MRM, MSM Cream, Net Wt. 4 Oz.

Last Updated On Friday November 8th, 2019
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MRM,  MSM Cream, Net Wt. 4 Oz.

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1 year, 3 months agofumblesRPW posted submission on FeminineNotFeminist.
July 20, 2018

Twooooo questions, ladies :)

  1. What kind of product or service are you looking for or interested in? What questions do you have about a specific product? Access the bevy of community knowledge and see what your sisters can help you decide in the way of specific products, but try and keep this separate from the weekly discussion about beauty goals!

  2. What beauty, skincare, hair, makeup, fitness, and other products/programs/routines/procedures are you trying? Have you found a new clothing brand or fabric? What new beauty oriented services and resources have you found? Love it or hate it, we wanna know!

1 year, 3 months agofumblesRPW posted comment on FeminineNotFeminist.
July 20, 2018

There was a FANTASTIC MSM cream I used to use a long time ago. They changed the formula and it's not as good now, so I stopped using it. I wish I could find one like the original.

Very slow progress [R]

3 years, 7 months agoXenmasterqwerty posted submission on foreskin_restoration.
April 7, 2016

First time poster to this sub. I was pretty tightly cut, and discovered restoration about a dozen years ago. For years I used T-tape, which I hated. It caused skin irritation, was a hassle to apply and remove, and the sensation of the strap under my pants drove me nuts. I seemed to gain some skin this way but it's difficult to say how much.

I took several years off by only wearing a homemade silicone tugger strictly because my glans had become very sensitive. Last year I decided to get serious and finally get this done, so I did some research and purchased a DTR. It works well and is comfortable for several hours, however after wearing this during the day for over 6 months, I've seen practically no progress. I assumed that by now any progress would be obvious. The way I informally gauge progress is how far I can slide my skin forward when erect, and I've seen practically none. Right now, I can comfortably cover only about 1/4" of my glans this way. Usually I'm more of a shower, so I get no coverage at all at rest.

Is this typical? I've read that some people apply high tension for something like 20 minutes/day, some low tension all day. I've mixed up my method, even doing some manual tugging when I can. At this rate it will take a decade or longer which seems much longer than it should.

3 years, 7 months agoXenmasterqwerty posted on foreskin_restoration.
April 7, 2016

You're probably not using enough tension for long enough. You want to be using the DTR for at least 8 hours a day. I wear it in such a way that the scar line is just over the edge of the bell and I pull shaft skin over the rest of the way. With the perforated gripper, the skin goes just above the top holes. I also use the tension-hold screw instead of rubber bands. That allows more precise adjustment of tension and doesn't wear out like rubber bands do.

The exact degree of tension you want to use is hard to determine. Everyone is different. It took me many months to discover the right methodology. You need to use the highest tension possible without experiencing pain. This amount of tension should be sustainable for about two hours before becoming uncomfortable and requiring a short break. Redness of the skin is a good indicator that you're getting a good stretch. The redness should go away a few hours after you stop stretching though. Stop immediately if you ever feel PAIN and give it a break before trying again, with less tension. Trying to stretch through pain will only reverse progress.

It's also advisable to use some kind of moisturizer. Aloe is a popular recommendation, but you'd want to use the raw product directly from the plant. Some kind of lubrication is important while stretching to prevent irritation. That is, lubricating the tissue in contact with the push plate while stretching. It also helps to use a product after you're finished stretching to avoid dry skin which may result. In my experience, stretching with dry skin impedes progress. I've experimented using nothing at all, water only, cheap lotions, "aloe gel," pure cocoa butter, and now an MSM cream. Whether or not any product accelerates growth is debatable, but I've had the best results with the latter product.

Questions regarding frenulum, penis length, and circ scar? [R]

3 years, 9 months agolaffyhalfie posted submission on foreskin_restoration.
Jan. 31, 2016

hi everyone so ive been doing those manual tugging methods for a while now (even tho im technically circed at ci-4 to begin with) as i dont have access to a device atm and i have a few questions about restoring:

1) since i have most of my frenulum intact (i think... i have no idea since there arent that many decent references out there that i can find) will restoration make it like less tighter? like stretch it to the point where it wont function as a frenulum but more like some piece of normal skin? or will it make the remaining frenulum function like (or atleast as close as possible) the original one? (also... when manually tugging im scared that ill accidentally tear it or smth... any tips on that?)

2) just curious but does restoring also help lengthen the penis in any way? like helps it get longer or smth because if so then yay i guess (is there anyone out there who have finished restoring with atleast anecdotal evidence/experience on this issue? itd be nice with your input)

3) lastly, how do you lighten the circ scar? my scar is really really dark and a dead giveaway that im circed even tho circed loosely... are there any sort of creams that help lighten it?

any help would be very much appreciated ~ thanks in advance

3 years, 7 months agolaffyhalfie posted on foreskin_restoration.
March 22, 2016

Hi, I know your comment is a month old, but I'm looking into lightening my circ scar. Is this the specific MSM cream you meant?

Epidermal Growth Factor and restoration [R]

3 years, 11 months agoSheepleIsSoylent posted submission on foreskin_restoration.
Dec. 4, 2015

Has anyone used any products containing EGF such as this one?

The "stimulates skin cell growth" claim seems very promising for our goals and based on the reviews the product performs as advertised.

3 years, 11 months agoSheepleIsSoylent posted on foreskin_restoration.
Dec. 5, 2015

You mean this?

do you rub it on before or after you tug?

RAVE!!!! Mdm cream for compulsive scab pickers with holes/indents on their face!! [R]

5 years, 5 months agoJune 2, 2014


[Contest] Its my cake day and for some reason this really excites me! [R]

5 years, 7 months agoFalseHope4All posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
April 3, 2014


I never understood the whole "OMG its my cake day!" until first cake day!! Made my day!

SO Contest time!!!

Link me something you would like :) Lets go...$25 and under this time!

Contest will end tomorrow night! I will probably raffle the thread XD


Edit: shoot! I forgot I was going to ask you guys for suggestions for awesome sheets!! Feel free to point me in a direction if you know of any ;)

Also! Gift cards are fine- even if you want to use them for bomb entries ;)

5 years, 7 months agoFalseHope4All posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
April 3, 2014

i would like this msm cream for my stretch marks or these steampunk earrings are pretty sweet! Happy Cake Day!!!!!! I hope you eat a piece of cake to celebrate!1

[Contest] For Some Stuff [R]

5 years, 7 months agoFalseHope4All posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 19, 2014

This contest is closed. I'll do some gifting soon!

This is a really hard contest.

  1. You must have gifted at least once.

  2. You must have a wish list.

  3. You must link to something on your wish list in the $10-15 range (though this may not be what you will win).

  4. You must do this by 7:00 PM (CDT) on Wednesday, March 19th.

Extra points if you know a fun fact about lorises, but I won't hold it against you if you don't.

5 years, 7 months agoFalseHope4All posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 19, 2014

fun fact - i had never heard about lorises until this post

this would be fantasmagorical

[Contest] For your health! [R]

6 years agoFalseHope4All posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Oct. 15, 2013

Lots of people who like to help others tend to forget about their own physical and mental well-being. So I need you to link to something that would improve your overall health or quality of life and explain why you need it. Examples of this could be work-out equipment, vitamins, braces, toothpaste, a scale, a yoga mat, a thermometer, a cane, etc.

I prefer to keep the price under $20 (I have Prime), but don't feel shy to link to something that costs more if you need it. This contest ends Friday October 18th.

PS: Every one should enter this because your health is so important! You deserve it!

Edit: If you don't have anything on your list that applies to the contest, add something!

Edit 2: This contest is closed. The winners were Luckystar812, ReisaD, xaffinityx and katzpe.

6 years agoFalseHope4All posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Oct. 17, 2013

Well i finally grew balls and posted my 70lb weighloss in the subreddit called progresspics last night. Now that i lost all this weight, i have stretch marks and loose skin and all around grossness that makes me severely insecure. I have read that this cream helps the skin and lighten the stretchmarks without costing an arm and a leg. I guess that is for mental and physical health. :-)

Acne scars, found a solution for about $30. [R]

6 years, 3 months ago[deleted] posted submission on acne.
July 12, 2013

I've delt with acne for a long time (yeeeears) and just recently fixed it with a good diet.

Well now I suffer from acne scars and have tried LOTS of different things. •Lemons •Vinegar •Olive oil-steam-scrub procedure •40% glycolic peel (I did at home) Etc..

None of which worked. Luckily I read an article on MSM cream (you've probably seen it before but that's not all you use so keep reading). MSM cream helps restore the collagen in your skin (your acne scars). Now alone, it's made very light, almost unnoticeable improvement.

Then I came across this miracle tool called a dermaroller. It's basically a bunch of needles on a small hand-held tool that you roll on your face.

Using both the dermaroller and MSM cream has made a visible difference in a week.

Here's what you need: MSM cream Dermaroller (Size: 1.5)

Every morning wash your face. Apply MSM cream and topical cream (if you use one)

Every night wash your face. Use dermaroller all over your face, then apply MSM cream and your topical cream.

It's cheap and very effective. If you suffer from scarring, I highly suggest this. It worked wonders for me.

6 years, 1 month ago[deleted] posted on acne.
Sept. 11, 2013

I will vouch for the msm cream also. I've been using it for less than a month now and have seen more results with this than anything else.

I used this one:

I am also using accutane but there is no way that healed my scars. I am not using a dermaroller. I am also taking collagen! Taking Sanar Collagen supplements every night, two capsules of 750 mg each. I just recently added Rejuvicare Collagen formula to my regimen. So far, my skin is getting better.