Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest Paperback – September 6, 2001

Last Updated On Tuesday March 31st, 2020
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Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's Nest Paperback – September 6, 2001

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[Book Thread] July [R]

2 years, 8 months agoBoreshot78 posted submission on FCJbookclub.
Aug. 1, 2017

Hey ho, summer is rounding the final stretch, so let's reminisce about the glory days of last month. What did you read? Was it any good? Are you looking for recommendations? Did you get one from someone here in months past? Are you looking forward to a new fall release? Let's talk about it.

2 years, 8 months agoBoreshot78 posted on FCJbookclub.
Aug. 1, 2017

I read a lot of war history. This month I knocked out 3 solid books.

Band of Brothers I really enjoyed this book even though the war is a bit romanticized.

With The Old Breed a very in-depth document of the war in the Pacific from E.B. Sledge, a Marine mortarman.

Dagger 22 this one accounts the second half of a MARSOC deployment to Bala Murghab, Afghanistan. It is the sequel to Level Zero Heroes.

We stand Alone Together, Band of Brothers: (2001) - Documentary "This is the story about Easy company during the second world war. The company on which the HBO tV show 'Band of Brothers' is based on..." [R]

3 years, 3 months agoDec. 28, 2016


3 years, 3 months agoHKjason posted on Documentaries.
Dec. 28, 2016

The book is really good too.

I'd have to say that the HBO mini series is probably one of the best things ever made.

What was the best series that only aired 1 season/series. [R]

3 years, 6 months agomasonzero9 posted submission on television.
Sept. 23, 2016

Added series and season for my American and British co-redditors.

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Jack and Bobby.

Commander in Chief.

Limitless (just discovered and sad).


Freaks and Geeks.

3 years, 6 months agomasonzero9 posted on television.
Sept. 24, 2016

Well, Band of Brothers was based off a book about the men of Easy Company. There is of course The Pacific if you're interested in another Tom Hanks/Steven Spielberg/HBO collaboration.

Alguém interessado em Segunda Guerra pode me sugerir livros? [R]

4 years, 1 month agoFeb. 21, 2016


If you had a friend or Family member who was not into World War 2 history, what would be the one book that you would get the to read to get them interested in the topic? [R]

4 years, 1 month agoFeb. 4, 2016


4 years, 1 month agoDieGehenkten posted on history.
Feb. 5, 2016

Band of Brothers was a book before they mad it it into a series.

Looking for books that's like american sniper [R]

4 years, 2 months agoPrivateCaboose posted submission on suggestmeabook.
Jan. 12, 2016

looking for military books

4 years, 2 months agoPrivateCaboose posted on suggestmeabook.
Jan. 12, 2016

Band of Brothers and Generation Kill were both good books that made for great mini series, I'd check them out.

What books most accurately portray soldiering on the front lines of war? [R]

4 years, 5 months agoOct. 7, 2015


This scene from Band of Brothers always tears me up. [R]

5 years agoBrettweiser posted submission on videos.
March 17, 2015
5 years agoBrettweiser posted on videos.
March 17, 2015

Looking for a book of firsthand accounts of WWII [R]

5 years, 2 months agoSorrowLegend posted submission on suggestmeabook.
Dec. 31, 2014

After reading American Sniper and Unbreakable, I've found that I really enjoy autobiographical accounts of war. So now I am looking for a book that tells the story of World War Two in a similar way. Ideally it would be in chronological order and really be a timeline of the war but told using first hand accounts.

So far I've found The Good War by Studs Terkel, but I would like something that isn't as much about the American perspective, but the war in general.

5 years, 2 months agoSorrowLegend posted on suggestmeabook.
Dec. 31, 2014

I want to add onto this by recommending Band of Brothers. It's an HBO series based on the book by Stephen Ambrose, which is based on the story of Easy Company throughout the European Theater. I highly recommend the show (produced by Stephen Spielberg and Tom Hanks) and the book.

Richard Winters, real life leader of the 'Band of Brothers' aka Easy Company [R]

5 years, 10 months agoNightHawkHat posted submission on pics.
May 8, 2014
5 years, 10 months agoNightHawkHat posted on pics.
May 8, 2014

If you liked the series, read the book.

The morning after reading what the men of Easy Company went through in the Battle of the Bulge I ran ten miles on soft sand. I'm not a runner. It hurt. But damn if I was going to go easy on myself after learning what those men went through.

How Accurate is HBO's Band of Brothers? [R]

5 years, 10 months agoMay 7, 2014

I've watched Band of Brothers through a half dozen times, because I think it's great entertainment. I've "learned" a bit about WWII from watching it, but I want to know how accurate it is. There are a few dimensions of this:

  • Macro-level developments of the war
  • Mid-level developments of Easy Company
  • Uniforms, weapons, language...
  • Interpersonal relationships between and depictions of the real people
5 years, 10 months agoborge12 posted on AskHistorians.
May 7, 2014

The show closely follows Band of Brothers by Steven Ambrose. Ambrose wrote the book off of oral histories from the men of Easy company. It's definitely worth checking out if you're a fan of the show.

In general, Band of Brothers did a very good job with getting the uniforms and equipment correct.

The 506th PIR would have landed in Normandy with the M42 Jumpsuit, brown Corcoran jump boots, and the M2 Helmet. For Market Garden, the 101st was re-equipped with the M43 field uniform with trousers modified to have large pockets. Replacements would be issued "double buckle boots", so it's common to see soldiers wearing a mix of jump boots and the double buckles from September 1944 to the end of the war. Riflemen would have been equipped with the M1 Garand(this is mine restored to a 1943 time frame), cartridge belt, and possibly bandoleers that would hold 6 enblocs for the rifle.

I know that Band of Brothers gets those major details right. I would have to give the show a re-watch to give any more specifics than that.

Can someone please recommend some books about WWII [R]

5 years, 11 months agocool_hand_lukas posted submission on books.
April 23, 2014


5 years, 11 months agocool_hand_lukas posted on books.
April 23, 2014

Band of Brothers, by Stephen E. Ambrose is a great read. I read it after watching the mini series. It's easy to get into, and still an incredibly fascinating and detailed account of what Easy Company went through in the war.

Before and after pics of "Billy Badass" the 93 year old WWII paratrooper who got the jump he wanted. Thanks Reddit! [R]

5 years, 11 months agoThomas_Pizza posted submission on pics.
April 7, 2014
5 years, 11 months agoThomas_Pizza posted on pics.
April 7, 2014

The book on which the series is based is also great if you haven't read it.

Any great "page turner" books about history ? [R]

6 years, 12 months agoverticaljeff posted submission on AskHistorians.
April 1, 2013


I am currently reading Rubicon by Tom Holland. I have almost finished, and I must say, even if I read/heard the story over and over his version is the most captivating one I read. I just end up reading late at night as if I was 12 and I was reading the last Harry Potter.

So what I am asking is, Is there any other history book out there that can compare to Rubicon. I heard a lot of good about The Fall of Rome: And the End of Civilization, and I guess Tom Holland's other books must be similar, but are there any author or book that are this captivating and well written ?

I know there is a Master Book List but it doesn't indicate the quality of the writing and the style. So here I go asking my question. And I know this question was already asked (kinda) : but that was 11 months ago. But I believe we are a much bigger community now and the answers might be different

6 years, 12 months agoverticaljeff posted on AskHistorians.
April 1, 2013

These are some history books that can compete with any novel.