C2G 38001 4.5 Inch Flush Wire Cutter, TAA Compliant


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C2G 38001 4.5 Inch Flush Wire Cutter, TAA Compliant

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WiFi/Ethernet suddenly dropped over the course of the day [R]

2 months agobothunter posted submission on techsupport.
June 21, 2019

On the morning of the 19th, we got our wifi upgraded from 75/75 to 200/200. Right after, everyone in the house was getting speeds of 200 plus from their ethernet ports, but the ethernet port in my room has always been kind of garbage, so i was only still getting 100/70, which is fine for most applications. But, through the course of the day, as I turned my pc off and on a couple times, it hit like 10/10 maximum, and the ping stayed low. Now, even on wireless i cannot get higher than 30/30, after restarting router, changing ethernet cables, and restarting my pc.


side note: the ethernet port in my room is bad because we think that the original builder messed up the wiring, and went from the top floor to the basement and then back up to wire to an adjacent room, but all the other ethernet ports in the house get the payed for or better speeds, and im fine with getting my 100/70, but 10/10 is not even enough to play online browser games.

2 months agobothunter posted comment on techsupport.
June 21, 2019

You could try redoing the jacks. While the problem could be somewhere in the wire, it's likely that it was simply not terminated correctly in the jack. However, before you attempt this, I recommend testing with another computer just to rule that out before you go through a process that could potentially make the problem worse.

Go to the hardware store and get the following: (You can get them online, but I find many hardware stores have a much better price than Amazon)

Remove the jack in your room and cut off the jack, saving as much of the cable as you can. (Stop here if the cable inside is already way too short. Inexperienced installers typically cut the cable exactly to length, making this kind of repair impossible)

Cut about 1" of the outer cable insulation off so you can get to the pairs of wire inside. Be very careful not to nick the inside wire as this will cause the slow speeds that you're currently seeing.

Untwist the wires and place each in the appropriately colored slot. The "white" wires go in the White/Color slots that they were twisted with.

Use the punchdown tool(make sure the blade or "cut" side is facing to the outside of the jack) to push the wires into the slots. A good tool will make a satisfying "clunk" when you've applied enough pressure, and the extra wire should fall off on it's own.

Finally, when you're finished, use the continuity tester to make sure every wire is properly connected. Plug one end in the new jack, and then plug the other end into the jack in the wiring closet. The lights should light up in order. Try testing a regular Ethernet cable first to see how it works.

If that doesn't fix your speed, then you'll need to repeat this process in the wiring closet. I'm guessing they used a patch panel, so you won't need the KeyStone jack. I recommend wiring to an unused port if possible.

Newly announced Black Series Grievous [R]

10 months, 2 weeks agoMaXimus421 posted submission on ActionFigures.
Oct. 4, 2018
10 months, 2 weeks agoMaXimus421 posted comment on ActionFigures.
Oct. 4, 2018

Oddly enough, the model kit was actually quite easy. But you definitely wanna invest in some decent side cutters like the other guy said.

I used these

What are your cable management tips, inside and outside your PC? [R]

3 years, 1 month agoFastRedPonyCar posted submission on buildapc.
July 17, 2016

I've found cable management inside my PC fairly easy - velcro straps, using the back panel of the case etc.

But I've also been looking to tidy up external cables, on the desk where I have my PC and in our entertainment unit (TV, PS, BluRau/DVD/Media Player etc). I've been looking for clips like these, ~5cm wide and enough room for both fat & skinnier cables.

Does anyone know where to get the above, or have any better solutions? Enlighten me!

Edit: A summary of some things mentioned:

  • Visit /r/CableManagement
  • Ikea FIXA 114-piece cable management kit
  • Cable mounting tray on underside of desk
  • Cable raceway (amazon)
  • Neoprene cable tubes - multiple brands available (amazon)
  • Bathroom/plastic hooks
  • 3D Printing, using thingiverse for designs of clips etc
  • Using the right length of cable (just a bit longer than needed)
  • Use cases with back panels for cable mangement
  • Industrial velcro to mount power strip under table
3 years, 1 month agoFastRedPonyCar posted on buildapc.
July 18, 2016

Grab something like these


they will make it really easy to remove ties as the little precision tips can get into tight spots and not risk cutting a wire.

Another over-arching wire management tip I would suggest would be to bundle wires separately based on what components they go to.

It's something that usually you should do from the onset of a project and I did this on my last 2 builds where I had separate fan power cables bundled together, sata in another and power in another. This makes it easier to re-do cables if I swap components by only having to undo the bundle that you need to work on vs just undoing them all.

For reference, here's the backside of my Primo and Evolv builds. The Primo build was a good 2 month project just because of all the wire managment, custom sleeving and obviously all the water cooling stuff.



Those little zip tie anchors are also super cheap and work really well.

Lots of sizes and types for either screw in permanent mount or double sided tape.


Cutting off these plastic pins? [R]

3 years, 3 months agoMay 19, 2016


3 years, 3 months agoiNViSiBiLiTi posted on MechanicalKeyboards.
May 19, 2016

Fun shot of my micro in action [R]

3 years, 5 months agorubiksman posted submission on Multicopter.
Feb. 29, 2016
3 years, 5 months agorubiksman posted on Multicopter.
Feb. 29, 2016

Great shot, and nice looking micro, but please get one of these, and use it :P

Customer heard a clunking - "Don't worry guys, I fixed it myself" [R]

5 years, 5 months agoMichaelApproved posted submission on Justrolledintotheshop.
March 11, 2014
5 years, 5 months agoMichaelApproved posted on Justrolledintotheshop.
March 11, 2014

Clipping resistance wire - how do you trim off segments of wire you can't reach with nail clippers? [R]

5 years, 6 months agobman86 posted submission on RBA.
Feb. 17, 2014
5 years, 6 months agobman86 posted on RBA.
Feb. 17, 2014

Looking for a good beginners toolkit [R]

6 years, 4 months agomorto00x posted submission on AskElectronics.
April 8, 2013

I looked around the sidebar and searched through the posts but couldn't find much.

I'm just getting into electronics as a hobby and I need a basic tool kit. I found this one which I would really like but its too expensive for me at this point. Looking for something like it for a better price.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

6 years, 4 months agomorto00x posted on AskElectronics.
April 9, 2013

To begin, you should get these

Item|Price :----|:---- Wire cutter | $ 7.31 Wire stripper | $14.39 [Digital Multimeter] (http://www.amazon.com/Digital-VOLT-Meter-Voltmeter-Multimeter/dp/B005EK3NRS) | $ 9.48 24AWG Solid Wire |$ 2.99 + shipping Bread board|$ 3.77 from seller C-LEDS 500pc Resistor Kit | $10.95 Assorted LEDs |$ 5.98 Twizers | $ 1.74 All these would cost ~$50.

Other things to get later:

-Old computer PSU to get +5V and +12V rails (a used one will be cheap, just be careful since it is plugged to 120Vac)

-645pc capacitor kit ($19.99)

-Set of screwdrivers ($14.04).

-Weller WLC100 soldering iron ($42.74)

-Solder ($7.71)

-Desoldering wick ($5.64)

-Solder sucker pump($5.99)

-Soldering flux pen ($6.95)

-Solderable breadboard ($4.99)

Most stuff I listed are low cost but decent stuff. You can get better stuff based on need.