HUMCO HOLDING GROUP 303950303963 Boric Acid Powder, 6 oz.

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HUMCO HOLDING GROUP 303950303963 Boric Acid Powder, 6 oz.

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

When your yeast infection finally goes away after 6 months [R]

1 year, 4 months agoscrawledfilefish posted submission on TrollXChromosomes.
June 19, 2018
1 year, 4 months agoscrawledfilefish posted comment on TrollXChromosomes.
June 20, 2018

I've made boric acid suppositories myself!

I got 00 capsules and filled them with this boric acid: and when it's feeling a little funky down there, I put one in before I go to bed.

Help... odor problem [R]

2 years, 8 months agoeva_destruction_ posted submission on TwoXChromosomes.
Feb. 24, 2017

Hi, I'm a woman in my early 30's and I've had two kids. Don't know if that's relevant but just including it in case.

I'll cut to the chase... my vaginal area sweats... a pretty decent amount. I live in a warm climate (it's "winter" here but we hit about 80F today), and I deal with a lot of sweat down there. Wetness is an issue sometimes, like if I wear leggings in the heat it can look like I peed my pants 😳 The biggest problem, though, is that it smells. It's almost identical to the smell of my underarms if I forget to wear deodorant... but I obviously can't put deodorant down there.

Apart from showering and changing my clothes 12 times a day (or not wearing any... haha) is there anything I can do?? I already wear mostly cotton for my general comfort. My underwear are all 100% cotton as well, except for a few moisture wicking pairs I tried recently... they seem to help a little, but as soon as I go outdoors all bets are off. This is seriously gross and embarrassing and I want to fix it. I showered this morning, went outside for about 30 minutes at lunchtime, and now I can smell the sweat. 😕

2 years, 8 months agoeva_destruction_ posted on TwoXChromosomes.
Feb. 24, 2017

Boric Acid helps with odor, plus it's safe & inexpensive. I've had good experience with it personally. Worth a shot! Also: It's an effective remedy for vaginitis and yeast infections (when used as a vaginal suppository).

P.S. the link is to a brand of Boric Acid I've used.

How are athletes foot powders effective? [R]

2 years, 10 months agoeva_destruction_ posted submission on Dermatology.
Dec. 27, 2016

If the 2% antifungal miconazole nitrat cant be absorbed into the skin like cream is it effective and how? Is it just to stop it from spreading but not actually removing it?

2 years, 10 months agoeva_destruction_ posted on Dermatology.
Jan. 8, 2017

Boric acid is "a white, crystalline chemical substance that has antifungal and antiviral properties." (source)

"Boric acid is an extremely effective fungicide and often cures athlete's foot in cases where creams have failed. Mix boric acid and rubbing alcohol in the ratio 2 tsp boric acid to 1 cup of rubbing alcohol (a drying agent), or water. Apply with cotton swabs (or 'Q-tips'). Alternatively, put the dry powder into the ends of socks or stockings to treat or prevent athlete's foot." (source)(see also..)

Does Ingles sell boric acid? [R]

3 years, 1 month agoVonderdonk posted submission on asheville.
Oct. 9, 2016

I need some for cleaning, and if they did I don't know where it would be anyway

3 years, 1 month agoVonderdonk posted on asheville.
Oct. 9, 2016

[Taste] [orgasm] (21F) hate my vagina. [R]

3 years, 1 month agoSept. 27, 2016


3 years, 1 month agoHotcougarnerd posted on sex.
Sept. 27, 2016

Dude. Boric acid. Here's what to do:

Buy this: HUMCO HOLDING GROUP Boric Acid Powder, 6 Ounce

And this: Capsule Connection 1000 Bulk Empty Vegetarian Capsules, "0" Size

Fill the capsules up with boric acid. Shove one up as far as you can into your vagina every night when you go to sleep for seven nights. Use a pad, you'll have discharge.

You can do a capsule once a week for maintenance and if you get another bv or yeast infection just do the seven nights again. It works for both bv and yeast!

Edit - hit submit too soon!

36m HL & 30f HL Bacterial Vaginitis suffering GF of 3 years just told me to leave her... [R]

3 years, 2 months agoAug. 20, 2016


3 years, 2 months agoFutureFruit posted on DeadBedrooms.
Aug. 20, 2016

I'm assuming you mean bacterial vaginosis. The fishy smell? In that case, keeping in mind I'M NOT A DOCTOR I have a suggestion she should look up.

HUMCO HOLDING GROUP Boric Acid Powder, 6 Ounce

So if you just look at the reviews for this boric acid it's like 75% of them are for using for bacterial vaginosis. You get gel capsules and mix the boric acid with coconut oil to make vaginal suppositories. Some people do it straight but I would be worried about the concentration.

Anyhow, this is not medical advice but like I said just have her look it up to see how many people use it successfully. I believe it works by upping the acidity of the vagina (the vagina is naturally acidic, that's why dark underwear can sometimes lighten in the middle). Theoretically semen upsets the vaginal PH and that's why it becomes susceptible to infection.

Many ladies have this issue I think it's where the trope of the "fishy vagina" comes from. Your vagina should not smell fishy. But the treatments the doctors give just basically work until you have sex again or anything to upset the PH.

In closing, again, I am not a doctor and please do your research and talk to a doctor but I'm just passing on information.

Edit: This is NOT a cure, it's a treatment. Meaning you have to continue using it but from what I've heard you use it once or twice a day for a week or so and then you only have to use it once a week or after every time you have sex. Or just as needed.

[vaginal health] wondering if anyone else experiences this? [R]

3 years, 4 months agoJuly 9, 2016


3 years, 4 months agoHotcougarnerd posted on sex.
July 9, 2016

YES!! I am on the boric acid bandwagon too!

The best part about boric acid is that it treats both BV and yeast infections. It is easy to get, you don't need an Rx, and it is not an antibiotic so you don't have all the side effects. It is not hippie pseudoscience. It has been scientifically studied and proven effective 70% of the time. I've not had BV, but I do get yeast infections a few times a year and boric acid has cured them every time.

Buy this on Amazon as well as size 00 empty capsule casings. Fill up the capsules with the powder and shove one as far into your vagina as possible right before bed. Do this for 7 nights. Wear a pad because there will be some discharge.

You can then use them once or twice a week indefinitely to keep the bacteria balanced. Many people find relief from this. I highly, highly recommended it.

[recurring yeast infections] How to stop getting yeast infections after sex? [R]

3 years, 4 months agoJune 22, 2016


3 years, 4 months agoHotcougarnerd posted on sex.
June 23, 2016

First things first, he should definitely go to the doc. Get it checked out and treated if necessary.

Second thing: boric acid. This shit is magic.

It's all natural but also scientifically studied and has a 70% success rate for treating both yeast infections and BV. Don't let the label scare you, it is not going to burn you or hurt you. I have experienced slight irritation but nothing crazy.

Here is a link, also buy size "00" capsule casings. Just fill the capsules with boric acid, and insert a capsule as far into the vagina as possible right before bed. Sleep with a pad, there will be a little discharge, but I find after I pee and shower, it's all gone. Do this for 7 nights during an infection and you can go once a week for maintenance after that.

[Female health help] Girlfriend getting painful infections after sex [R]

3 years, 6 months agoMay 8, 2016


3 years, 6 months agoWorkitbitch5555 posted on sex.
May 8, 2016

34F here. Got strep throat last year in September, took antibiotics, and ever since have been getting a yeast infection after my period every month. The hormone fluctuation of my cycle combined with imbalance caused by the antibiotic made it so my body could never really get right. It was ruining my life. Misery.

A hippy friend told me about boric acid and it has changed my life. It is effective for both BV and yeast infections in about 70% of cases (science, not anecdotes or holistic hocus pocus). I used it in capsule form up my hooha for 7 days to clear the yeast infection, then once a week for a eight weeks, now I just use one dose on the last day of my period every month. It is cheap and easy and here's how to do it:

Buy boric acid at the link below. Buy extra virgin organic unrefined coconut oil. Buy "00" size capsule casings. Get syringe from any pharmacy (usually free if you ask the pharmacist). Do not be put off by the warnings on the boric acid bottle, it is a very weak acid and many women are using it for this purpose! Please research further if you are unsure!

Melt about 1/4 cup coconut oil in double boiler or microwave till it is completely liquified. Remove from heat immediately. Stir in boric acid to make a thin to medium thickness paste. Let it cool to a lukewarm temp (too hot will melt the capsule casing, too cool will be too thick to fill them as coconut oil is solid at room temp). Use syringe to fill up the capsules and you can keep them in the fridge for up to six months!

Use them at night only, shove one capsule as far up the vagina as possible and immediately lay down. No tampons! Pad is advisable but not required if she doesn't like it. There will be a watery discharge in the morning and perhaps mild irritation, nothing crazy or intolerable. Use for 7 nights to clear a yeast or BV infection, then she can use it once a week indefinitely for maintenance. I've gone down to only using it once a month right after my period and it's great and inexpensive.

HUMCO HOLDING GROUP Boric Acid Powder, 6 Ounce

General Discussion, 5/13/2015 [R]

4 years, 6 months agoMay 13, 2015


4 years, 6 months agoWunderkamera posted on stepparents.
May 13, 2015

Ok, unfortunately I know this situation all too well and refuse to buy $19 treatments every damn time. I use this which you can also get from some hippie type pharmacies, along with empty gel capsules. Save it for a night you're feeling crafty, because you'll be filling those bad boys up by hand but you can use them overnight when you're parting the red sea with no problem. As long you don't mind being a bit "hands-on," it's an effective, much less expensive option. (Edited to add: do NOT eat them! They're for downstairs use only.)

Chronic UTIs and yeast infections. Have tried different lifestyle changes, specialists, supplements, prescriptions and nothing works 100% of the time. Affecting every aspect of my life. I am getting extremely depressed. Please help. [R]

6 years agojbdigriz posted submission on TwoXChromosomes.
Oct. 30, 2013

I am in a very desperate state. Sorry for the wall of text, but I want to give all relevant information and history in the hopes that someone out there can help me.

Ever since I became consistently sexually active with my first boyfriend at 17, UTIs have been a painful part of my life. I used to chalk it up to frequency then, so we cut down on intercourse (not easy in a long-distance relationship.) I would still get them more frequently than most girls even with showering, peeing and all of that when he moved back to our hometown, I would say every couple of months. He was perfectly average sized in the penis department. We were together 3 years. After that. I went for a long time (about 2 years) not really dating or even hooking up very often, so UTIs weren't the haunting shadow over my life they are now.

I'm now 23. I started dating my current boyfriend a little over a year ago. He is amazing in every way, he is my partner and my soul mate. He is above average in regards to his penis size, both length and girth. We also started long distance, so at first I chalked my UTIs up to frequency, so we cut back on intercourse drastically after the first couple of weekend resulted in tearful trips to the doctor. I was drinking lots of water and taking an OTC cranberry/vitamin C regularly, taking showers before and after or using antibacterial wipes and asking him to do the same. Nothing helped. I suspect his ahem size has something to do with it since I'm pretty petite.

I told my gynecologist and she referred me to a urologist. I saw his PA at first. I told her everything, she gave me Bactrim to take after sex. I made another appointment 3 months out to see the actual doctor. By the time I saw him, I had moved to my boyfriend's city and I had a SEVERE systematic yeast infection that took literally 6-7 weeks and 4 rounds of various antifungals to clear up, despite eating a fair amount of yogurt and taking acidophilus with meals and the Bactrim. He told me to eat more yogurt and gave me another, less brutal macrobid antibiotic, the script I basically use to treat myself when I get sick rather than the intended preventative route since I don't trust them any more. I didn't have sex and cut out all carbs, sugar, booze, all dairy except yogurt and fresh cheese sparingly, and stopped smoking cigarettes for about 2 months. It was a very difficult time for both me and my partner. My body hasn't been the same since; I get yeast infections almost every month coinciding with my period.

Next, I paid $500 to see a urogynecologist who basically said, we don't know why some women with normal anatomy get UTIs all the time, but here are two very expensive pills to switch off on for the rest of your life, good luck to you. One was a super concentrated cranberry supplement (not covered by insurance) that cost $120 for a 3 month supply and the other was Uribel, with insurance still $75 a month. Even these expensive pills didn't always work, even though I had cut back on intercourse a lot and kept up with a pretty strict system of showers and antibacterial wipes and avoiding certain positions in the bedroom. Invariably, I would get another UTI that demanded more antibiotics to clear up and another yeast infection would follow that.

I read on here a few months ago about the magical substance known as d-mannose. I figured I'd tried everything else so it couldn't hurt. I ordered both the 500mg pills and powder. I took 3 pills, 3 times a day and when I had sex, I'd drink more in powder form with water before and after and still shower or use wipes before and after. This seemed to work for a couple months and I was overjoyed. I had finally found an answer to my horrific problem with a natural supplement...but then I got another UTI. Another yeast infection. I was beside myself. I still am, really.

I went back to Uribel, and even that didn't save me when I held my pee in too long stupidly at work and got a UTI. I'm finishing my last bottle of macrobid pills by prescription this week for a stupid choice I made to have sex 3 times in a 36 hour period...but I get so fed up with having to hold back and be so structured with love making that I do that sometimes.

I've been adding an anti-candida supplement (Rainbowlight Candida Clense,) to my daily regiment of acidophilus, twice the normal dose of cranberry/vitamin C supplement, and d-mannose 3 times a day for a couple weeks, and I think it's helped but I can't be sure. My life seems to revolve around drinking water, showering and taking a boatload of pills and I'm still sick as a dog. The antibiotics are starting to loose their takes 3-4 days before I feel any relief from the agony of a UTI. The pain of the infection is getting worse, too. I seriously feel violent at certain points because of how much it hurts me. It's affected my ability to hold down work and have a healthy sex life with the man I love. He has stood by me through everything but I hate that I've grown to associate sex with searing's hard for me to stay in the moment and not be considering everything that could go wrong. My therapist form back home suggested that I seek disability benefits (I also have a history of severe environmental and seasonal allergies which in turn causes ear nose and throat allergist seemed shocked when I said I had a job and was trying to make my way back to school.) But I'm afraid that because I don't "look sick", my claim will be denied.

The only other thing I can think to do is throw myself at the feet of another expensive specialist at Johns Hopkins. If there's anything, ANYTHING at all that you ladies can think of that I haven't tried, I will do it. Thank you for reading. <3

6 years agojbdigriz posted on TwoXChromosomes.
Oct. 31, 2013

I totally sympathize! With my latest ex, I started getting yeast infections almost every time we had sex. It was horrible! He'd had a male yeast infection before we met, so I think maybe he was carrying some strain that threw my internal balance into chaos.

I tried all sorts of remedies, but the only thing that touched it was boric acid. There are some good instructions on this website. This is one of those old folk remedies that actually works quite well, and it not dangerous as long as you don't use it on broken skin or during your period. As the article says, DO NOT TAKE BY MOUTH. It is to be used as a suppository only!!!

I bought this powder and some 00 capsules. Insert a capsule right before bed so you're laying flat and everything tends to stay inside. Wear a light pad, because there may be some extra clear fluid in the morning. Not much, just your vagina's mucus membranes responding what's going on, and the melted capsule remains may also come out, though sometimes those seem to absorb or melt into everything else.

Best of luck, and I genuinely hope you find a solution soon.