Energizer 2032 Batteries 3V Lithium, (4 Battery Count) Replaces BR2032, DL2032, ECR2032 - Packaging May Vary

Last Updated On Tuesday December 3rd, 2019
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Energizer 2032 Batteries 3V Lithium, (4 Battery Count) Replaces BR2032, DL2032, ECR2032 - Packaging May Vary

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IllumiScarf LED Constellation Scarf | Shenova [R]

0 minutes agoDec. 3, 2019

"Cozy up with Space" with this high tech, high visibility, high comfort LED scarf!

Inside the scarf are bright strings of LEDs to give a dazzling night sky effect.

This super soft double layered long 72" fleece scarf is sure to bring you seasonal joy, while providing warmth and safety while walking at night.

 As seen on The Weather Channel.

Amazing "Wearable Tech" conversation starter for dinner parties!

Is it worth drilling a g pro/203/102? [R]

1 year, 4 months agoUserNameeCheckssOutt posted submission on MouseReview.
July 17, 2018

Seeing people drill their mouse makes me wanna try it but I really don’t wanna go through to process if it doesn’t even change weight by much. People drilling their g305 say it doesn’t change by much but it also uses thinner plastic. I use a claw/fingertip hybrid so I won’t feel the holes. I just put hyperglides on it so I don’t know if it is worth the effort of trying to remove them with heat to try and not damage them. Has anyone done it? How much weight did you remove?

1 year, 4 months agoUserNameeCheckssOutt posted comment on MouseReview.
July 18, 2018

Fucking peasant. I bought a wireless mouse, took out the internals, and then taped them to a rubber glove along with using one of [these] (https://www.amazon.com/Energizer-Electronic-Specialty-Battery-2032BP4/dp/B00D8P5T0U/ref=sr114ait?ie=UTF8&qid=1531966340&sr=8-14&keywords=battery) batteries converted to AAA batteries. I proceeded to cut the piece of plastic the internals sat on out and reattach it, attach some hyperglides, plug in the dongle and watch as I created the worlds first sub 30-gram mouse. ^(On a more serious note can someone do something like this?)

Is there a way to get Windows to auto set my clock on the computer after a power outage? [R]

1 year, 4 months agoPotatoBatteryBomb posted submission on windows.
July 14, 2018

every time there is a power outage my Windows clock doesnt set and i have to do it Manually is there a way to set it up for auto set up so it sets the clock back itself

1 year, 4 months agoPotatoBatteryBomb posted comment on windows.
July 15, 2018

Power outage shouldn't affect the clock. The clock is controlled by the CMOS battery. Does the clock also change when you power off the machine normally?

You may just need to change the battery, it's one of these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D8P5T0U/ref=cmswrcpapa_6C-sBbNZ8F58T

[Contest] FLASH CONTEST! Add-on items! Go go go! [R]

1 year, 8 months agoGrlwithDragonShihTzu posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
April 2, 2018


I have some room for some add ons!! This has to be done quick cause I got stuff to do folks! Pick a number between one and ten and write out the word you would like to guess. Anyone who guesses correctly in the next twenty minutes will be raffled for an add-on.

Please also tell me which item you would like to get and if you link it I may even get you something if you don't win!


1 year, 8 months agoGrlwithDragonShihTzu posted comment on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
April 2, 2018

Five 😎

ProTip: 2032 batteries also fit in the remote fob [R]

1 year, 8 months agotorokunai posted submission on leaf.
March 19, 2018

After 2 years the first fob started running down, spare lasted another 6 months.

Manual says 2025 but the 2032 batteries also fit and have more energy.

1 year, 8 months agotorokunai posted comment on leaf.
March 19, 2018

$1 apiece at amazon . . .


Just got the Pokémon go plus! [R]

1 year, 9 months agoAdr123 posted submission on pokemongo.
March 2, 2018

I just got the Pokémon go plus! I have to say I enjoy it really well it’s better than having to look at my phone screen all of the time. However, for future references how would I get a new battery for the device when the battery inside goes out completely? Where can I find one?

1 year, 9 months agoAdr123 posted comment on pokemongo.
March 2, 2018

Yes, they are on amazon here HERE, just don't buy the crappy generic ones.

Daily Simple Questions Thread - Oct 22, 2017 [R]

2 years, 1 month agoLuminaria19 posted submission on pcmasterrace.
Oct. 22, 2017

Got a simple question? Get a simple answer!

This thread is for all of the small and simple questions that you might have about computing that probably wouldn't work all too well as a standalone post. Software issues, build questions, game recommendations, post them here!

For the sake of helping others, please don't downvote questions! To help facilitate this, comments are sorted randomly for this post, so anyone's question can be seen and answered. That said, if you want to use a different sort, sort options are directly above the comment box.

Want to see more Simple Question threads? Here's all of them for your browsing pleasure!

2 years, 1 month agoLuminaria19 posted comment on pcmasterrace.
Oct. 22, 2017


You can find these in just about any store too, fyi.

Where to buy go plus? [R]

2 years, 1 month agoOct. 5, 2017


2 years, 1 month agojpegstohelenkeller posted comment on TheSilphRoad.
Oct. 5, 2017

This is the pack I got. Haven't used em yet so I can't really tell ya how good they are.

[BUG] Pokemon+ not locating Pokemon nearby [R]

2 years, 6 months agoklowncar posted submission on pokemongo.
May 26, 2017

My Pokemon + has been connected and was working fine this morning but once 12 o clock came around the corner it hasnt been locating Pokemon to catch. I reset my phone and it caught one catarpie then it started not locating Pokemon again. I am using an Android G6 phone.

2 years, 6 months agoklowncar posted on pokemongo.
May 26, 2017

You may need to replace the battery if you've had it for a little while. I was noticing the same problem on mine where it wouldn't register pokemon or would only register after a very significant delay. It went back to functioning normally after I popped in a fresh CR2032 battery.

The ones I bought are $2.82 for a pack of 4 on Amazon

IKEA's CR2032 battery reliability [R]

2 years, 9 months agodjexit posted submission on GoPlus.
Feb. 22, 2017

Has anyone used IKEA's PLATTBOJ Lithium battery CR2032 with their Pokemon Go Plus device ? Is it reliable and long lasting ?


2 years, 9 months agodjexit posted on GoPlus.
Feb. 24, 2017

Read the reviews on the 2tone packaging and youll see people complaining of dead batteries, i bought a new one lasted about 3 months using it every day

NEW with full color packaging:


OLD with 2 color packaging:


How to disable alarm when unlocking with key? [R]

3 years, 5 months agoParadox1989 posted submission on FordFocus.
June 9, 2016

I have a 2010 focus. My battery in my remote unlock thing just died. I have no problem going old school and using my key, but every time I do it starts making a clicking noise and says the alarm will sound soon if i don't start the car. Is there any way to shut that off?

3 years, 5 months agoParadox1989 posted on FordFocus.
June 9, 2016

> My battery in my remote unlock thing just died. and says the alarm will sound soon if i don't start the car

> Is there any way to shut that off?

Yeah, replace the battery in the remote with a new one..They can be bought just about anywhere and it's not like they are expensive. Should be a plain old 3v 2032 battery

Lost 2 Drones in 2 Days - I am a twat [R]

3 years, 7 months ago_Omegaperfecta_ posted submission on Multicopter.
April 12, 2016

Was flying my Cheerson CX20 through some recently cut tracks in a forest of 30-40ft pine trees via FPV. Only about 30m away (and only 10m into the trees), but the video signal starts to break up, so i go to land from about 2m up. Signal completely breaks up before I laid, but I walk round the corner of the track expecting to see it there and it's gone. Searched all around with 2 friends who were with me at the time and couldn't find it. (No-one else was in the area to have nicked it).

Next day decide to use my Nighthawk 280 to just take a look above the trees to see if its caught up high (even though I'd probably be able to see it from the ground as the trees are spaced out and in neatrows). Take off, go over the tree line and video just cuts out instantly. I'm still line of sight with the quad from 20m away but I was using an old video aerial I hadn't used before (as my usual one was on the Cheerson). By the time i'd taken my goggles off it'd gone quite high and about 250m-350m away (difficult to judge due to the tree line being in the way). Try to bring it back by wind and distance mean i couldn't tell the orientation. Try to hold it in position, but me and my 2 friends lose sight of it eventually as we try and move towards it. Another 4 days searching and come back with nothing.

So, here I sit a week later over £500 down and no drones to my name.

Morals of this story: Don't be a twat and compound a problem. I knew sending the Nighthawk up with an untested video aerial wasn't a great idea, but really wanted a quick way of checking the top of the trees. Also, I should really have written my phone number on both of them and hadn't (i'd had a flyaway with teh cheerson last year which was recovered, so i should know better). Also, 2 weeks ago I accidently turned off my radio before the nighthawk and the Nighthawk took off, i never fixed that problem so it could have lost signal and carried on flying forever. Massive idiot. Learn from my costly mistakes please.

3 years, 7 months ago_Omegaperfecta_ posted on Multicopter.
April 12, 2016

It tells you by not working.

The lugs and the unit both take th little cell batteries like this.

Those things last a good while and are only 1.5 volts. You could pop open the lug and connect up external power, but really, there is no real point.

Just run a test before you go out and fly.

Is it possible to identify a GBA game by the circuit board? I want to know what game I might have! [R]

3 years, 10 months agogoriya posted submission on nintendo.
Feb. 4, 2016


3 years, 10 months agogoriya posted on nintendo.
Feb. 4, 2016

If it wasn't already clear from what /u/mholger said, that disc is a battery. Specifically, a CR2032 which was used in games like Pokemon.

Amazon.com: Energizer Watch/Electronic/Specialty Battery, 2032, 3V, 4/Pack (2032BP4): Health & Personal Care [R]

3 years, 10 months agoJan. 25, 2016

Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Don't see what you're looking for?

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Please try your search again later.

Glock launches G19 MOS and G17 MOS; who will be the first to CCW it? [R]

3 years, 10 months agosouthernbenz posted submission on CCW.
Jan. 20, 2016
3 years, 10 months agosouthernbenz posted on CCW.
Jan. 21, 2016

And that's a very valid concern, but the battery life lasts a few years when left on on the middle setting.

> ######What is the Adjustable LED RMR battery life?

> The RM06 and RM07 battery should last four years of continual use at brightness setting #4. When left on at the brightest setting (brightness setting #8), the battery should last around 25 days.

> --Trijicon FAQ

And the batteries are under $2.00/ea, so it's not a huge deal.