Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

Last Updated On Saturday May 16th, 2020
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Manhattan Toy

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Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle & Sensory Teether Toy

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Buying toys [R]

8 months, 3 weeks agoWaterBearDontMind posted submission on BabyBumps.
Aug. 26, 2019

I’m 34w5 and I’m wondering whether I should start buying play gyms and toys now? Or should I wait until after birth? I have all of the basics like a crib, nappies, wipes, dummies, gauze blanket/towels etc but just been holding off on buying toys. Also if you have any suggestions on what toys newborns like to play with, I would appreciate it greatly!

8 months, 3 weeks agoWaterBearDontMind posted comment on BabyBumps.
Aug. 26, 2019

There is no rush to buy toys as others have said. Tummy time should begin at birth and you could try to get toys that will hold LO’s attention in that position before they learn to reach for things:

  • B&W books like this one
  • A mirror that can be propped vertically at infant eye level
  • A tummytime pillow in the same shape as Boppy but smaller, goes under newborn armpits

Next up would be a playard (the Kick n Play Piano one was super popular in our Bumper group) to hang things overhead that they’ll eventually bat at or kick. The Manhattan Toys with lots of strings or loops are great first toys to grasp. You might also like some plastic chain links, which can be toys/teethers on their own at first and graduate to tools for tethering toys in the stroller/car seat.

Need Teething Toy Like Oball? [R]

1 year, 1 month agobinderclips posted submission on BabyBumps.
April 16, 2019

Daughter is 3.5 months old and loves her oball. However, she might be starting to teeth and has been chewing whatever she can figure out to put in her mouth. She gets really, really angry when she tries to chew on the oball and it doesn't go into her mouth. Does anyone have a suggestion for something to try? She hasn't quite figured out how to maneuver other teething things into her mouth yet and a lot of them seem too big or too heavy for her at the moment. The oball is super light and easy to grab so it's her favourite.

1 year, 1 month agobinderclips posted comment on BabyBumps.
April 16, 2019

Winkle or Lots of Link. She can hold them similarly to an oball but the shape allows her to get a bite in her mouth too.

What games/activities do you all do with your infants? [R]

1 year, 8 months agosaf621 posted submission on beyondthebump.
Sept. 6, 2018

My daughter is 13 weeks old and a bad napper. I have no idea what do to to entertain her ALL day, especially when she still isn’t interested in toys, and will only be happy developing skills like rolling/grasping for a few minutes before she’s had enough. Help!

1 year, 8 months agosaf621 posted comment on beyondthebump.
Sept. 6, 2018

Have you heard of the wonder weeks app/book? It’s a couple dollars to buy the app, but it talks about all the different developmental stages the baby goes through until about 2 years old and different activities to do with them to help them develop those skills. I don’t know how much faith I put into the aspect of leaps and fussy phases it talks about, but I find the app super helpful when discussing the developmental phases.

Edit to add: at 13 weeks my son loved his mahatten winkle toy. It really helped with his ability to grab things.

toys for a newborn [R]

1 year, 10 months agosaf621 posted submission on beyondthebump.
July 13, 2018

My daughter is 5 weeks old, and is spending more time alert and I'm eager to engage with her more. We have zero toys, and I think it's time to get some. I went to the library and got some high contrast board books yesterday and they fascinate her. I went to buybuy baby to get her a toy or two but felt overwhelmed and bailed. What have your little ones liked? How can I play with a tiny baby?

1 year, 10 months agosaf621 posted comment on beyondthebump.
July 13, 2018

This was the first toy we got and it was his favorite for months:

Morning Daily Chat - May 23, 2018 [R]

1 year, 11 months agovigorousflailing posted submission on February2018Bumpers.
May 23, 2018

Welcome to the morning chat thread! Today is Worry Wednesday - What fears or worries are you thinking about today? Whether it's something next week or next year that's getting to you, tell us about it! As always, feel free to talk about anything, on or off topic, so long as it's within the rules!

1 year, 11 months agovigorousflailing posted comment on February2018Bumpers.
May 23, 2018

He loves any of the Lamaze stuffed animals since they have bright colors and different textures. We have the monkey, cat, turtle and firefly (favorite is the firefly). He also loves this thing because he can grab it easily and stick it in his mouth.

Morning Daily Chat - May 14, 2018 [R]

2 years agopuppersandmeow posted submission on February2018Bumpers.
May 14, 2018

Welcome to the morning chat thread! Today is Milestone Monday - What has your baby been doing lately? Any exciting new developments in their motor, language or social skills? Afraid that something isn't happening at the right time? Tell us about it! As always, feel free to talk about anything, on or off topic, so long as it's within the rules!

2 years agopuppersandmeow posted comment on February2018Bumpers.
May 14, 2018

We have this rattle and she loves it. Easy to grab, chewable, and was a staple for most babies when I worked in childcare

Meeting cousin’s 1 year old LO and I don’t know how to human [R]

2 years, 4 months agoUnicornToots posted submission on AskParents.
Jan. 8, 2018
  • I wasn’t sure where to post this. If it needs moved to another sub please point me in the right direction. New to this sub too so I hope I’m not breaking any rules here *

So, yeah. There’s a family function this weekend and I’m meeting my cousin’s little girl, who is 1. I’m not good around kids really, I don’t have a lot of confidence. I don’t know what to say or do which is just really awkward for everyone. Apparently, ‘so, er, got any holidays coming up?’ isn’t appropriate, lol. I’d love to become more confident around younger kids so I’m looking for tips and advice on how to behave around her and what to say. For example, is the peek-a-boo game (hiding your face behind your hands and then ‘appearing’) too babyish? What are some other things I could do, games I could play to encourage her to be comfortable around me?

2 years, 4 months agoUnicornToots posted comment on AskParents.
Jan. 8, 2018

1 year olds are still babies - they can't talk, mostly babble and drool, and they are messy. Some 1-year-olds can walk. Ask the parents what the baby enjoys - some like music, some like peek-a-boo games, some like rattle toys, etc. If they can walk, they may want to practice walking to you if you hold a toy in your hand.

I'd recommend bringing some sort of toy with you - teethers that rattle or make some other noises are really good for that age, like this one or this one.

But, again, just talk to the parents and take their lead.

Talk me down from buying new gadgets for my 4 month old? (or don't?) [R]

2 years, 11 months agoChaniB posted submission on beyondthebump.
June 14, 2017

My 4 month old has had a super eventful set of weeks, and he's really aware, calm, and curious in a way that he wasn't at all just 2 weeks ago. It has of course kicked me into gear wanting to get him a whole new set of toy things, even though my rational self is saying no no no.

So two questions. (1) Should I get anything? (2) What are your favorite toys for the 4-5 month old age range? I was thinking of getting him a jumper like this one: He's newly interested in his play may too so I was wondering if there are cool play mat toys I should be looking into.


2 years, 11 months agoChaniB posted on beyondthebump.
June 14, 2017

It's only recommended that babies use jumpers for max 15 minutes a day, so I wouldn't buy something that I could only use for that short amount of time. My baby is 5 months old and in the last month I bought the foam puzzle mat pieces that I can arrange on the floor and let her roll around. I propped up a cheap door mirror sideways on the wall so she can look at herself while rolling on the mat, and she loves to stare at herself and laugh. I also have a few different small toys for her. The favorite for the past few weeks has been this one:

Tell me about your favorite infant toys! [R]

3 years, 1 month ago5six7eight posted submission on beyondthebump.
March 23, 2017

My 3 month old baby is starting to show more interest in toys. We have a couple hand me down toys/rattles, a playmat, Sophie the giraffe, and tons of books. I'd always thought, eh, she'll just want to play with the tupperware anyway ... but now I feel like it would be nice to add a couple of quality toys.

Any recommendations? I'd prefer a few awesome ones over a tsunami of 8 million fluorescent plastic things. Bonus points for something with a bit of longevity that will still be interesting to her 6 months from now.

3 years, 1 month ago5six7eight posted on beyondthebump.
March 23, 2017

I love the Skwish, but I like the Winkel a little more because at that age they're gnawing on toys a lot and I was more comfortable throwing the Winkel in the dishwasher.*

We don't have a regular O Ball, but someone gave us an O Ball Car which was also a hit. The car is good for a little older, but I think if I didn't already have so many stinking toys around the house then I'd get the regular O Ball as well because the car is a little bottom heavy and harder to manipulate when they're first starting out. It does grow a lot though and my 2 year old still plays with it with his other cars.

*I'm not generally a germaphobe, but when they're sticking everything in their mouths I do wash their toys more often.

Baby frustrated by putting things in mouth? [R]

3 years, 7 months agoaslikeanarnian posted submission on beyondthebump.
Oct. 15, 2016

My daughter is 3.5 months old (just about 16 weeks) and she is just starting to grab onto things if we put them in her reach. We've tried the Oball and a Lovey and a couple of other things and she immediately brings them to her mouth. However, it seems like she gets frustrated very quickly when she realizes the toy is something she can't suck on (like her pacifier). The Oball especially frustrates her because of all the holes - she tries over and over to put it in her mouth and just starts crying when she realizes she can't. Her favorite thing right now is a wubbanub because she likes to hold/play with her pacifier and this makes it very easy for her to do.

I've tried giving her the Oball while she has all pacifier in her mouth and she seems disinterested in it.

Is this typical? Will she eventually stop trying to suck on all her toys?

3 years, 7 months agoaslikeanarnian posted on beyondthebump.
Oct. 15, 2016

My daughter also sometimes gets frustrated when she tries to chew on her oball toy. I've found that mine really likes this rattle. It's still super easy for her to grip like the oball is, but this one has parts she can get into her mouth.

Baby toys at three months? [R]

3 years, 7 months agocuntbubbles posted submission on beyondthebump.
Oct. 15, 2016

Long time reader, first time poster....

When do babies start holding toys to play with them? Baby boy will bat at hanging toys on the play mat, but won't hold rattles or soft toys. He actually barely looks at them when you shake them for him. He's almost three months. I have no idea what is appropriate. Any thoughts?

3 years, 7 months agocuntbubbles posted on beyondthebump.
Oct. 15, 2016

The winkel! My daughter gets mad and frustrated with the oball because she can't get it in her mouth. The winkel she can grab with her hands (and feet!) AND get it in her mouth. She loves it.

Toys for 7 months old [R]

4 years, 7 months agoThe_OG_OG posted submission on Parenting.
Oct. 15, 2015


4 years, 7 months agoThe_OG_OG posted on Parenting.
Oct. 15, 2015

Here's my .02 about things that my son liked at that age:

And like others have recommended, anything that is squishy, squeezy, makes sounds, etc. He was also fascinated with things like an empty water bottle, a dead cell phone or remote (with batteries removed), etc. The musical tables are great as well as exersaucers!

Edit to add: besides the exesaucer, he still plays with most of these toys!

What do you/did you do with your 3.5 month old? [R]

4 years, 11 months agoJune 16, 2015

She's on the activity mat a lot truthfully. We hold her on the couch when she is done eating and we talk to the TV but I'm not 100 percent set on the TV so we only do that for maybe 5 or 10 minutes. She sleeps in the swing and doesn't much hang out in it because she thinks it's sleepy time and gets fussy. The activity mat is our main thing but I feel she gets bored. I know I do sitting there hours on end talking baby talk and leaning over the mat. She has little stuffed animals but she can't grasp things yet and she's shown no interest in light up toys. Anyone have ideas as to what to do?

4 years, 11 months agoaskryan posted on beyondthebump.
June 17, 2015

If she's having trouble grasping, try this — even if she can't totally grasp yet, the loops here will give her some assistance so she can move it around and practice holding it. Worked great for our 2.5 month old, who now grasps other toys well.

I need help buying things for my baby girl! [R]

5 years, 4 months agoJan. 9, 2015

Here's the deal, my baby girl is due any week now. We, as parents, have bought her everything that she will NEED for a while (clothes, cribs, bottles, etc.), but now I'm looking for things that I think she will LIKE.

So my question to all of you: What are some of the best items that you bought for your baby that they absolutely love? I'm looking for toys, movies, decorations, anything really. I'm super bad at picking things out for babies (this is my first one!), so any insight from the experienced fathers would be appreciated.

5 years, 4 months agoBearDown1983 posted on daddit.
Jan. 12, 2015

I got this for my daughter after our very first daddy-daughter errand day. (She was good - didn't cry and just chilled in the Baby Bjorn while I went shopping, so this was a "reward" - read: it was an excuse for me to buy her a toy.)

She was 2 months old then, 4 months old now... It's consistently been her favorite toy. It has a soft rattle, is easy for her to grip, and apparently tastes pretty good as well.

When did your infants start playing with toys? What kind? [R]

5 years, 5 months agowannabezen posted submission on Parenting.
Nov. 28, 2014

My husband and I are expecting our first child in April. I really want to start shopping for toys but he keeps teasing me for choosing ones she won't use until she's a year old.

5 years, 5 months agowannabezen posted on Parenting.
Nov. 30, 2014

Both of my kids started playing with a baby gym at 6 weeks - they loved it. Of course, they'd only play for a few minutes before getting tired at first.

I have loved the toys on this list for my infants, though we never had a tool toy

I also really recommend the winkel - - it was the first toy both of my kids picked up. We also have a variety of rattles and stacking cups.

First toy [R]

6 years agopinkpowerranger8 posted submission on BabyBumps.
May 15, 2014

Hello all,

I asked a friend who has a 18month old daughter what she recommended as a first toy. She said her little one loved things she could grab with her tiny fingers, like a little blanket with knots on the edges and a fluffy mouse with a very thin tail. What have you got as the first toy for your LO? Mommas who already have children, what do you recommend?

6 years agopinkpowerranger8 posted on BabyBumps.
May 15, 2014

My daughter LOVED her winkel. It is AMAZING. They can grip it easily and it shakes and it can be chewed on and bent... it came highly recommended to me and I continue to recommend it!

What on Earth do I tell people a 1mo old wants for Christmas?! [R]

6 years, 5 months agoTardisNeedsLibrarian posted submission on beyondthebump.
Dec. 13, 2013

My baby's father (who I am not with) texted me the other day and asked what Ellie wants for Christmas. She's literally ONE MONTH OLD AS OF YESTERDAY. My first thought was, "more boobs to suck on?"

I've got a swing, a bouncer, several playmats, plenty of clothes and diapers and wipes... I even already bought her the Your Baby Can Read program for when she hits 3mos. I really can't think of anything!


Edit: thank you all for your great suggestions!

6 years, 5 months agoTardisNeedsLibrarian posted on beyondthebump.
Dec. 13, 2013

Honestly, I would ditch the Your Baby Can Read program and ask for books for Christmas. Board books are going to be super fun for her to look at with you for months and months. My son loved Peek-a Who? and Baby Danced the Polka (among lots of others) when he was very little.

You could also ask for toys, of course. There aren't many toys that she can "play" with yet, but pretty soon she will be more able to hold things, so maybe something colorful and grippy like this? I mean, you're right that there's not much that she needs right now, but a few good toys and books are totally worth it.