MTG Magic the Gathering Card Game M15 2015 Core Set - 2-Player CLASH PACK Decks - 126 cards w 6 foils!

Last Updated On Tuesday March 31st, 2020
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MTG Magic the Gathering Card Game M15 2015 Core Set - 2-Player CLASH PACK Decks - 126 cards w 6 foils!

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Two beginners looking to play MTG , what deck to choose ? [R]

4 years, 6 months agoSept. 8, 2015

Hey guys, I've been here for awhile and I have to admit, the community is really great, I really am loving it here.

I have to ask you, if you guys can help me and my brother on what decks should we buy since we are beginners to MTG.

We have only played PC games and know only the basic rules, but seeing as there are a lot more cards in TCG than digital, we wanted to buy ourselves some decks to play.But the problem is, we don't know where to start, we have seen only boosters and such, we but we found a deck builders toolkit here:

And we thought to take 2 for each of us (and maybe additional ones for our friends).

We are not looking for anything serious and competitive just me and my brother and our friends playing against each other , we dont look to spend over 300$ or something.

So if anyone knows where should we start from, I would be grateful.

Thanks in forward, and once again really glad to be here.

4 years, 6 months agobbgun21 posted on magicTCG.
Sept. 8, 2015

Here at my country there is only:

Fate vs Fury


Speed vs Cunning

Weekly /r/Games Discussion - Suggestion request free-for-all [R]

4 years, 8 months agobdzz posted submission on Games.
July 12, 2015

/r/Games usually removes suggestion requests that are either too general (eg "Which PS3 games are the best?") or too specific/personal (eg "Should I buy Game A or Game B?"), so this thread is the place to post any suggestion requests like those, or any other ones that you think wouldn't normally be worth starting a new post about.

If you want to post requests like this during the rest of the week, please post to other subreddits like /r/gamingsuggestions, /r/ShouldIBuyThisGame, or /r/AskGames instead.

Please also consider sorting the comments in this thread by "new" so that the newest comments are at the top, since those are most likely to still need answers.

4 years, 8 months agobdzz posted on Games.
July 12, 2015

Thanks for the detailed answer! I think I'll wait for the Duels Origins release.

And yes, I was thinking about picking up the actual card game as well (there is a game club nearby me, they also have some free 30 card sample decks but afaik that's not enough to play a normal match?).

Also isn't better to buy the clash pack for $25 instead of the single starter kit for $20?

Introduce decks for new player please? [R]

5 years, 2 months agoPirateKilt posted submission on magicTCG.
Jan. 5, 2015

Hey guys from /magicTCG I've recently played a few games with my friends with their decks and I would like to get some suggestions for decks best suited for beginners assuming there is no budget limit? Help please :)

5 years, 2 months agoPirateKilt posted on magicTCG.
Jan. 5, 2015

I started playing with some buddies almost a half year ago, and one of my buys was the "Clash Pack" that had two pre-built decks... They actually turned out to be pretty cool and even semi-competitive against my friends who've played for years.

I know nothing about Magic, but want to buy my twin decks for Christmas. Help! [R]

5 years, 3 months agoFrugalityPays posted submission on magicTCG.
Dec. 17, 2014

please help me. I keep looking around online, but everything is unclear to me. Reddit, you're my only hope.

5 years, 3 months agoFrugalityPays posted on magicTCG.
Dec. 17, 2014

The 2015 Core Set Clash pack has a green and a blue deck, and are designed so you combine them into a green/blue deck.

Link to clash pack

It's a great game and I hope she enjoys it!

Beginning in Magic (for someone else) [R]

5 years, 5 months agocahutchins posted submission on Magicdeckbuilding.
Oct. 17, 2014

I hope this question is okay. My nephew asked for Magic cards for his birthday. The local Walmart has the core 2015 starter set, as well as expansion packs, and the Khans of Tarkir starter set. My question is, if I bought both, would they be used together in a game, or is the Khans expansion only for certain games? Both starter sets are expensive, so if one can't be used regularly with the other, I don't want to invest that much if he can't use it.

Thanks for any advice. Thanks!


I spoke with my nephew. His Bio-Mother bought him the Dragon's Maze Fat Pack. He claims he doesn't have any Magic Cards, although his brother ratted out that he "used to." I asked him if he's ever played, and he hasn't, only watched, and what he's seen the colors he's interested in are green, blue and black.

5 years, 5 months agocahutchins posted on Magicdeckbuilding.
Oct. 19, 2014

I think I know exactly what you should get him. There is one particular Duel Deck-type product called a Clash Pack.

It comes with two decks (one blue/green, one green/red) that are designed to be played against each other.

Then when the player is ready for more advanced play, the pack includes instructions to combine cards from the two decks into a single, Blue/Green deck that is good enough to play somewhat competitively. He'd be able to bring this deck to his local card shop (if you have one nearby) and have a good time without being completely outclassed by more experienced players' decks.

If you're looking to spend more money than that, you could also get him a couple packs of protective card sleeves so his brand new deck stays in good condition, Walmart should have a variety of sleeves for sale with different designs on the back, but be careful: they sell sleeves in both 50 and 100-packs, and he'll need 60 sleeves for a deck.

My 14 year old sister wants to get into MTG - What can I buy her for Xmas to get her started? [R]

5 years, 5 months agomulltalica posted submission on magicTCG.
Oct. 16, 2014

As the title says my sister wants to get into MTG, she has some friends that play at school so she often borrows their cards / plays with them.
I've never played and don't know anything about it, so I'm not really sure how to help her get started.

She's explained to me there's different colours, and you make up a deck out of 2 different ones. Based on that I was hoping to get her a starter kit that would come with enough cards that she could try out all the different colours.
I had a look on Amazon and found this 2014 Core Set Deckbuilders Toolkit, I was thinking of getting her that and a booster pack or 2.

How does that sound, is that enough that me and her could play against each other? If not is it at least enough that she could figure out which colours she likes / play against her friends who already have decks?

5 years, 5 months agomulltalica posted on magicTCG.
Oct. 16, 2014

Since she is just a beginner, you'll probably want to get her a deck that is ready to play out of the box. I'd recommend picking up the recent Clash Pack that came out a little while ago. This will give her 2 fairly well built decks to start from.

If you want to get her some more stuff, then I'd also say wait and pickup the 2014 Holiday Gift Box. It's a fairly sturdy box for her to store her cards in, and it comes with a bunch of booster packs as well. After that, stocking stuffers such as dice, card sleeves, or playmats are always great gifts.

KTK Event Deck for FNM [R]

5 years, 6 months agosuburbanite posted submission on magicTCG.
Sept. 30, 2014

I think I'm going to get the event deck to play at FNMs. Using this as a basis what changes do you think should be made to make it better/more consistant?

5 years, 6 months agosuburbanite posted on magicTCG.
Sept. 30, 2014

Get the M15 starter deck instead. It might have slightly lower power to start, but the cards in it are great, and you can start to build your own good deck from that.

The price of Courser of Kruphix after the fetch land announcement [R]

5 years, 7 months agomtd14 posted submission on magicTCG.
Sept. 2, 2014
5 years, 7 months agomtd14 posted on magicTCG.
Sept. 2, 2014

Yeah QS sent out a message about it and thus buyout. The plus side is instead of spending $17 on it you can spend $22 on it, Nykthos, promo Prophet of Kruphix, promo Temple of Mystery, promo prognostic sphinx, and over 100 other cards.

Boyfriend's birthday is coming up, need ideas! [R]

5 years, 7 months agoAug. 31, 2014


5 years, 7 months agoBAGBRO2 posted on magicTCG.
Aug. 31, 2014

Do you have any interest in playing magic at all?

Because if you do, you could be the coolest girlfriend in the world by purchasing a gift for yourself! (You can tell him it's for him if you want.)

There is a magic product called a Clash Pack. It comes with two decks of roughly equal power level that are designed to be played against each other. It is intended as an introductory product. It also includes instructions on how to combine the decks together to make a single stronger deck.

Here is the link to it on amazon for $22:

If you decide that this is something you want to do, then before you give him the gift, You should download the Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers for Android or iOS (Free to download). Go through the tutorial and you will know the basics of how to play. Then, your boyfriend will think that you are a quick learner when he teaches you to play!

Anyway, it would make for a few fun hours/date night activity, and even if you don't continue to play yourself, you would come away with a better understanding of this hobby your boyfriend likes. (If you do end up doing this, please follow up and let us know how it went!)

Hey everyone! My son is asking for Magic cards for his birthday, and I'm a little lost [R]

5 years, 7 months agoAug. 22, 2014


5 years, 7 months agoChickenbait posted on magicTCG.
Aug. 22, 2014

These are all great suggestions, one that I don't see here however, is the clash pack. Here is a link to it on amazon so you know what it looks like and how much it is.

You say that he's dying to get into it, which to me means he has very few or even no cards and has played with friends cards and the like. This is a fantastic option because it has two preconstructed decks in it which allow you to just jump right in and play with your friends. You could even play with him with this if you and him each took one of the decks and learn the game together. (this comes with instructions too :P)

There are a couple pretty good cards in this pack that will translate into being playable at a more competitive level, something which doesn't always happen with the pre-constructed decks such as this. It's also relatively cheap and you can add a couple boosters packs to it to spice it up a little as a gift.

Any local games store provided by should have these or similar products from past sets.

Clash pack on massdrop for $21 [R]

5 years, 7 months agoSlappyBag9 posted submission on magicTCG.
Aug. 18, 2014
5 years, 7 months agoSlappyBag9 posted on magicTCG.
Aug. 18, 2014

$22.50 and could have Super savers shipping on amazon:

versus $26 on massdrop