Natrol Melatonin Time Release Tablets, 1mg, 90 Count

Last Updated On Thursday April 16th, 2020
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Natrol Melatonin Time Release Tablets, 1mg, 90 Count

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No-go pills to reduce sleep latency other than melatonin? [R]

9 months, 2 weeks agoalwayspickingupcrap posted submission on Nootropics.
July 7, 2019

A go pill is a pill used to promote wakefulness for upcoming tasks. I've used caffeine and 50mg of modafinil occasionally (once every 2 weeks or less frequently) in the morning really well for this purpose when I needed.

A no-go pill is used to promote rest in preparation for upcoming tasks. First of all, I have picked all the low hanging fruit to promote rest by eating well, exercising daily, minimizing light sources at night, waking same time everyday(including weekends), no coffee after 1pm, and using 300mg mcg of melatonin if needed before rest.

Past 4 months, I've been taking an antipsychotic(for tic disorder) with one of the side effects, drowsiness, actually helping me to sleep on time at 10pm with a sleep latency of less than <1hr everyday. This had changed my lifestyle significantly for the better with much better sleep quality and productiveness during the day. However, my body seems to have built tolerance to this side effect and my body has gone back to having a high sleep latency of ~2hrs.

I want to replicate what I had. The wiki page lists some examples of no-go pills used by the us military including temazepam, zaleplon, and zolpidem. But these are all schedule 4 and hard to acquire. Does anybody else have any suggestions for a nootropic that promotes sleep and can be used as a no-go pill?

9 months, 1 week agoalwayspickingupcrap posted comment on Nootropics.
July 7, 2019

I found that Time Released Melatonin 1mg is very powerful. Too powerful for me but maybe an option for you?

Also Natural Calm Magnesium Is a particularly sedating form of magnesium in my experience.

The least practical form of magnesiumon a regular basis is a hot epsom salt bath. For me it’s about as sedating as a double dose of benzos.

[edit: Apology: reread your question and realized you’re looking for alternatives to melatonin. Will leave up that first sentence though, since I haven’t seen much discussion about time release melatonin and I was really surprised at how different it felt than 0.5mg quick dissolve melatonin.]

what the heck is wrong with me? [R]

2 years agoattunezero posted submission on GetOutOfBed.
April 6, 2018

For the past few years I have found it impossible to wake up before 11am (and usually later). I hate myself because of it. I need help.

2 years agoattunezero posted comment on GetOutOfBed.
April 6, 2018

Keep your curtains open. Try low dose time release melatonin (or Valarian root) to help you get to bed early. I like this. Use Sleep As Android to set an alarm that will wake you up in a light phase of sleep so you feel refreshed. After waking up use a blue light device (or get some sunshine for awhile) to help reset your sleep rhythm. Also if you live in a cold/dark/cloudy area try a vitamin D supplement. These are things that have helped me get into a healthy sleep schedule, hope it helps you!

My thoughts keep me up at night [R]

3 years, 6 months agoOct. 18, 2016

My thoughts keep me up at night, so I can't sleep. I'll wake up exhausted and tired all day but once I hit the pillow my thoughts race, my body becomes restless and I can't fall asleep. Anyone else deal with this, and any solutions? I'm so sick of it I need a solution. Days I exercise does help but I can't exercise everyday

Edit: I see there are replies but I can't see them because I'm on my phone in bed not sleeping...

3 years, 6 months agoGlobbyDoodle posted on ADHD.
Oct. 18, 2016

Also, you might try 1mg of extended release Melatonin. Just note that most Melatonin is sold in extremely high doses with is not more effective and can be counter-productive!

IWTL how to have deeper sleep at night. [R]

4 years, 8 months agoCaptMurphy posted submission on IWantToLearn.
Aug. 8, 2015
4 years, 8 months agoCaptMurphy posted on IWantToLearn.
Aug. 8, 2015

Melatonin helps me. Some people take 5-10mg, but that's a lot. I've heard at night your body produces about 1mg of melatonin to help you sleep. Some things mess with your body's release of melatonin, like if it's still light out, or you have lights on in your room, of you're staring at your monitor and then try to go right to bed. Your body takes that light as a sign that it's still day time I guess, and it's not time for bed yet.

Before I go to bed I turn down the lights, and I use f.lux on my PC to make it a warm dim light, instead of the blue light that tells your brain to stay awake.

Then about 20-30 minutes before bed I take 500mg of ashwagandha. Really helps me relax and fall asleep faster. Then 20 minutes before bed I take 1mg of melatonin in a time released format, so it releases some to help you fall asleep, and the rest over 8 hours to help keep you asleep.

This is the melatonin I take, but it's an add-on item, so you can't buy it unless you spend at least $35. This is probably the next best option. Same thing, but 3mg instead of 1. I prefer the 1mg, but the 3mg can be bought without having to spend at least $35. Not referral links btw. I live by that stuff when I have to get to sleep early, and my sleep schedule is all messed up.

I've taken some valerian root as well, and it does seem to help me sleep, but I find it makes me wake up sometimes too early, or in the middle of the night to take a leak, and the others don't.