amazon deal for $20: There's also the Fuels at Walmart for $20 which I am certain can be rooted:

Well today my 520 got smashed. About to order another one, but I have one question. [R]

4 years, 8 months agocdemi posted submission on windowsphone.
Dec. 21, 2014

Is there a way to make a something like a system image of my smashed one, so I don't have to go in and redo all of my settings and re-download all of my apps? The phone still works, but the touchscreen is completely unresponsive.

4 years, 8 months agocdemi posted on windowsphone.
Dec. 21, 2014

You're in luck today!

Cheap, but decent, MP3 player? [R]

4 years, 9 months agoRhetoricalTestQstNs posted submission on Frugal.
Nov. 23, 2014


4 years, 9 months agoRhetoricalTestQstNs posted on Frugal.
Nov. 23, 2014

I've seen people recommend the Gophone, Nokia Lumia 520. It has an internal memory of 8GB with a microSD slot compatible up to 64GB.

It has a better GUI and more bells and whistles than what you're looking at for only 5 more dollars.

Don't forget it also has Wi-Fi, so I assume you can download iHeart radio or TuneIn radio and use around the house.

I hope this link works.

Both 630 and 520 are $40 this black friday. Which to get? [R]

4 years, 9 months agokgyre posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 20, 2014

P.S: Android user planning to switch to Windows Phone

4 years, 9 months agokgyre posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 20, 2014

The 630 has a much better screen, but it's larger and slightly heavier. The 520 is already available for $40.

Windows phone and cricket wireless [R]

4 years, 9 months agoFoxxyRin posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 4, 2014

So a friend is leaving att due to them upping the price of her contract. She really wants a windows phone, but she's a single mom who works part time. I've checked out crickets deals, and they are unreal cheap! Lumia 630 for free (with rebate) lumia 530 for $50. Their basic smart phone plan is $40 a month unlimited talk text and a gig of data. It seems too good to be true. Is there a catch? I know they recently combined their network with att, so theoretically she would have the same coverage. Is that the same with data? I've looked at the specs and the 630 seems like the better of the two. Any insight into this carrier change, phones and network would be greatly appreciated!

4 years, 9 months agoFoxxyRin posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 4, 2014

I personally prefer Straight Talk over Cricket, which is $45 per month ($42.50 if you do auto-payments), and I love it. They have a really awesome Bring Your Own Phone program, where all you have to do is buy a Straight Talk SIM to make any SIM phone work. My current set-up is the Lumia 520, which is only $50 on Amazon, plus a $7 micro-SIM from Walmart's website. Asides a small tweak to the APN settings, your phone is pretty much ready to use out of the box and everything.

My only complaint with Straight Talk is that their customer service is kinda of annoying to deal with, and it's not very easy to find a Walmart with a Straight Talk rep anymore that can help you.

I want to build a gyroscope/accelerometer based device or app...don't know if I should use a raspberry pi or smartphone [R]

4 years, 9 months agoOneManNinjaClan posted submission on electronics.
Nov. 3, 2014

...if I go with a smartphone and make an app, how would I know the motion sensitivity is good enough for what I want? Is the sensitivity pretty similar across all smartphone devices? Note: I currently don't own a smartphone of any kind

4 years, 9 months agoOneManNinjaClan posted on electronics.
Nov. 3, 2014

Good info, thanks. Do you think this Nokia Lumina would have good sensitivity for pitch/roll/yaw and vertical/horizontal movement? I mean enough to, say, accurately reflect a hand's movement if it were trying to aim at a target, and precision is important?

Tim Cook says Apple killed the iPod classic because it couldn't get the parts [R]

4 years, 9 months agohells_cowbells posted submission on technology.
Oct. 28, 2014
4 years, 9 months agohells_cowbells posted on technology.
Oct. 28, 2014

I bought a Nokia 520 for $50 and stuck a 64GB micro SD card in it. The Windows Phone app works with iTunes to sync all my music and podcasts. If you need more than 64GB, I'm not sure if it will handle the new 128GB cards.

I don't have a phone. [R]

4 years, 9 months agoKaginawa posted submission on faimprovement.
Oct. 27, 2014

Sometimes i meet people i could potentially be friends with, they want to exchange phone numbers. I don't have a phone. I can't afford even the cheapest plan out there, because i'm barely scraping by as it is working fulltime and putting myself through college.

Now, a cheap flip phone simply won't work, because what people seem to be interested in is texting, which requires a smartphone.

Basically, as soon as people learn i don't have a phone, they stop having any interest in talking to me at all.

Aside from spending money i just plain don't have, is there anything i can do?

4 years, 9 months agoKaginawa posted on faimprovement.
Oct. 27, 2014

Grab a Nokia 520 for like $50 on Amazon. It's a basic but solid smart phone.

Test thread is too old. [R]

4 years, 11 months agowickedsteve posted submission on PriceZombie.
Sept. 25, 2014

It won't let me post. So I am starting a new one.

4 years, 10 months agowickedsteve posted on PriceZombie.
Oct. 11, 2014

[discussion] looking for a cheap but reliable MP3 player. [R]

4 years, 11 months agoWWJewMediaConspiracy posted submission on Frugal.
Sept. 13, 2014

Hi Frugal! I am a college student in my 3rd year (out of 5). I also work to support myself.

Recently, I've managed to find a good job, that also tips out at the end of the day. I plan to re-establish my savings (hooray!), my budget is already pretty tight, and I plan to keep it that way. However, I would like to get a few things in my world that will make some aspects of my life easier- mainly, I commute for an hour+ every day to school/work, and I am an art student, so music and podcasts really make my life a little sweeter. I really want a functional mp3 player.

I'm not in a hurry to buy one just yet, but I'd really like to know what I can expect to pay so I can set a proper budget. Here's where you guys come in.

I'm looking for something on the smaller side, as far as storage size goes. Somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 GB, although I wouldn't mind more if it was a good value. I'm not brand loyal or anything of the sort, but I definitely want one that is sturdy and reliable- I've had a few cheaper ones that lose functionality due to broken buttons, bad wiring, or loose headphone jacks. Bells and whistles aren't really too important- I'd be fine with three buttons and a monochrome LCD if that's what got me a reliable player.

Well, my frugal friends, what's your experience? Have a good device or brand of devices that's worked for you? Are there any to really avoid?

4 years, 11 months agoWWJewMediaConspiracy posted on Frugal.
Sept. 13, 2014

A Nokia Lumia 520 (~20$ to ~50$ for 8gb + ~16$ for an SD card). You could get one of the sansa ones, but for the minor price difference I think the Nokia is a much better deal. It has a much nicer UI and screen (and way better battery life), and will also function as a GPS navigation unit and has pandora esque radio functionality (neither of which need a data connection). It's also a phone, but you can just put it into airplane mode. IMO definitely worth the extra 10$.

help a middle-aged dad find a phone/plan for his teenager [R]

4 years, 11 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Edmonton.
Aug. 29, 2014

Hey Yeg Redditors...title says it all. Looking for suggestions for a phone for a teenager...mostly a "emergency" phone. So not interested in some stupid $100/mo Telus plan for a new Iphone. Want something like a 2 year plan with phone included - but want lower monthly fees as it will be limited use. Someone had suggested Wind?
Appreciate any thoughts or input.


4 years, 11 months ago[deleted] posted on Edmonton.
Aug. 29, 2014

Be careful with wind and mobilcity you dont want him or her with a phone that has no coverage and hsi unreachable at times (can cause you to panic). If you want a reliant source go to the other main providers. at least you know they will be reachable at all times. I bought a phone of amazon or ebay and just use a prepaid plan thru those main providers. I started with bell to expensive currently on mobilcity it has no coverage so come october im moving to wind. if problem persists I will be back to the main providers for coverage issues. as for the handset I like to update now and then so I hate buying on thru the providers. for e.g >

Skype for 7.8 officially dead [R]

5 years agoAug. 21, 2014

So, I've been using Skype all week just fine, until today I tried to buy credits on my 7.8 phone, after I bought credits, I logged out of Skype and since then I was unable to log back in. I did a google search and saw that in the past week, thousands of people are no longer able to login to their Skype because it is no longer supported.

I bought this phone December 2012, and cannot even use Skype on it. I will never buy a Microsoft phone again.

We have discontinued Skype for Windows Phone 7 and you are not able to sign in to Skype any longer on your phone. More details here: Windows

What are my options? Can I install a custom rom or some hack to get Skype working?

5 years agoChaosphere_ posted on windowsphone.
Aug. 21, 2014

What do you use as your current DAP? [R]

5 years agoAug. 18, 2014

So yesterday my Ipod Classic froze for the first time while i was working out and i thought it died, which made me lose my sleep while looking for a new DAP, however i also decided to see if i could fix it; it has been fixed; which lead me to wanting to buy a new DAP. I saw some fiio x3, x5, ibasso and the usual zune and ipods, but, what would you recommend?

5 years agoveni_vidi_vale posted on headphones.
Aug. 18, 2014

Ever since I started subscribing to Spotify, I listen to less and less music on my computer and more and more music from Spotify. Plus I can download upto 3333 songs at any one time to my mobile device to listen offline, so I have a bunch of playlists that I swap around when I am connected to wifi.

I have an X3, but frankly the interface is frustratingly crap (sorry Fiio, but you know it is), even after the update. And since I can't access the internet on it, it has been a while since I used it.

I also tend to frequently lose/destroy IEMs when I am on the go, so tend to use a cheap pair that I won't cry over if they break. I don't use public transport much anymore, but I will never understand why folks would use endgame IEMs for their daily commute because IMO it is impossible to engage in critical listening over the blare of traffic and the baby screaming in the seat next to you on the bus.

And to make things that much more difficult for me, I don't want to use an iPod Touch because, well, I don't. Take that, Ghost of Steve Jobs.

Until recently, I thought that my solution for a decent mp3 player was to get the Sony ZX1 or the NWZ-F88x but they are not available in the US, and I might as well wait until I'm in the UK later this year to get my hands on them.

So what do I do until then? Well, I thought to myself, what is the best portable music player that I can buy from a price-performance perspective that is [1] internet capable (for Spotify) [2] cheap, and has [3] decent SQ?

I did my research with due diligence, and the answer may surprise you. After much going back and forth, I ended up buying [this to use as my mp3 player on the go] ( I chose it for various (good) reasons, most attractive of which was that fact that i got it for $40, and am very happy with the purchase. I should probably review it, but it's not really an "audiophile" purchase :-)

HTC One (M8) bootloader rumored to support WP and vice versa [R]

5 years agofoxh8er posted submission on Android.
Aug. 14, 2014
5 years agofoxh8er posted on Android.
Aug. 15, 2014

~~LG Optimus Dynamic (CDMA) on Tracphone. Just received one today, not bad for less than many feature phones.~~

Nokia Lumia 520

IOS vs Android. Which is better for Perk? [R]

5 years agoundisputedn00b posted submission on perktv.
Aug. 5, 2014

I am seeing that all the recommended phones are Androids. Is this just because they are cheap? Or is it because Android is a better software for Perk? I am asking because I have two old iPod Touches that I do not use anymore that I use for Perk. If Android is better for Perk, I might purchase some Android phones to expand my farm.

Edit: It is pretty lopsided in that people here prefer Android phones due to cost and better quality

5 years agoundisputedn00b posted on perktv.
Aug. 6, 2014

Present for my brother under $100 [R]

5 years agoExPerseides posted submission on gadgets.
Aug. 1, 2014

So my brother is gonna be a senior in highschool is there any cool gadgets under 100 bucks that I should look at? He doesn't have a smartphone so any gadget that has to do with that isn't of any use to him.

5 years agoExPerseides posted on gadgets.
Aug. 1, 2014

Lumia 520 on AT&T regularly retail for 50 dollars, and will outperform basically any sub $150 android phone.

They get a lot of flak because they're windows phone OS which isn't one of the two behemoths in the smartphone world, but for a starter phone they're pretty great.

Why 16GB Smartphones Are the Biggest Rip-off in Tech. [R]

5 years agoDeceptiveideas posted submission on technology.
July 30, 2014
5 years agoDeceptiveideas posted on technology.
July 31, 2014

Let's try this again. Seems like the other link had a ref.

Cheapest Devices of the week 07-27-2014 [R]

5 years agoJuly 27, 2014

Post the best and cheapest devices that can run Perk TV here. This thread is only for companies like best buy, walmart, etc.

Don't post links to your ebay, amazon, etc. device listings in this thread. If you want to sell your own devices, use this thread

Previous Threads

5 years agoshoangore posted on perktv.
July 27, 2014

Currently the Nokia Lumia 520 (WP) is available from Amazon and Walmart for $49.99. According to Slickdeals it's capable of running PerkTV.



Phone Specs

I'm pretty aware that the phone isn't a top end phone and the price is a premium. But use this as a reference when comparing with other available phones.

Something I noticed while playing with my Zune HD... [R]

5 years agothe___heretic posted submission on windowsphone.
July 24, 2014

When you're at the top of a list (i.e. artists), and swipe from the top to the bottom of the screen it snaps you to the very bottom of the list. The opposite happens when you're at the very bottom and swipe from the bottom to the top. Why doesn't Microsoft implement this on Windows Phone? It would make navigating through long home screens and lists (music, settings, etc.) so much quicker.

5 years agothe___heretic posted on windowsphone.
July 25, 2014

Last week, I jailbreak-ed. [R]

5 years, 1 month agoJuly 16, 2014


5 years, 1 month agodoorknob60 posted on Android.
July 17, 2014

I think the 520 was $99 on release, but it's easy to find for around $59.99 now; my parents got one in December and that's how much it was (they ordered from Microsoft's official store). Actually, I just looked on Amazon and it's a bit under that: Only downside is it's locked to AT&T, but it will work on MVNOs like Net10. There's also the 521 which is basically T-Mobile's version. But no, nothing worthwhile in that range on Android (although the Moto E is $129, not $150, but still a lot more than what he paid).

Need Suggestion for a replacement phone, Lumia 920 is dying :( [R]

5 years, 1 month agoChaosphere_ posted submission on windowsphone.
July 7, 2014

Hey, I am looking for suggestions to replace my Lumia 920. I had dropped the phone a while back from my car onto the road and the screen had a minor glitch but the phone was fine. This past week the screen has started acting up to where it refuses to turn on even when I trigger screen refresh, and soft or hard resets.

I am on the grandfathered plan and have a ATT Next upgrade, but I would like to save the upgrade until a new flagship comes out in the near future. However I am having a hard time finding a new Lumia for around $200 without a contract or unlocked aside from the 520 GoPhone, which I am not a huge fan of...

TL:DR Need no contract or unlocked phone suggestions.

Now on Your Cellphone Bill, Services You Never Wanted: Regulators say unauthorized charges, long a bane of landline accounts, have become a growing nuisance for mobile users as well. [R]

5 years, 1 month agoLigno posted submission on technology.
July 5, 2014
5 years, 1 month agoLigno posted on technology.
July 5, 2014

> With all that being said, are there any good prepaid phones out there that can be cheaper? That I can get off the internet or walmart maybe? I still want unlimited data, texting, and a few hundred minutes of talk.

The only provider left in the US that actually provides unlimited (high speed) data is T-Mobile on their postpaid accounts, to get truly unlimited (at high speed) it is $80/month + taxes (So, probably closer to $100).

Now, if you just want 5GB of high speed and are OK with reduced speeds after that, the T-Mobile Walmart plan is $30/month prepaid (therefore no extra taxes beyond what you pay for the card, the sales taxes can easily be avoided as well) and gives you 100 minutes with unlimited texting. Additional minutes are $0.10/minute, putting you up to $40/month for your declared usage.

Now, here is the downside, T-Mobile coverage is not exactly stellar for most people everywhere they go.

If you are willing to go for 3GB of high speed data, with throttling thereafter, Straight Talk offers that for $45/month prepaid (unlimited talk/text/data). You can get a AT&T SIM from them, putting you on AT&T's network and therefore compatible with locked used AT&T phones.

If you are looking for new cheaper phones that are decent, here are some recommendations for different price points:

Higher than this and you start looking at phones like the Nexus 5, which does not take a microSD.

Where to buy cheap WP? [R]

5 years, 1 month agoChaosphere_ posted submission on windowsphone.
July 3, 2014

So recently my 820 broke :( and now I'm using an iPhone 4, but the screen is unfortunately messed up. I was just wondering where you can find a WP for cheap without a contract for ATT. Thanks guys!

Edit: didn't phrase this correctly, I need to buy an unlocked phone for cheap. Not a phone without a contract, sorry about that.

5 years, 1 month agoChaosphere_ posted on windowsphone.
July 3, 2014

I just realized why everyone says Bing is better for searching porn. [R]

5 years, 2 months agoFoxxyRin posted submission on AdviceAnimals.
June 21, 2014
5 years, 2 months agoFoxxyRin posted on AdviceAnimals.
June 21, 2014

Considering my phone was only $65 ($60 now, on Amazon), it's true. Anytime I use Cortana (which is a LOT), I get a minimal amount of money and/or coupons and/or giftcards.

My phone:

Current phone is dying and want to upgrade. Best option? [R]

5 years, 2 months agogitmonation84 posted submission on NoContract.
June 11, 2014

I'm currently using an iPhone 3GS. The phone still works, but it's safe to say I should be keeping my eyes open for a replacement phone. I'm not interested in fancy features, though I value a good battery life. I'm not partial to any particular brand or ecosystem. I'm looking for an efficient yet inexpensive smart phone, one that can call/message, yet still be useful enough to do a quick google search, find a map, or play some music. New or used is fine.

I currently use AT&T. I pay about $50 a month and I have an upgrade available to me, though I'm not truly impressed by what they're giving me. I use less than 2GB of data a month but have shot close to 3GB a couple times. I phone call less than an hour each month. I message significantly, maybe 300 a month or 10 a day.

I live near Philadelphia.

If I'm looking to get a new phone with service enough for what I'm looking for, what are my best options? What would you recommend?

5 years, 2 months agogitmonation84 posted on NoContract.
June 12, 2014

If you don't mind windows phones the Lumia 520 is a decent phone that amazon has right now for a whopping 54.98.

I am a scrub looking for advice on getting away from AT&T, smart phones, and saving money. [R]

5 years, 2 months agoMareDoVVell posted submission on NoContract.
May 30, 2014

I have decided that it is time to retire my busted Nokia flip phone and AT&T plan. Beyond that decision I am a bit lost. From what I have looked into Ting sounds really nice with two caveats. First, hardware, I have no idea what I want/need in a phone or where to get one for a decent price. Second, concerns as to how well Sprint's network works in Vermont (small mountainous state in New England for the geographically challenged). Right now I just use my phone for voice, and not much at that. I think my data usage will probably be minimal or tied to the domicile's wifi. If it goes well I am hoping to bring my female companion over as well or set her up with her own not-contract thingie. I appreciate any insight or advice you care to share with me.

5 years, 2 months agoMareDoVVell posted on NoContract.
May 30, 2014

$55 gets you a Nokia Lumia 520, amazing phone for the tiny price, especially if you update it to Windows Phone 8.1.

From there grab a StraightTalk AT&T SIM and a one moneth prepaid code from your local walmart or from online, get it setup, and plug it into the lumia. There you go, you now have the same AT&T coverage but with unlimited data(3GB soft cap) for $50 a month.

~$115 total starting investment including the cost of the SIM kit, not even the $30 t-mo plan can beat that small of an initial investment.

Amazon Lightning Deal: Lumia 520 for $44.99 Contract Free [R]

5 years, 3 months agomaxcrazy posted submission on windowsphone.
May 14, 2014
5 years, 3 months agomaxcrazy posted on windowsphone.
May 14, 2014

Here's the direct link

The Evolution of Cortana [R]

5 years, 3 months agoApril 29, 2014
5 years, 3 months agoxavierthegreat posted on gaming.
April 29, 2014

If you were interested, you could try this one out. It's the cheapest Windows Phone on the market, and lots of people use it to "test-drive" Windows Phone or use it as like an iPod replacement.

I really like Windows Phone, and I think it needs more exposure, so I try and inform people as much as I can whenever it comes up. Sorry if it seems like I'm giving a sales pitch or something.

Cheapest "Nexus" smartphone ($179) with cheapest "Unlimited" data plan ($35/mo) [R]

5 years, 3 months agojenesuispasbavard posted submission on Frugal.
April 24, 2014


5 years, 3 months agojenesuispasbavard posted on Frugal.
April 24, 2014

If you want a cheap smartphone, get the Nokia Lumia 520 or the 521.

Android User wanting to try WP8: Lumia 520 worth it? [R]

5 years, 5 months agodradam168 posted submission on windowsphone.
March 21, 2014

I have been using Android for about 5 years now, and wanting to try out something new. Not a fan of iOS, so I thought I would try out Windows Phone. I just want a phone that works all the time. I think it's better to have a phone that does 15 things perfectly rather than 150 things pretty okay. I would also use this phone as a developer phone because I like seeing things on a real phone rather than an emulator.

Is that what Windows Phone is?

My question is, is the 520 worth it as a starter phone? I can get it pretty cheap, refurbished, about $76 (With payment plan, it's $3/mo).

5 years, 5 months agodradam168 posted on windowsphone.
March 21, 2014

Someone can correct me, but I'm pretty sure you can pick up a new one from Amazon for like $60. (I can't quite tell if that requires paying for ATT GoPhone service for any length of time.)

I've been considering grabbing one to replace my iPod Touch.

Android User wanting to try WP8: Lumia 520 worth it? [R]

5 years, 5 months agoketchuegrast posted submission on windowsphone.
March 21, 2014

I have been using Android for about 5 years now, and wanting to try out something new. Not a fan of iOS, so I thought I would try out Windows Phone. I just want a phone that works all the time. I think it's better to have a phone that does 15 things perfectly rather than 150 things pretty okay. I would also use this phone as a developer phone because I like seeing things on a real phone rather than an emulator.

Is that what Windows Phone is?

My question is, is the 520 worth it as a starter phone? I can get it pretty cheap, refurbished, about $76 (With payment plan, it's $3/mo).

Cheap cell plans you should probably know about (USA only) [R]

5 years, 6 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Frugal.
Feb. 17, 2014


5 years, 6 months ago[deleted] posted on Frugal.
Feb. 17, 2014

Here's what I did.

I got one of these phones for $60.

The Windows Phone O/S might be a dealbreaker for some, but frankly, I love it. It does what I need it to do without fuss. I think the tile system windows phone uses is perfect. Battery life's pretty great (I usually go 2-3 days between charges), and it is as smooth as butter. In my opinion, Microsoft did an excellent job with this O/S, and just look at the specs for that phone! You'd have to spend three or four times that for a comparable Android phone. Again, it just works. There aren't as many apps as there are for Android, but I haven't found that to be much of a problem. Every time I search for an app to do something, there has always been at least a few choices. Did I mention that the O/S is great? It really is.

For service, I use Straight Talk's unlimited plan for $45. It's not as cheap as T-Mobile's plan, but it uses ATT's network, which I understand is much better than T-Mobile's. That's worth $15 to me. For those who want to use this phone with T-Mobile, there's a T-Mobile version too: the Lumia 521. It's exactly the same, but works with T-Mobile's network instead of ATT's network. You'll have to get a Bring Your Own Phone sim card from Straight Talk for this to work with their service, which I think was $8. Put the sim in, boot up the phone, plug a few numbers into Straight Talk's website, and you've got service. Simple.

So for an upfront cost of $60 and $45 a month, I have a very capable smartphone with unlimited service. I think this is the best deal out there right now.

Thoughts on getting a standalone music player? [R]

5 years, 6 months agotootallmoose posted submission on headphones.
Feb. 14, 2014

I have an iPhone 4s right now, and have packed it with my songs. I'm using a set of M50's, with a Fiio E5. The iPhone's full of music, leaving very little room for other apps. I'm considering getting an mp3 player, but haven't used one since the old ipod classics were out.

Any recommendations?

5 years, 6 months agotootallmoose posted on headphones.
Feb. 14, 2014

You might look into the Cowon line of players. The X9 has a good amount of storage + sd + insane battery life.

Another alternative, and go ahead and laugh, is a cheap windows phone. The [Lumia 520] ( is a terrible phone but is dirt cheap and will support a 64GB micro sd card.

Bring Windows Phone into mobile device lab? Found a good deal on an off-contract Lumia 521 ($69) [R]

5 years, 6 months agomastastealth posted submission on webdev.
Feb. 1, 2014

I've been doing a lot of front-end dev work and I have my own device lab setup with an iPad 2, iPhone 5, 4th Gen iPod Tough, Nexus 7, and a Droid RAZR Maxx.

I think I have a decent spectrum of iOS and android devices for my purposes, I was wondering if it is a good time to add a Windows Phone into the mix.

Here's the deal: Microsoft Store:Lumia 521 for $69 off-contract

Here's my current browser and device testing setup, for those interested.

5 years, 6 months agomastastealth posted on webdev.
Feb. 1, 2014

You can get the 520 from AT&T for a little less:

Microsoft considers free versions of Windows Phone and Windows RT to battle Android [R]

5 years, 8 months agoi_love_cake_day posted submission on Android.
Dec. 11, 2013
5 years, 8 months agoi_love_cake_day posted on Android.
Dec. 11, 2013

$300-600? I don't think you realize how cheap Windows Phones can be. You can get a Lumia 520 for $70.

I feel like a moron. Waiting outside a Microsoft Store for a Lumia 1020 that they are giving to the first 20 customers for free. Been here since 7am. 3 hours later and I'm 1 of 2 people waiting. I grossly overestimated the demand for Windows Phones. Pic taken with my LG G2. :/ [R]

5 years, 8 months agohells_cowbells posted submission on pics.
Dec. 11, 2013
5 years, 8 months agohells_cowbells posted on pics.
Dec. 11, 2013

If you just want a Windows Phone, you can get the Nokia 520 from Amazon for $70 on AT&T's Go Phone service. The 521 on T-Mobile is $80.

[Contest] Gift card + 1 month reddit GOLD!!! [R]

5 years, 8 months agokdpohjo posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 8, 2013

So this is the last one before the Holiday time! To enter the contest link me what you would like to have from christmas from you amazon List! Please no NSFW stuff :) 25$ card

Contest will be drawn Tuesday Morning 11AM EST!!

*edit - added amount of the card -

5 years, 8 months agokdpohjo posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 8, 2013 This is the biggest thing I want. Mainly the only thing I want. But I would be okay if I did not get it.

[CONTEST] Overly Apologetic Gifts! [R]

5 years, 8 months agokdpohjo posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 4, 2013

This contest is closed.

Here is the thing I have been saving for forever to do. I have saved up $120 since I received the Wii U from you wonderful people a while back and now I can finally give a special Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/holiday gift. :)

I apologize in advance for being so weird with these rules.


1) You need to have made an intro before the end of the contest.

2) You need to have gifted at least once. An mp3 is fine. A Steam game is fine.


  • Simple. Just tell me what you want that is either $100 or less. Explain why you want this or need this.

  • Tell me someone on the sub who is deserving of a gift. :) Someone who is mentioned will get a smaller $20 gift.

  • Somehow work in a couple "sorry!"s or "I apologize" into your comments. That will get you extra points in my book. :)

  • Please choose PRIME-eligible gifts so that they arrive in time. :D

  • The contest ends on December 18th 2013 (in two weeks). This will give enough time to buy the gifts and have them shipped to you in time before Christmas.

I apologize for taking forever to respond to each of you. Also, I love all the apologies. Makes me happy for some weird reason. Haha.


5 years, 8 months agokdpohjo posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 4, 2013

I am sorry to all the people who I still need to get gifts that might not even get them:( This is a phone that I really want to get a family member for a Christmas present but I just cannot afford it. It is getting so close to christmas and I am starting to stress out because of all the gifts i need to get still. My hours got cut at work. Last week I worked 5 hours because I work at a hotel and business is slow in the winter. /u/rosie_ deserves a gift because she showed me this wonderful site and I made a lot of new and nice friends

The (No Contract) Nokia Lumia 520 is now $49.99 on the Microsoft Store [R]

5 years, 8 months agoVonauda posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 28, 2013
5 years, 8 months agoVonauda posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 28, 2013

Its available to purchase on Amazon for $59. Its out of stock, but they'll send it when they get more.

The (No Contract) Nokia Lumia 520 is now $49.99 on the Microsoft Store [R]

5 years, 8 months agoclofresh posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 28, 2013
5 years, 8 months agoclofresh posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 28, 2013

Is this the one you're referring to?

I think you need to use it with AT&T for 6 months before you can unlock it for another carrier:

Nokia launches 1GB RAM Lumia 525, but it won't come to the UK or US [R]

5 years, 8 months agoKar98_Byf42 posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 27, 2013
5 years, 8 months agoKar98_Byf42 posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 27, 2013

No contract, but presumably locked to T-Mobile US:

Ditto, AT&T:

Ditto, MetroPCS:

Weekly beginners question thread: Thursday 21-11-2013 [R]

5 years, 9 months agoTheRonMan posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 21, 2013

This is a central thread where beginners, and others, can ask all the (basic) questions. Don’t worry that your question might be "stupid" or "too basic".

Please don't be shy to ask anything related to Windows Phone. The community will try to answer it. And we know that Nokia and Microsoft follow our topics, although they are always too shy to reply.

Don’t forget to checkout our last thread for questions and answers.

5 years, 9 months agoTheRonMan posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 21, 2013

Can I buy the Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T) and use it on Net10?

Report: Windows Phone Overtakes iOS In Italy, Progresses In Europe [R]

5 years, 9 months agoHuskyLogan posted submission on windowsphone.
Nov. 4, 2013
5 years, 9 months agoHuskyLogan posted on windowsphone.
Nov. 5, 2013

Yes, it is

It is locked to AT&T, but you can still get it off contract for less than $100.

Extracting .xap files for on pc use [R]

5 years, 9 months agolordkiwi posted submission on windowsphone.
Oct. 30, 2013

Hey all I just have a couple of quick questions.

Now, I went on the windows store and saw where they were giving away a free app, that usually costs money. It's one of my new favorites. I downloaded it to computer, all is well. It's saved in file.xap format. I don't have a Windows phone, in fact I have an iphone (yes yes I'm a heathen).

My goal: I'd like to either extract or convert the .xap file to something I can use on my laptop, like .exe or .rar, or something else 7-zip or WinRar can handle. If push comes to shove, some I can use on my iphone is cool too.

I got it from the Windows site here, so you know I'm not just some swashbuckler.

Any and all help is appreciated.

5 years, 9 months agolordkiwi posted on windowsphone.
Oct. 31, 2013

Dude you can get a Lumia 520 for $99

or 521 for 94.99

No Contracts

[US] Best choice between T-Mobile or AT&T for Lumia 520 pre-paid plan? [R]

5 years, 10 months agoOct. 23, 2013

I've pretty much decided that my next phone will be a Lumia 520. However, I am unsure which carrier I should go through. I would love to hear from current Lumia 520 owners about the respective differences between the two carrier's services (if any).

Thanks for any info in advance ;)

5 years, 10 months agoknowah1 posted on windowsphone.
Oct. 23, 2013

Ok, so I mistyped a bit. the 520 is on AT&T, the 521 is on T-Mobile, sorry about the confusion.

The 521 is the supposed increase in processor, but I can't find any information on Nokia's site and wikipedia states they are the same, aside from slightly different dimensions.

The 520 is $99.99 on Amazon.

The 521 is $94.99 on Amazon.

Am I the only one who has changed there look at Microsoft? [R]

5 years, 11 months agoSept. 14, 2013


5 years, 11 months agothe9thdude posted on Surface.
Sept. 15, 2013

If you want to dip your toe into the WP market (to get a feel for it) you could always get a Lumia 520 on the cheap. They sell it unlocked for $100-$130.

Microsoft's 'Cortana' is like Siri for Windows Phone [R]

5 years, 11 months agomiguelos posted submission on Futurology.
Sept. 12, 2013
5 years, 11 months agomiguelos posted on Futurology.
Sept. 13, 2013

Any way to buy a smartphone just for listening to music? [R]

5 years, 11 months agocatmandont posted submission on Android.
Aug. 31, 2013

I don't want any data plan or anything, i just want a simple smartphone to play music anyone have any suggestions?

5 years, 11 months agocatmandont posted on Android.
Aug. 31, 2013

That's plus a 64 gig card ur golden.... Tho it does run wp8

Can the Lumia 925 work on AT&T? [R]

6 years agoricky1030 posted submission on windowsphone.
July 31, 2013

I'm on AT&T, and I've had the 8X since pre-launch. It's a nice phone, but I'm getting bored with it. What I really want is the sexy Lumia 925. Some places say it will only work on AT&T egde, others say 3G, HSPA+, and some even say it will work on LTE.

Can someone drop some knowledge on me about this? What kind of data will I get with an unlocked Lumia 925 on AT&T?

6 years agoricky1030 posted on windowsphone.
July 31, 2013

That's the global unlocked version, you had asked about att; they just recently started selling the 520 as a prepaid phone for $100.

Edit: and here it is on amazon for $90 although its out of stock. You decide if those $10 savings are worth waiting for it to restock.