F Type 75 Ohm Terminator - 10 Pack

Last Updated On Thursday April 16th, 2020
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F Type 75 Ohm Terminator - 10 Pack

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

New House - Coax Management [R]

9 months agoLetTheJamesBegin posted submission on techsupport.
July 19, 2019

Hi all! I just moved in to a new home which has a built in 8-way cable splitter that only uses five outputs. The other three are blocked and I want to use one for my modem. These three barrel connections are attached and spin when I try to take them off. How can I remove them? Thanks!


9 months agoLetTheJamesBegin posted comment on techsupport.
July 19, 2019

I believe those are CATV locking terminators. Normally installed by satellite TV technicians, proper removal requires a special tool. Or you can destroy it with some strong wire cutters or vice-grips until you can get enough of a grip to unscrew the mangled scrap. Be aware that for signal quality, you should leave terminators on unused ports, but they don't need to be security terminators. You can use these as replacements, available at your local hardware store: https://www.amazon.com/Type-75-Ohm-Terminator-Pack/dp/B000AAN76Y

SiliconDust wants $1600 for their rackmounted HDHomeRun Tuner - so I made a DIY Tutorial [R]

1 year, 7 months agoSergeantHindsight posted submission on homelab.
Sept. 12, 2018
1 year, 7 months agoSergeantHindsight posted comment on homelab.
Sept. 12, 2018

He's right and you can get a pack for 6 bucks on amazon.


Video Conferencing Lags so Much, That I got Fired From Remote Job [R]

1 year, 7 months agosabotage posted submission on chartercable.
Sept. 5, 2018

I have Spectrum cable internet. I work 100% remotely and the team uses Skype, and a few other video conferencing apps. ALL of them lag horrendously - there are intermittent periods throughout the call where I can't hear the team, and they can't hear me (for periods of 5 seconds or more). Spectrum came to my house and did all this shit to fix it (I don't remember exactly what, but they DID swap out my personal modem for theirs) and they SAID it was fixed, but it wasn't. It kept happening, so I was, understandably, fired from my job. This was 2 months ago.

I'm starting a new remote job in 2 weeks and I NEED to get this fixed before I start. I called Spectrum today, and the guy on the other end of the call told me there were errors found on my connection (upload speed showed errors, and download speed was slow). This is what he emailed me "download was between -0.9 to 1 dBmv and upload was 52.8 dBmv". I have no idea what this means. They're sending out a technician tomorrow, but I'm doubtful they're fix it (because they didn't before).

I did a speedtest at "www.dslreports.com/speedtest" and it started out fast, but quickly ran out of steam. The report was: 25.4 Mb/s download, 12.18 Mb/s (I am paying for 100 Mb/s download speed).. I also did a test at "www.speedtest.net", and the report was: 101.69 Mb/s download, 10.59 Mb/s. Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this "video conferencing lag problem" or what exactly I can tell the technician that may help him fix it?

1 year, 7 months agosabotage posted comment on chartercable.
Sept. 5, 2018

Just would like to add, having recently dealt with a similar issue, I found the terminating box outside the apartment, found the one marked for my unit, and disconnected all but a single coax to the room where I wanted my modem connected. I then ordered these. Doing some reading, without terminating you’ll end up with ingress, essentially noise in. F Type 75 Ohm Terminator - 10 Pack https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000AAN76Y/ref=cmswrcpapi_QajKBb6PDXMBF

Weird, because I'm pretty sure I'm paying for 150 Mbps [R]

2 years, 10 months agocommiecat posted submission on GNV.
June 20, 2017
2 years, 10 months agocommiecat posted on GNV.
June 20, 2017

Mine is solid. Just now with my daughter streaming Disney in another room, and here are the past few days. I reconfigured my network a few days ago so I've been testing periodically.

DOCSIS 3 modem (Cisco DPC3010) with Ethernet all to my PC. We cancelled cable about a year ago so I have a straight coax run to my modem.

Contact Cox. They're obligated to get you 80% of your advertised bandwidth. Anything up to the demarcation point is on them to fix but if it's after that (i.e. in your house/apt) then they'll charge you. If you know of any cable splitters before your modem then eliminate them if possible. Put terminators on any empty connections on jacks and splitters as well.

My coxial cable that connects to my TV in my room doesn't work. How do I remove it safely and end the signal going through it ? [R]

2 years, 10 months agoWIbigdog posted submission on techsupport.
June 1, 2017
2 years, 10 months agoWIbigdog posted on techsupport.
June 1, 2017

Is it an actual jack on the wall or just one of those cords that comes up through the floor?

In either scenario you'll want to use something like this. https://www.amazon.com/Type-75-Ohm-Terminator-Pack/dp/B000AAN76Y that screws onto an unused coax to stop leaks in and out from the cable.

Is it supposed to be that clear? [R]

3 years, 1 month agoi_lost_my_server posted submission on talesfromtechsupport.
Feb. 22, 2017

I just recently found this sub so I spent the better part of my commute today catching up. I wanted to share a story of when I was a cable guy. While not tech support, I regularly helped customers with their various issues.

This was back around 2012 or so. I was working as a contractor for one of the larger cable companies in the area (the company I worked for was tiny in comparison, and on the other side of the state). I was scheduled for an upgrade to add VoIP telephone service to their existing cable package which included basic cable and internet. I arrive at their house and the fun begins immediately.

They greet me with a great deal of enthusiasm and were some of the nicest people I have ever met. I had long hair at the time and they kept exclaiming how much they thought I looked like Jesus. I got that a lot in that area with that hairstyle. They let me in, show me their current set up, and leave me be.

I first go outside and disconnect their previous telephone service. We always did this before working on any wiring in the house to avoid shock from the charged land lines. This is where I notice the first oddity. The telephone line bunch leading to the box attached to the house was barely hanging on. It looked like a mix of weather damage and rodent buffet. I give the line the daintiest of tugs and snap! The bunch breaks from the box. OK, I thought, Not sure how they were getting any reliable service before but maybe it isn't as bad as I'm figuring. I splice all the lines leading in to the house and push the excess back up in the box for weather protection. I then go back inside.

Once inside, the wife asks me if I can do anything about their television service. I immediately think this was going to turn in to a three hour trouble call but I didn't want to leave them with a bad experience so I said I would certainly take a look. I turn the television on and start flipping through the channels.

$ME: Wow. That's a lot of static. You have basic right?

$WIFE: Yeah, only two come in clear but the rest are pretty fuzzy.

$ME: Do you ever notice internet issues?

$HUSBAND: Occasionally, but every time we call up they say it's just a service issue and that service will be back up soon. Sure enough, everything starts working pretty soon after we get off the phone.

I start to suspect that their polite demeanor is being taken advantage of by a notoriously lazy cable provider.

$ME: Would you happen to know the location of network or cable panel? Should just look like a metal plate in a bedroom or closet.

$WIFE: I think there's one in the master bedroom.

I walk in to the large closet in the master bedroom and find the panel. I remove the metal cover and locate the culprit. Inside the panel was an eight way splitter with only three ports in use and the rest open and not terminated. I hook my meter up to a port and the dB signal was in the negatives. I was floored! Service can operate at negative dB but it's not optimal for TV and less so for internet (I'm a little fuzzy on proper levels these days so be gentle). I wanted to see what the signal was coming in to the house but none of the cables were labeled. I asked the customers to shut off the T.V. temporarily and started testing them one by one starting with the line in to the splitter. Nothing. Hmmmm.... I tried another. Nothing again. I tried the last line and voila! Signal, and a strong one at that. 15 or 16 dB if I remember correctly. I walked to the room with the modem and placed a line tone on it. I replaced the 8 way with a 3 way and gave the modem the 3.5 dB loss port. I also redid the ends of the RG59 coax cables with compression connectors rather than the crappy crimp connectors that were currently installed. After it was all wired up I had them turn the T.V. back on.

$WIFE: Oh my! Look how clear everything is! This is amazing!

$HUSBAND: What are these extra channels? Are we going to get charged extra?

$ME: Those are part of the basic package. You two have been missing out on a roughly 12 extra local channels.

$HUSBAND: Oh wow!

Turns out, they had cable for years and thought that's as good as it's going to get without buying the upgraded packages. I show them the splitter.

$ME: Did the previous tech ever go to that panel I was just in?

$HUSBAND: Not that we can remember. I think he just hooked everything up and left.

I'm not surprised at all. I went to so many different trouble calls in that area that was just previous tech neglect. I was beginning to suspect contractor abuse by scheduling long jobs for contractors where they aren't paid by the hour but rather by the entire job. I brought it up to my company many times but they were afraid to lose the contract in that area. Oh well.

$ME: Awesome. I just need to finish up the the phone installation and I'll be all wrapped up.

I head to the office and replace the standard modem with a VoIP modem and provision it. I plug it in to the phone outlet and try another outlet with handset.

$ME: OK, give the phone a try.

$WIFE: Is it supposed to be that clear?

$ME: What?

The husband grabs another phone.

$HUSBAND: Incredible!

Turns out, the mess of wiring on the outside of the house had been like that for long time, the splitter too. The house was originally a model home for the neighborhood. When they were first set up with phone and cable, neither company checked the quality of the cable or phone lines within the house. Things barely worked but they worked.

He immediately dials some nearby family members and begins to have a very excited conversation with them. He ends it with "Come over! Jesus is installing our cable!" I thought in my head "I'm not Jesus and all I did was upgrade your service", but I was flattered nonetheless. I finished up the job just as the rest of the family shows up to thank me for helping out.

Before I left I called up customer service for the customers and explained the situation and how terrible their service had been for so many years. They didn't get much but I think it was something like 30 dollars off their bill every month for the next year. They were ecstatic about that too.

Sorry for the wall of text. I just wanted to share my story. Thanks for reading.

Edit: Wow! This sub is awesome! Thanks for the kind words everyone. These were the dream customers as they were polite, honest, and just plain friendly. I ended up leaving that contract company due to the contractor neglect but I occasionally still do custom home wiring jobs for friends and family. I still really enjoy the work.

Edit*: Thanks for double Gold! First time ever. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone that chatted along. It was a great discussion.

3 years, 1 month agoi_lost_my_server posted on talesfromtechsupport.
Feb. 22, 2017

Having problems, looking for some help and advice. [R]

3 years, 1 month agoPlayNiceKids posted submission on HomeNetworking.
Feb. 16, 2017

Hey guys, first time poster, having some issues in the home that are a little over my head.

I have Charter Spectrum 65/5 with a SURFboard SBG6580, 1800sqft home. The house has a lot of devices. Currently 16 DHCP clients listed. We had family visiting over the Super Bowl and purchased a new 4k Samsung that is on Wi-Fi and our internet hasn't been the same since. Devices will connect to wifi, then randomly get booted unable to connect again unless the box is unplugged and then turned on again.

There are a couple computers and game consoles using the 4 ethernet ports. Various phones, handhelds, echo, firetv, a couple extra smart tvs, smart watches, and wireless consoles in the house as well. There are usually at least two devices streaming netflix simultaneously, and possibly extras using Youtube/Twitch/Gaming. I have not had any issues with internet speeds (that I know of) only the booting from the WiFi.

At this point, with so many devices, I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do? Should I be purchasing a router and using the SURF as a modem? What router would I purchase that works with Charter and can handle all of our devices?

$300 or under would be a great working budget, but at this point I'm wondering if we need to treat the house like a commercial property and might need to invest a little more into the networking equipment. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

3 years, 1 month agoPlayNiceKids posted on HomeNetworking.
Feb. 16, 2017

I like the Surfboard modem only models that Moto/Arris make. I've personally had good luck with those. That said, pretty much any DOCSIS 3.0 or higher modem should work without too much of an issue.

I typically recommend the Moto/Arris 6141 for people getting their own modem.

It's also worth bearing in mind that service issues might not stem from the modem only. There could be noise ingress on the line or some other signal issue to and from the modem.

If you have coax outlets that aren't in use I recommend buying signal terminators for them and capping any open outlet on any splitters as well.

Help with home WiFi speeds (SBG6580) [R]

3 years, 4 months agoNov. 19, 2016

My family pays for the Cox premier package (150 Mbps) and we currently use the SBG6580. Currently, we are only getting 10 Mbps max download. I know that all in one solutions are not very good, but am I incorrect in assuming that even with the SBG6580, we shouldn't be getting this low of speeds? Even 50 Mbps would be fine for now, even though that is only 1/3 of what we pay for. Ethernet really isn't an option because I do not have a cable outlet in my room, but I am only 10-15 feet away from the modem/router but there are 2 walls in between. I was thinking about just getting an Archer c5 and a SB6141, but is there anything I can do to improve my speeds before being forced to upgrade?

3 years, 4 months agoTheEthyr posted on HomeNetworking.
Nov. 19, 2016

Do get 150 Mbps when plugged in with Ethernet? If not, then your cable feed could have a poor signal. Eliminate as many splitters as possible between the feed coming into the house leading to your SBG6580. Any unused connections really should be terminated with 75 Ohm terminators, like these.

If you are getting 150 Mbps via Ethernet, then what kind of Wi-Fi speeds do you get in the same room? Note, the SBG6580 is a N600 class router. Chances are that you will only get 75-ish Mbps at 2.4 GHz. You may get up to 150 Mbps at 5 GHz.

Tons of packet loss with Cox [R]

3 years, 10 months agocommiecat posted submission on GNV.
June 20, 2016

So I don't know what to do. I've called Cox about having Internet issues several times, and they insist it's my equipment, which I know to be wrong. I try telling them that I run a tracert and I'm getting packet loss all over the place, but the packets leave my house so therefore can't be an issue on my end. They always end up "resetting my connection" whatever that means, but whatever they do it actually helps for like 2 or 3 days and then I start getting heavy packet loss again. They say there's nothing they can do except send a technician out to inspect my equipment. I think the reason they are saying this is because I own my cable modem and router.

I work in IT and I know how to troubleshoot, but they always refuse to escalate my issue to a technician that actually knows anything. I have to go through their stupid procedure of power cycling my modem and everything, as if I hadn't done that a few times already.

I just need to know how to make Cox at least acknowledge this problem.

Here's the statistics from about a minute of running ping -t www.google.com

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 107, Received = 65, Lost = 42 (39% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 39ms, Maximum = 65ms, Average = 49ms

And here is a result of a tracert to www.google.com

Tracing route to www.google.com []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  router.asus.com [] 
  2    21 ms     *        7 ms 
  3    11 ms     7 ms     *     ip68-105-160-162.ga.at.cox.net [] 
  4     *       29 ms    21 ms  maribprj01-ae1.0.rd.at.cox.net [] 
  5    40 ms    21 ms    21 ms 
  6    33 ms     *       20 ms 
  7    63 ms    27 ms    27 ms 
  8    40 ms    61 ms    39 ms 
  9    56 ms     *       41 ms 
 10    41 ms    39 ms     * 
 11     *       53 ms     *     dfw25s07-in-f4.1e100.net [] 
 12    41 ms    41 ms    40 ms  dfw25s07-in-f4.1e100.net [] 

Trace complete.

If you know what you're looking at, you'll see the packet loss all over the place. The route my traffic is taking to the battle.net servers is even worse.

Tracing route to battle.net []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

  1    <1 ms    <1 ms    <1 ms  router.asus.com [] 
  2     *       24 ms     7 ms 
  3     *        7 ms     8 ms  ip68-105-160-162.ga.at.cox.net [] 
  4    41 ms    37 ms     *     ashbbprj01-ae3.0.rd.as.cox.net [] 
  5    43 ms     *       35 ms 
  6    85 ms     *       86 ms 
  7     *       99 ms     * 
  8    86 ms    84 ms    86 ms 
  9     *       86 ms    85 ms 
 10     *       87 ms    94 ms 
 11     *        *        *     Request timed out.
 12    92 ms     *        * 
 13    96 ms     *      109 ms 

Trace complete.
3 years, 9 months agocommiecat posted on GNV.
June 21, 2016

Splitters will all degrade signal. Having an open end on a splitter can cause issues so it does make sense that you'd see an improvement after connecting your mini box. If there are any more open outlets you should use terminator caps on them. Depending on the signal you might not notice a difference but they're cheap and will make an improvement, even if subtle.

9 TVs, one antenna? [R]

4 years, 3 months agoLongUsername posted submission on cordcutters.
Jan. 18, 2016

I have 9 tv’s on 3 floors in my home. They're currently all hooked to one point with splitters for Comcast. Could I buy one antenna and hook to all the TVs? Is there a way to make it work?

4 years, 3 months agoLongUsername posted on cordcutters.
Jan. 18, 2016

It all depends on how strong your signal is. Each time you split it, you lose power (some lost in the splitter, some goes one way, some goes the other).

They are all home-runs to a single 9-way splitter?

You'll likely need to get an amplifier as the signal from an antenna is usually weaker than than from a cable feed. I can't seem to find 10-way splitters (which makes sense... it's splitting it in half each time 2-4-8) Here's an 8-way that looks reasonable. Here's a slightly more expensive one with a higher gain and a metal case. You could probably use a passive 2-way splitter before this to get your 9th port successfully. Make sure if you have any unused ports that you slap a terminator on the end of it.

If you can mount the antenna on the exterior of the house it will give you much better reception than in an attic. I was able to reuse an old Dish Network mount on my house, but that will all depend on where you have clean line-of-sight to the tower. Higher mounts and bigger antennas equal more signal. If you're marginal you may also be able to use a preamp to help pull the channels in.

Strange doppler noice in my heatsmaps. Suggestions/ideas ? [R]

5 years, 1 month agokillmore231 posted submission on RTLSDR.
Feb. 23, 2015
5 years, 1 month agokillmore231 posted on RTLSDR.
Feb. 23, 2015

Besides combining resistors you probably wont find them. If you do happen to have some resistors lying around you can use this site to calculate how to get to 75 ohms. Otherwise they sell these at places like Radioshack.

Use DirecTV DECA adapters for easy 100Mbps networking using your existing cable lines. [R]

5 years, 2 months agoDhorlo posted submission on cordcutters.
Feb. 10, 2015

I stole this idea from another forum, but it worked great. DECA is DTV's version of MOCA, which allows you to convert your existing RG6 cable runs into ethernet connections. MOCA adapters are pretty pricey, but you can get a DECA with the power connector for about $12 on ebay or amazon. Unfortunately, I think this will interfere with your CATV if you are running that. I wasn't, since I cut the cord.

All you have to do is put an adapter near your router and then another adapter in another room where you want ethernet. It sure beats wall fishing. It solved my problems with WMC and my Xbox 360 extender. I tried powerline adapters and wireless N. This blew them both out of the water.

5 years, 2 months agoDhorlo posted on cordcutters.
Feb. 10, 2015

Good to know. It is plugged in to a surge protector. I'll give this a try. Thanks!

edit: Update

So like I mentioned in another post here, I swapped out my 2-way splitter with a 4-way splitter and connected the other 2 cable runs in my house. The other two did not have DECAs yet because I don't need them, but I thought it better to get and hook up the 4-way now in case they become hard to find later when I do need it.

The 4-way splitter I got came with 3 little coax cable terminators. Since the 2 runs without DECAs were open ended, I used 2 of the terminators to cap them.

So far no C.Link issues. It may be that's all it needed. I'll update again if the issue comes back.