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Last Updated On Friday November 29th, 2019
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Braun Watch

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

[Recommendations] Good, classy, reasonable watch for a prosecutor/public defender [R]

10 months, 3 weeks agocrikcet37 posted submission on Watches.
Jan. 11, 2019

I just got my first job as a lawyer, I'll be working for the DA's office as a prosecutor, as well as spending time working in the public defender's office (about 75% of my time I'll be prosecuting, 25% defending). I wear a suit to work everyday.

I need a watch. It can't be flashy, look too expensive, or grab attention, but I would like it to look reasonable and professional, and give off the vibe of "this lawyer is serious and focuses on the work". I like the look of the Timex Easy Reader.

I want a date window, I would probably prefer battery or solar, and I would like a leather band (preferably black). What do you suggest?

One other note: I have very small wrists. 40mm is about the largest I can reasonably pull off without looking like some sort of souncloud rapper.

10 months, 3 weeks agocrikcet37 posted comment on Watches.
Jan. 11, 2019

A Braun may be an option for you, clean unfussy look and has the most comfortable strap. Here

Simple Questions - December 12 [R]

2 years, 11 months agoausdertraum posted submission on malefashionadvice.
Dec. 12, 2016

This thread is for simple style questions that don't warrant their own thread (although we strongly suggest checking the sidebar and the wiki before posting!). Fit checks and "How'd I do" questions are a great use of this thread (although they can also go in the daily Outfit Feedback & Fit Check thread). Other example questions:

  • Could someone take the chest measurement for a small J.Crew oxford?
  • Is there a place with full measurements for Naked & Famous jeans?
  • What slim-fitting green cords do you recommend?
  • Where do I find a military surplus peacoat online?
  • If you're asking for suggestions for a specific kind of clothing/accessory, state what your budget is.

Important: Downvotes are strongly discouraged in this thread. Sorting by new is strongly encouraged.

2 years, 11 months agoausdertraum posted on malefashionadvice.
Dec. 13, 2016

I haven't really shopped watches in a while, but last time I ended up getting this Braun to replace my Timex. The look is a bit different though. If you want something closer to the Timex, you might like some models from Seiko or Citizen. Unfortunately everything mentioned is a bit above the Timex price point (~60-110$).

For more options you could try consulting /r/Watches

Watch/Wearable recommendation? [R]

2 years, 11 months agobafflesaurus posted submission on Outlier.
Dec. 10, 2016

I'd like something interesting to put on my wrist. I do NOT want a diver's/aviator's type watch. I'd prefer a bauhaus-style watch. Or anything with an interesting case design (the movement is not the priority).

If you want to recommend a smartwatch/wearable please note that aesthetics is my primary consideration not function. Focus on the fashion (your selected watchface and watchbands/straps) not the features.

Anybody still wear bracelets, beads, livestrong wristbands etc? Which ones and why?

2 years, 11 months agobafflesaurus posted on Outlier.
Dec. 10, 2016

I wear this watch by Braun and changed out the band for a silver one.

[Instrmnt 01] What do you think about this style of watch? [R]

5 years agoSoosed posted submission on Watches.
Nov. 29, 2014

I've been looking for a very specific looking watch and this fits the bill, although it isn't without flaws as it's nearly $150 and i'm not sure I like how they placed the numbers on the watch.

Anyways, i'm here to find out what youse think about this style and the watch overall. I was also wondering if any of you have come across something like this as I have a hard time finding a watch like this for a reasonable price. Any comments or discussion is appreciated!

5 years agoSoosed posted on Watches.
Nov. 29, 2014

It's very similar to Braun watches:

There was another company making minimalist quartz watches, something like "Industry Designs" or something like that, and they didn't look too bad. But they were selling $400 watches with quartz movements, which is kind of ridiculous.

24/M/Manufacturing Engineer [R]

5 years agocampeachy posted submission on EDC.
Nov. 28, 2014
5 years agocampeachy posted on EDC.
Nov. 28, 2014

Cheaper on Amazon at the moment.

[Braun] Spur of the moment purchase! [R]

6 years, 4 months agobballstunt313 posted submission on Watches.
July 14, 2013

Went out for breakfast this morning, and came back with this: Wasn't planning on buying it, but pretty happy I did. Didnt rate the black face and metal bands, the simple calendar with white and leather just kept on standing out.

Loving it so far. :)

6 years, 4 months agobballstunt313 posted on Watches.
July 14, 2013

Looks like it's a Braun BN0032WHBKG. Looks great!

Shopping List - July 3rd [R]

6 years, 4 months agoLeTigreLeTigre posted submission on malefashion.
July 3, 2013

Post what's on your "to acquire" list. This can run the gamut from something you hope to get once your record deal goes through, to something nice you're saving up a few months for, to basic items you're picking up this weekend.

You can also share recently purchased pieces.

Alternatively, post items from ebay/yoox/forum marketplaces that you had to pass on. Maybe it wasn't your size, maybe you don't have the funds right now, either way: someone should buy it.

6 years, 4 months agoLeTigreLeTigre posted on malefashion.
July 3, 2013

thanks. I'm leaning towards them but I'm not sure I'll be able to pick them up before they go out of stock. oh well.

this guy from braun, I think.