Bimeda Inc Chlorhexidine Solution gallon

Last Updated On Monday April 20th, 2020
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Bimeda Inc

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Bimeda Inc Chlorhexidine Solution gallon

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What kind of sanitizer do you use and why? [R]

3 years, 11 months agoshizno posted submission on ballpython.
May 9, 2016

I recently inherited a ball python from a friend and have since ran out of the sanatizer he had given me with her. I can't find anything locally so I'm forced to buy one online, so I'm shopping around to find something. I would like a no rinse one preferably.

Yellow Fungus ? Or Bad shed + wiping butt when pooping [R]

4 years agoredneckrockuhtree posted submission on BeardedDragons.
April 20, 2016
4 years agoredneckrockuhtree posted on BeardedDragons.
April 20, 2016

Things you need:
1) Bleach
2) Chlorhexidine solution - you won't find this locally, or if you do, it'll cost you a lot more
3) Anti-fungal cream with Terbinafine hydrochloride. Check labels; Lamisil AT has it, but their other forms of anti-fungal creme do not. You can likely also find generic. We found the name brand in the larger tubes was the cheapest per unit, but it may vary in your area. You need Terbinafine; don't buy a creme with a different active ingredient.

Edit: If you need Chlorhexidine in a pinch, Hibclens is readily available in most pharmacies and is a Chlorhexidine solution. It's just a different concentration and more expensive, but if you're waiting for a gallon to arrive via mail order, it is a way to get it locally.

Once a week, take your beardie out of his viv and clean it with bleach. Rinse until the smell is gone, then clean it with Chlorhexidine. You'll need to use the same two to clean everything in his viv that he can come in contact with.

Put the anti-fungal creme on your Beardie twice daily. Make sure you get it into all his little nooks and crannies, but keep it away from his eyes/nose/mouth. I wouldn't put it on his head, unless you see indications of YF there. Then small spot treatments on his head.

Twice a week give him a bath in water with Chlorhexidine in it. Scrub him gently with a soft toothbrush when you do so. Make sure he doesn't drink any of this water. Rinse him afterwards, then dry him thoroughly afterwards. Use a towel you can bleach. Give the bath right before one of his twice daily anti-fungal creme treatments.

Weigh him daily using an inexpensive digital postal scale. Weigh at the same time every day, and track the weight.

Be religious about washing your hands thoroughly before/after handling him. Wash everything he comes in contact with thoroughly, preferably using bleach on it.

Yellow Fungus is not easy to get rid of, but if you dig up the literature, there are some reports of vets who've had success with it. Chlorhexidine and Terbinafine are the two key treatments.

He likely will need oral anti-fungals, and will require a vet for a diagnosis and prescription. If there are no reptile vets in your area, give a regular vet a try and ask for a prescription for Itraconazole or Ketaconazole. Any vet should be able to find literature on dosage based on the size/weight of your little guy.

You want to get started on treatment ASAP; don't wait on the vet.

What should you do about a poopy butt beardie? [R]

4 years agoredneckrockuhtree posted submission on BeardedDragons.
April 19, 2016
4 years agoredneckrockuhtree posted on BeardedDragons.
April 20, 2016

Yellow Fungus often starts in that area. You very much need to get him to a reptile vet.

I'd also suggest getting an athlete's foot creme with Terbinafine as the active ingredient. You'll have to read the labels, as we found different types of the same brand use different active ingredients. Terbinafine is the recommended topical treatment for Yellow Fungus.

Apply it twice a day over his entire body, except his head. I'd suggest starting treatment now as YF is pretty aggressive and the sooner you can start treatment, the better.

You're also going to need to start cleaning his vivarium weekly using bleach. Anything he comes in contact with should get bleached -- we bought a set of small white towels specifically for drying Dovah off after baths, as being white they could get bleached without issue.

I'd also suggest buying a gallon of Chlorehexidine and using that to scrub things, as well.

This comes from doing some research when we dealt with Yellow Fungus, as well as the research our vet did. You can also use the Chlorehexidine topically with a soft toothbrush to help clean your Beardie and kill off the fungus. It just has to be rinsed off after, and kept out of his eyes/mouth.

I would really suggest the topical treatment with the antifungals start now, with a reptile vet visit as quickly as possible.

Red-footed tortoise? Please help [R]

5 years agoboa249 posted submission on tortoise.
April 13, 2015
5 years agoboa249 posted on tortoise.
April 14, 2015

To add to this great advice, I would recommend that you get him a setup immediately that can hold 80% humidity. Long-term exposure to humidity will help your tort's skin heal and look healthy, and it will prevent respiratory infections.

Your tort looks to be about 8" straight-carapace length, so he's going to need a pretty big enclosure for long-term living. As you probably noticed in your research, don't use a glass enclosure--torts can be stressed out by seeing through walls they can't walk through.

As for treatment, a vet is definitely a stellar idea. They pyramiding is actually not terrible. It suggests that he hasn't been properly kept, but it doesn't look so bad as to be unhealthy. For his skin, I recommend Nolvasan (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) to all reptile keepers. Dilute it per the instructions, and apply it to his wounds daily. I use a spray bottle I got at the hardware store.

Also, an unfortunate warning...unless you're familiar with your vet's reptile experience, be wary. A disturbing number of vets know little to nothing about reptiles. Do your own research whenever possible. Vets serve an important role to any reptile keeper, just be sure you protect yourself and your pet.

Experiences with Folliculitis: What fixed it?! [R]

5 years, 6 months agoBarkWoof posted submission on dogs.
Oct. 12, 2014

Our four year old lab/pit mix has always had sensitive skin. It's not uncommon for him to end up with a rash just from a regular walk around the neighborhood. It usually lasts a couple of days and then goes away. So when we took him for a long hike and swim back in July, it wasn't terribly surprising for him to end up with red bumps on his belly. They weren't bothering him, but I gave him some Benadryl thinking it would help clear it up. No dice. After about a week, it spread to the rest of his body, his skin got scaly, and he started losing fur. Of course, we went to the vet.

They checked him over for quite a while, did blood work, and a skin scrape. They said (though I don't remember much of the conversation now) that he did not appear to have an issue with mites, and they ruled out an autoimmune issue.

The vet subscribed 10 days of oral antibiotics to treat folliculitis, as well as baths with an antibiotic shampoo. It seemed like it was doing the trick! Unfortunately, a few days after we finished the course of antibiotics, it started coming back. We went back to the vet, they gave us more antibiotics. Worked for a while, then came back. It kept almost fixing it, but not curing it.

When we went to the vet the last time, they gave us more antibiotics and a different shampoo, but they told us not to use them yet. They said to just give it a little bit of time, as his skin really was pretty clear (it was), but if things got bad again, to use them, see what happened, and bring him back if needed.

That brings us to now.

His skin hasn't ever been perfect again, but it's not as bad as it was at first, and it hasn't really flared up really in a while. He's never seemed to be very itchy or in pain, but I know he can't be happy about it. I want this to be over for him.

WELP about 2 weeks ago, I felt a few bumps in the floppy part of his left ear. I cringed, but hoped for the best. A couple of days later, I smelled said ear (our hound gets chronic ear infections so I do a lot of ear checks) and it definitely had an infection going on. I decided to start the back up antibiotics to knock it out, in addition to flushings and cleanings.

We're now at the end of the antibiotics and his ear has not improved. Of course, we will be scheduling another vet visit. I'm not 100% positive that two issues are related even, but it seems that they may be.

I'm not sure exactly what I'm asking for...I'm just kind of frustrated and sad for him. Have any of your dogs had issues with folliculitis? What did it take to clear it ALL the way up?

5 years, 6 months agoBarkWoof posted on dogs.
Oct. 12, 2014

I bought some Chlorhexidine Solution but since summer's gone and my dogs don't swim anymore we haven't needed to use it yet. So I can't vouch for it's efficacy unfortunately, but if you haven't tried something similar, it may be worth it.

Check out the reviews, especially the most top rated one about proper dilution.

My dog's paws are really irritated. [R]

5 years, 8 months agoJuly 28, 2014


5 years, 8 months agoTwo_English_Bulldogs posted on Bulldogs.
July 28, 2014

The first piece of advice I always give people is: Go to the Vet. Seriously. Do it. Just because someone else on the internet says "Oh that looks like XYZ..." doesn't mean it is. After 4 years volunteering/fostering for a Bulldog Rescue and with two of my fosters currently dealing with paw/skin issues, I can tell you there's many things it could be. The two fosters paw issues look similar, but are two different things so they must be treated differently. One has Inter-Digital Cysts and MRSA, and the other has Demodex. Both treated differently. Yours could be an allergy, hotspot, anything really. So go to the Vet and depending on where you live, look for a Vet that specializes in Bulldogs. If you're in the Southern California area, I can recommend two of the best.

Secondly, buy your self this stuff I'm going to link. You can use it for all sorts of things: Paw soaks, wrinkle cleaning, treating/cleaning of wounds, etc. This gallon bottle will last you at least a year, where as the 16oz bottle you'd get from a Vet wouldn't and could cost up to twice the price of the gallon. (My apologies for the link length/formatting, I'm in mobile.)

Sweating a lot IS a medical problem [R]

7 years agotertius posted submission on malefashionadvice.
April 4, 2013

I see so many posts here, especially with summer coming up, that ask about sweat stains and other sweat related problems. Something a lot of people don't know is that for most people this is an easily treatable problem, if you feel insecure about sweat stains there is no reason you shouldn't go to your doctor. Most likely you will get an extremely strong anti-perspirant that you only put on every few days, and for almost everyone IT WORKS.

EDIT: This is related to fashion because people feel limited on the colors of shirts they can wear based on sweat stains, this should not be a problem.

EDIT2: Just read the top comment, they say it with less retard than me.

7 years agotertius posted on malefashionadvice.
April 4, 2013

I think we need to differentiate between sweat (moisture) and aluminium stains. Each of these two problems can be solved.

Sweat stains (moisture):

As is stated below, sweating too much is called Hyperhydrosis. It can be stopped temporarily or semi-permanently. You can use aggressive anti-perspirant to plug your pores, and yes it does burn. But if you stop using it, run out etc. the problem will reappear. Alternatively (and I've done this) you can get surgery to either fuse the pores, plug the pores, remove them or get nerve surgery to stop the pores from reacting to the natural impulse to sweat. The last one does have more risk and I decided to have about 80% of my armpit pores surgically removed. Your doctor will tell you the risks/rewards of each type of treatment. Neither method will stop you from sweating but will greatly reduce the amount of sweat to a more normal amount.

Sweat stains (aluminium/yellowing):

Pure and simple. Stop using anti-perspirant that contains aluminium. That should clear up the yellow stains you see on your undershirts. The downside is that anti-perspirant effectiveness is severely reduced.

This leaves you with a choice:

  • High Aluminium Anti-Perspirant: Less sweat with yellow stains.
  • Surgery with no Aluminium Anti-Perspirant: Less sweat without yellow stains.
  • No Aluminium Anti-Perspirant: Same sweat without yellow stains.

Edit:Strong smell/odor/BO: I didn't cover this as it wasn't the topic at hand. If you have a bad odor from sweat there are two things you have to do:

  • Destroy any clothing that stinks (it's bacterial and will smell when you wear it again). You can try to wash it with strong anti-bacterial solution, but I've failed at this too many times personally.
  • Start washing the affected (stinky) areas with anti-bacterial anything (during your daily shower). I strongly recommend a Chlorhexidine solution. I use the one that you can buy for pets as it's 1/4 the price and the same thing as the one that they use in hospitals to wash their hands.

With this regimen I don't need any freshening sprays or rub-ons to try to mask the smell.