Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones for Running, Secure Fit, Sweat-Proof and Water Resistant, Custom Sound, 12 Hours In Your Pocket, Music + Calls (Jet)


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Jaybird RUN True Wireless Headphones for Running, Secure Fit, Sweat-Proof and Water Resistant, Custom Sound, 12 Hours In Your Pocket, Music + Calls (Jet)

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Best Budget (<$150 ideally) Wireless Earbuds/Headphones for Use in the Gym? [R]

10 months, 3 weeks agoclosingbell posted submission on HeadphoneAdvice.
Oct. 3, 2018

Pretty much title.

During squats and deadlifts, my wired earbuds just get in the way and are constantly being pulled out. On top of that, my phone in my pocket digs into my hip, so I've decided wireless is the go.

Any suggestions for my budget?

10 months, 3 weeks agoclosingbell posted comment on HeadphoneAdvice.
Oct. 3, 2018

I use these in the gym - Jaybird Runs. Excellent SQ, fits snuggly into your ear without any chance of falling out during squats/deadlifts/running/etc., and sweat proof. Battery life is also excellent...lasts me a whole week (5 workouts/week x 90 minutes each) without having to recharge the case. There was some issues with the left bud dropping out with earlier units, but Jaybird released a patch that fixes the problem...my unit rarely drops out unless my phone goes out of range. Good pick overall.


Nearly 2 years after the release of Apple AirPods there still isn't a single solid alternative for truly wireless headphones [R]

11 months, 2 weeks agomarkyymark13 posted submission on Android.
Sept. 4, 2018

Apple’s September event is right around the corner, and although there is no solid indication that Apple will be releasing the version 2 of their AirPods. It got me thinking about after 2 years, we still don’t have a single solid option for truly wireless bluetooth headphones to compete. Even companies with decades of sound engineering experience such as Sony and Bose cant get it right with their attempts with the Bose SoundSport Free and Sony’s WF-SP700N headphones. While other companies like Samsung gave their shot with their IconX headphones that were somehow more expensive than AirPods yet, judging by user reviews, hardly worked.

Looking at the reviews of these expensive headphones, you can see there are a lot of the same issues. Constant drop outs, bluetooth issues, one ear losing sound after a week, headphones completely dying after a short while, mediocre battery life and so on. Even other headphone brands that come pretty well received on Reddit such as Jabra, is also met with a good amount of the same issues judging by reviews which makes all of these alternatives a risk of a buy.

I know this is anecdotal but a friend of mine who is a huge Bose loyalist has been trying out the SoundSport Free lately and has been telling me that it completely drops out in the heat when he's at the beach, and the bluetooth is spotty.

I just think its kind of disappointing and a bit surprising that after 2 years there still doesnt seem to be any truly good AirPods alternative that doesnt have a ton of negative reviews and bad experiences. Despite these companies having years and years of sound engineering and tech experience under their belt. I really would like a pair of truly wireless headphones, but amount of bad reviews from these products has me holding off for a while.

Gotta give Apple credit with their AirPods for making a solid product - even if they do look silly

EDIT: Maybe I didn't make my point all too clear. I know a lot of these headphones have good initial reviews and some of you have had good experiences. But for spending over $150 there isn't a single option out there that doesnt have a lot of negative reviews and bad experiences with the quality control and long term usability. Some of you keep saying it's a "YMMV" situation which makes my point. Right now these headphones are a $150+ gamble for something that might not work.

I'd like some IconX to go with my new Note but there's no way I'm spending almost $200 if there's a really good chance they're not gonna work.

11 months, 2 weeks agomarkyymark13 posted comment on Android.
Sept. 5, 2018

I see a lot of praise for them here, but again the reviews on Amazon have me hesitant to gamble with that kind of money.

What Are You Wearing Wednesday - Weekly Gear Thread [R]

1 year, 2 months agoUtherArgas posted submission on running.
June 6, 2018

It's that time of week already...the gear thread! What have you picked up lately? What's working for you now that it's whatever season you believe it to be in your particular location? What have you put through rigorous testing that's proved worthy of use? We want to know!

To clear up some confusion: We’re not actually asking what you’re wearing today. It’s just a catchy name for the thread. This is the weekly gear discussion thread, so discuss gear!

Pixel Bud Owners - Is it worth getting these for $150 if I already have $27 SENSO wireless headphones? [R]

1 year, 6 months agobeenyweenies posted submission on GooglePixel.
Feb. 5, 2018

I am looking for a good pair of headphones that are wireless and have great sound quality. I do no wish to spend more than $200 but would be willing to if you know of better ones close to that price point. Also, a few questions:

  • Can you guys talk to the quality in terms of make and sound?

  • Are the further features it provides actually worth the price?

  • What do you like most about them and what do you like least about them?

1 year, 6 months agobeenyweenies posted comment on GooglePixel.
Feb. 5, 2018

Seems like most reviewers that I trust have politely said they would pass on the first gen Pixel Buds. Decent but not amazing sound, fiddly controls, bad case design and that cord is a pain in the butt.

Many people recommend these earbuds.

Seriously, what were they thinking? [R]

1 year, 8 months agoPanduhsaur posted submission on techsupportgore.
Dec. 18, 2017
1 year, 8 months agoPanduhsaur posted comment on techsupportgore.
Dec. 18, 2017

Honestly, expensive is relative. If you ask me, the headphones are class competitive in terms of pricing in comparison to the other no wire wireless headphones

Current prices on amazon:

[Airpods] (apple store because sold out on amazon) - 160

Jaybird Run - 180

Samsung Gear - 150

Bose Soundsport (truely) wireless - 230

Opinion: Apple AirPods provide a better experience than Pixel Buds, even on Android [R]

1 year, 8 months agoDec. 5, 2017
1 year, 8 months agosipoloco posted comment on Android.
Dec. 6, 2017

No, because of the wire, the shape makes sense. But without the wire, they could look a lot better. Look at Jaybird Run, Bose Soundsport Free, Samsung Gear IconX for good examples.