Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV Antenna, 70+ Mile Range, UHF, Multi-Directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor, Mast W/Pivoting Base/Hardware/Adjustable Clamp/Sealing Pads, 4K Ready, Black – C4-CJM

Last Updated On Monday November 23rd, 2020
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Antennas Direct

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Antennas Direct Clearstream 4 TV Antenna, 70+ Mile Range, UHF, Multi-Directional, Indoor, Attic, Outdoor, Mast W/Pivoting Base/Hardware/Adjustable Clamp/Sealing Pads, 4K Ready, Black – C4-CJM

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Antenna suggestions [R]

6 months, 1 week agoNebakanezzer posted submission on cordcutters.
May 16, 2020

so I've read through the wikis, but I am still a bit lost as to what antenna and box I should be getting. I don't want to mount something to my roof that I may need to move... or replace.

TVFool for my home:

I have plex with plex pass, so I'd like to use something compatible there. I was thinking homerun connect quatro:

6 months, 1 week agoNebakanezzer posted comment on cordcutters.
May 16, 2020

I was thinking of this

but now that you mention it, it does look like it lacks VHF, so I'd likely need a retro kit:

One of my neighbors just recently put this up. What is it for? [R]

1 year agobukithd posted submission on whatisthisthing.
Nov. 7, 2019

Poor reception with first antenna, what next? [R]

2 years, 1 month agoLINTLICKERS posted submission on cordcutters.
Oct. 4, 2018

Hi all, new cordcutter here! Moving from Comcast and WMC/cablecards to DTVN (for now). The lack of local channels is making me keep the old HTPC alive with Hauppauge/Plex DVR/OTA.

This is my TVfool report and I started with a cheap 1byone amplified flat antenna. I'm not satisfied but I don't know which antenna to pick next.

Ideally, I'd like to receive all of the locals down to FOX. I'm having a hard time getting the green stations to come in without pixelating or stuttering. (I've noticed my TV built-in tuner is more tolerant of lower signal than the Hauppauge quadHD card.) I'm still trying to learn the new tools to see signal levels and diagnostic data.

Do I go with a different flat antenna? It's really hard to tell the difference between them due to all the marketing fluff. The 1byone box says it gets 28dB gain but I guess that's not enough? Are the recommended ones in the sidebar any better (they seems to do the same thing around the same price point)?

I'd be okay with an attic mount too, assuming it solved the problems. Would it be that much better for me than a living room antenna?

Re: FOX WCCU-DT... I see that it's a 2Edge path but I'm not sure what kind of UHF antenna I need to address that. As long as I'm buying something else, I might as well set my goals on getting that station too.

Thanks in advance,

2 years, 1 month agoLINTLICKERS posted comment on cordcutters.
Oct. 4, 2018

thanks i have this one
in attic but don't get channel five

What is the difference between Clearstream 2Max and ClearStream 2V Antennas? witch one is better? [R]

2 years, 9 months agocheapGamer3001 posted submission on cordcutters.
Feb. 9, 2018

Im fairly new, and about to cut the cord. I came across the ClearStream 2V on amazon, but then i found the Clearstream 2Max witch is prity much identical. Not sure witch one is better, or why there are two versions of this.

my tvfool:

2 years, 9 months agocheapGamer3001 posted comment on cordcutters.
Feb. 9, 2018

Installing an antenna for local digital channels [R]

2 years, 10 months agoAbaShoppeR posted submission on techsupport.
Dec. 31, 2017

If I want to split an RG6 (coaxial) signal from an omnidirectional HD antenna to five rooms (in other words five TVs) would I need to be buying a high quality amp/splitter or would I need to be buying a better antenna? Can anyone make some suggestions as to what equipment I should use? Thanks.

Some examples:

PCT MA28PN RF Amplifier Passive Return CATV Amp 8-Ports

BAMF 8-Way Coax Cable Splitter Bi-Directional MoCA 5-2300MHz

More from LAVA

2 years, 10 months agoAbaShoppeR posted comment on techsupport.
Jan. 1, 2018

Thank you for the advice. Can you recommend a splitter or amp/splitter? I'm not familiar with the technical specifications.

Here is what I have planned: The antenna will be in the attic of a four bedroom house. Each bedroom and the living room will have TVs. To avoid going under the crawlspace of the house (and also because the coax down there leads to unfavorable locations in the rooms) we've decided to run the coax right through the ceiling. So, connecting everything will be a piece of cake, but I want to get the signal as strong as possible.

The way I have it envisioned now is: Antenna (attic) > Preamp (attic) > Amp/multi-way splitter (attic) > TVs (bedrooms and living room)

I noticed that the antenna I linked above has a built-in amp. Does this mean I should forgo the preamp/separate amp and only connect the antenna directly to a splitter? I know that you can't get a stronger signal by continually amplifying it because it also amplifies the noise.


I put the address into this and found that all the desirable channels are recommended for a roof mounted antenna (~35 miles away, UHV or Hi-V)

Today I went to Best Buy to look and see what they have to say, they are selling this model.

After doing some more research and looking at the preamp you recommended, I found that Channel Master seems to be a pretty good manufacturer of this kind of equipment. Maybe I'll go with one of their strong outdoor models and skip straight to a roof installation for the best possible results.

Cut the cord months ago, and my Leaf indoor HD antenna had been working great. On Friday we went away for the weekend and when we came back on Sunday all of my channels are gone... (weak or no signal). No matter how I position the antenna I'm still not getting any signal! I'm in Cleveland. ??? [R]

3 years, 2 months agofrotzed posted submission on cordcutters.
Sept. 18, 2017
3 years, 2 months agofrotzed posted on cordcutters.
Sept. 18, 2017

This. I used to have a cheaper antenna like a Leaf (not the exact same brand, but close) and after getting a ClearStream 4 I've never looked back. Put that sucker up in my attic, dialed it in and get GREAT reception.

Recommendations on Indoor Antenna [R]

3 years, 9 months agodjdeforte posted submission on norwalk.
Feb. 12, 2017

I recently just moved to Norwalk, and my current indoor antenna does not pick up any channels other than CBS. Does anybody have any good recommendations for an indoor antenna that is low profile they can get the New York and New Haven channels?

3 years, 9 months agodjdeforte posted on norwalk.
Feb. 13, 2017

I actually live in Norwalk as well, by Brian McMahon high school. I have an older single version of this antenna. it works ok but because it's a single I can only get either New York or Ct news and because NY has it's a much stronger channel.

[I am about to purchase this antenna] (8 Element Bowtie Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna - 70 Mile Range, my father in law has it and it's fantastic but you have to put it outside. The first one does work inside in most locations.

Suggestion for attic antenna please [R]

4 years, 2 months agomnpikey posted submission on cordcutters.
Aug. 31, 2016

Here's my tvfool map:

I inadvertently bought a Mohu leaf before I stumbled over here and I now realize I require both VHF-Hi and UHF. Everything I need is in the exact same direction but it's 35-40 miles away.

Can someone recommend an attic antenna that would likely work for me?


edit: the antenna I bought was advertised as a 50 mile antenna but upon reading the fine print I see it's only rated at 20 miles for VHF-Hi, I get some signal on those channels but it's shitty

4 years, 2 months agomnpikey posted on cordcutters.
Aug. 31, 2016

NBC not working from attic antenna. [R]

4 years, 4 months agojepoole posted submission on ota.
June 30, 2016
4 years, 4 months agojepoole posted on ota.
June 30, 2016

And I am using the ClearStream 4 Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount - 70 Mile Range (

EDIT: I think it is closer to 20- 25 ft above the ground.

Would an powered amplifier help?

Thanks!! :)

Fire hazard, amplifiers, oh my! [R]

4 years, 4 months agojepoole posted submission on cordcutters.
June 30, 2016

Hello r/cordcutters! This is my first post but I've been lurking for a while. In the process of cutting the proverbial cord with Comcast and going AT&T Gigapower + PlayStation Vue + digital antenna. So far Gigapower and Vue are great but having slight issues with the digital antenna...

  1. How much of a fire hazard is the digital antenna in the attic? I keep reading other posts that say it could be a hazard while others say not so much. I don't have a space to mount it to a support beam but I could place it on a table or box in the attic.

  2. I am not always picking up NBC. Returned the 50+ mile antenna and picked up a 70+ mile antenna. NBC broadcast 30ish miles away but everyone in my city has difficulty picking up NBC. Was thinking about moving the antenna outside but I would rather it be in the attic for cosmetic sake. Do you think a powered amplifier would help? I do have power outlet in my attic.

Thank you for the articles, comments and posts to help me get this far!!

4 years, 4 months agojepoole posted on cordcutters.
June 30, 2016

Here is my report:

And I am using the ClearStream 4 Indoor/Outdoor HDTV Antenna with Mount - 70 Mile Range (

And thanks for the information about r/OTA. I will check them out.

EDIT: I think it is closer to 20- 25 ft above the ground.

Roommates love cable bill is 220 a month [R]

4 years, 10 months agoJan. 19, 2016


4 years, 10 months agozeroz52 posted on cordcutters.
Jan. 19, 2016

Hey man, hopefully we can help you out. I don't know everything when it comes to cordcutting, but I'm pretty tech savy and have been without cable now for about 7-8 years. I'm hoping some others chime in here too, as I'm not a huge sports fan, so I can't cover everything there. But catch every Packer game free in uncompressed HD with a ~$150 antenna. $150 may strike you as expensive, and it is, but think about what you pay for all the channels you don't watch via cable. It will pay for itself in a month once you completely cut the cord.
For General TV: The first thing I would encourage you to do, is buy a decent antenna. Don't cancel you cable yet. Everyone's home/surroundings are different and antennas are effected by all kinds of materials in a house/apt. This way as your learning what works and what doesn't, you won't get frustrated and give up completely on cutting the cord if you hit a roadblock. Bascially start small and work your way up would be my general recomendation. This worked for me at least. Now I pay for internet service, Netflix, and Amazon Prime, and couldn't be happier.

Antenna Placement: Generally the higher the better, the bigger the antenna the better, and the clearer the line of sight to the TV Towers the better. ex: Mine is in my attic so the signals travel through my roof, thru some tress across the street..etc. Here is a good site to start: Here is the antenna I have:

I'm not familar with the homerunhd, but just checked it out. Looks like you can stream to different devices from this. If your roomates have a smart tv, you may be able to stream directly to them. At the very least I see Android on there, get a $30 Chromecast, plug it into the roomates TV, and with their tablet or phone you should be able to cast it on the TV.

If you havent bought the homerunhd yet you could check out Plex. Run the Plex server sw on your computer, and the plex clients on virtually any device. Stream right thru your network. The homerun may work similar, if so it should work just as well.

Another Option: If you have an Xbox one, you can get the OTA adapter for it, and play TV right thru it. And Microsoft will be adding DVR support to it at some point.

For the Major Sports fan: For soccer, you don't need cable. I watch mostly soccer as I'm a pretty big fan, so I can help here a little. A great sub reddit: Its not live, but I actually prefer watching something after it's aired as I LOATHE commercials.

For NFL, MLB, NBA..etc... I would start by looking what streaming services are out there and compare what devices they are compatible with. This may be your determining factor for the roommates in room devices.

Hopefully someone else can chime in here for ya, as just don't have the experience with the other sports. What NFL, NHL MLB and such I watch, I get my fill via my antenna as I'm not a die hard sports guy....except soccer.

Sorry if I rambled and if you have questions just ask.

How many subscribers of /r/cordcutters utilize an antenna in their cable free life? [R]

5 years, 1 month agozeroz52 posted submission on cordcutters.
Oct. 3, 2015

Hi /r/cordcutters, I am working on cutting the cord, but I won't be able to totally cut the cord until next year...I live with my family (college student) and they all want cable, so for now I get cable. Next year though it's off to University, and my own apartment, so cable free it is.

Anyway I recently got a nexus player, which will handle my Plex/Netflix/Hulu Plus needs, it has Sling, which I could get if I have too big of a withdrawal I could get that.

I was just curious how many of the people here incorporate an antenna into their setup. What I mean by that is do the majority of people still have an antenna to watch some tv, or are you streaming only? I personally enjoy the Today Show, with some light viewing throughout the day and evening, so having an antenna (especially since it's free) is critical to my cord cutting experience. I look forward to everyone's responses.

5 years, 1 month agozeroz52 posted on cordcutters.
Oct. 5, 2015

I have this antenna in my attic to go along with my Netflix and Prime account.

I've been without Cable TV for about 5 years and have absolutely no regrets.

Antenna recommendation [R]

5 years, 2 months agofirman13 posted submission on cordcutters.
Sept. 22, 2015

Hi Everyone,

I been a cord cutter for about 8 months now. Using Netflix, Hulu, and a Mohu leaf 50 antenna.

I live in Gilbertsville, PA and can get most of the channels from Philadelphia except ABC right now. Can anyone recommend an antenna that would work to get all the channels? I would love to place it in my attic but am open to the roof if need be.

Here is my TV fool report

Thanks Firman

5 years, 2 months agofirman13 posted on cordcutters.
Sept. 22, 2015

> CM5016

One of these would work.. Would these work for the other channels too?

I was looking at this:

with this.

Or just this.....

Do you think the antenna would do well inside my attic and not on my roof?

Reason I am asking about these is because I have more room for a vertical antenna vs a horizontal one in the attic if that makes sense

I want to pick up an HD antenna... [R]

5 years, 2 months agoAug. 25, 2015


5 years, 2 months agozeroz52 posted on cordcutters.
Aug. 26, 2015

My opinion would be to start small/cheap and work your way up to something larger, IF you need it.
I started with this one, bought it from radioshack. I'm about 40miles from my northern stations.

I had it sitting in my window, ground level, and I picked up 30+ channels with solid reception. would work for your green areas, but those 70+mile stations would likely not come in well.

I now have this one installed in my attic and pick up ~60 channels with little to no issues, unamplified.

Both of these units are directional, but I can actually pickup some signals to the west of me as well without rotating anything.

Ideally the higher you can mount it the better, but having it on the roof is not necessarily a requirement for a strong signal.

Request: Need HD antenna recommendations for Atlanta [R]

6 years agothrakkorzog posted submission on Atlanta.
Nov. 8, 2014

I have this antenna:

It's inside and tucked behind the TV. It's not doing great and I'd like a recommendation from someone who has one that works inside the perimeter.

Thanks in advance!

6 years agothrakkorzog posted on Atlanta.
Nov. 9, 2014

I'm in East Point. We've had a Clearstream 4 on the roof since in February. It was on sale at BJ's for $49.

The GPB channels (8.2-8.3) occasionally drop depending on the weather. Apparently, this antenna is for UHF, and channel 8 is VHF. But everything else comes in great.

Edit: Link to the antenna at Amazon

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