Baby Aspen"Let The Fin Begin" Blue Terry Shark Robe, Blue, 0-9 Months

Last Updated On Tuesday November 12th, 2019
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Baby Aspen

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Baby Aspen"Let The Fin Begin" Blue Terry Shark Robe, Blue, 0-9 Months

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Our airplane themed nursery [R]

4 years, 4 months agoAKlips posted submission on BabyBumps.
June 27, 2015
4 years, 4 months agoAKlips posted on BabyBumps.
June 27, 2015

It is a hooded towel from our Amazon registry, it is super cute and I can't wait for him to get here so I can use it.

FLASH [Contest]! I'm gonna be an Aunt! [R]

4 years, 11 months agol3uddha posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 3, 2014

CONTEST IS CLOSED. They are going to have a BOY! So I will be raffling those who said Boy or Male and will post the winners shortly. WINNERS: /u/Tetchy (male) and /u/insomniatica (boy). Gifting now :-) Thanks everyone for all the cute baby suggestions! My creative project list is so much longer now!

So back in October I found out that I'm going to be an aunt! It's been an interesting couple of weeks since then adjusting to the idea of my brother and his girlfriend becoming parents but now it's really getting fun since they found out the gender today! To celebrate I'm running a little contest.

1.Guess the gender! I’ll raffle those who guess right.

2.Give me an idea for a baby gift that I can get/make (I can knit, crochet, quilt, paint, etc.).

3.Third thing :)

4.Have something on your wishlist under $5 (US, I have Prime). No linking, I like to pick, but mention if you have a specific wishlist that fits the criteria.

The contest closes tomorrow at 8:30am when I get settled into work. Have fun everyone!

4 years, 11 months agol3uddha posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
Dec. 3, 2014

I guess Girl!

I got one of these for my friend It's so cute!

3rd thing: I'm about to be an aunt again too!

I joined a team today! [R]

5 years, 1 month agopermeable posted submission on CautiousBB.
Oct. 7, 2014


OMG I secretly wanted a boy. We both did! I didnt expect to cry but I did. I couldn't believe it. So many people kept telling me I was having a girl - so I geared myself up for a girl. When I saw his junk I freaked out with happiness!

After getting the fun out of the way we went to get Charlie's first articles of clothing. My husband got him a TMNT and Superman onsie and I got him the cutiest kitty cat sleeper and a whale onesie with a hat that says "Daddy's first mate" - Haha.

I melted today and I am on cloud 9!

Here is former baby blippy - now Charlie's gender picture!!! <3

5 years, 1 month agopermeable posted on CautiousBB.
Oct. 7, 2014

Yay! Congratulations!

I actually haven't bought any clothes for my little one yet, but I'm definitely going to be buying this because it's adorable.

[Gauntlet] I'm having a baby! [R]

5 years, 1 month agovash_the_stampede posted submission on PolishGauntlet.
Sept. 13, 2014

Yeah! Lil Pips is on her/his way! So how better to celebrate than with polishing?!?!?!? (trick question. there isn't)

Alrighty! So here's what ya gotta do!

  • Show me all the cute baby things. ALL OF THEM. (Maybe not all. at least three though)

  • Guess my due date. I'm three weeks, so that's all ya get!

Winner with the closest to my due date (I haven't told anyone outside of family, and I haven't posted it on reddit anywhere) (if you're dead on, you might get more sparklies!) Wins something(s) off their WL! OR link me something(s)!!!

Contest closes..... October 1st. Good luck!

5 years, 1 month agovash_the_stampede posted on PolishGauntlet.
Sept. 13, 2014

Yayyyyyyyy! How exciting!!!

this is just too freaking adorable :)

My daughter loved this when she was a baby

This is silly and fun!

You are going to want this for sure. Helps cover up diaper smell!

For the due date.... I'm going to say.... May 21 because that's my birthday! :D

[Contest] Hey, baby. [R]

5 years, 4 months agozofmayhem posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 25, 2014

This contest is closed.Winner gifted here.

On July 5th, I will be celebrating my 9 month milestone with RAOA. It's like we're havin' a baby together, and that baby is sweet, sweet gifting.

1. Link a baby-related item on Amazon. Anything at all.
2. Raffle phrase: Our baby is the cutest.
3. That's it.

Ends on July 5th.

Winner gets something off of their WL. Not necessarily baby-related.

I wanna surprise you. I'm gonna surprise you.

5 years, 4 months agozofmayhem posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 25, 2014

Our baby is the cutest

And so is this baby bath robe!

5 years, 7 months agoMarch 20, 2014


5 years, 7 months agoshannonbananon2 posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 21, 2014

I really like the name Patrick, but I'm also biased because it's my brother's name haha

If they made an adult sized version of this, I'd wear it.

This is a super generic idea, but I think using chalkboard type labels on off white cardstock for food or something would be a really minimalistic and unique way of presenting things.

Thanks for the contest!

[Contest] Waiting for babies [R]

6 years, 4 months agocitrusysecrets posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 9, 2013


I'm currently waiting for a good friend's baby to pop (teehee)

RAOA is all waiting for /u/usehnsucht to have her Baby

The UK (possibly the world) is waiting for Kate Middleton to have her baby..

So I decided to offer up my skills in crochet. I will make some baby shoes for the newborn arriving in your life. Booties, maryjanes, sneakers.. We'll see how it goes! I'll do gender specific, gender unknown.. I have a range of colours to choose from also :)

the Rules

You need to tell me about the baby arriving into your life, when and if you know the gender.

  • You must be willing to PM me your address in order to collect the parcel. I don't care if it's your home, a PO box, your work or just somewhere you can pick it up from.

You need to link me something on Amazon you would gift the new baby or the new parents :D

No raffle phrase this time.

The Endate

Ongoing, until I get some real orders I have to work on xD


If you wish you can link me to a crochet baby shoes pattern or image if you're looking for something in particular. I'll see what I can do.

UPDATE: It doesn't have to be your baby! relatives, friends, co-workers babies are all encouraged! Anyone you're maybe expected to get a gift for :D

Also here's some of the stash i'm willing to use! - I labelled the colours because my phone camera doesn't really do them justice and the palest colours especially just didn't come out right


  • 3893liebt3512 (July - girl)
  • Unicorndanceparty (July - boy)
  • MeishkaD ( Aug & Dec)
  • Citrusysecrets (Oct)
  • KinkyMcDreamy (Oct - Girl)
  • Smartache (Oct - Boy)
  • xStarSlayerx (Oct - Boy & Oct - friend)
  • Re_mix (Dec - unknown - Greens)
  • Wepa (Jan '14 - Unknown - Mittens)
  • EmeryXCI (Feb '14)

Already here

  • Depressedracoon - finished - recieved
  • smartache (3mo)
  • Chuckjaywalk - (10mo - Boy)
6 years, 4 months agocitrusysecrets posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 9, 2013

Oh my gosh this is perfect! My sister is having a little baby boy in October and I'm so excited to finally become an aunt! My sister is 13 years older than me so I'll be the cool 16 year old auntie :D I'm planning on purchasing this shark robe for him! Thank you for the awesome contest :)

[Contest] Show me some shark stuff! [R]

6 years, 5 months agoJune 10, 2013


6 years, 5 months agoBottomOfLobby posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 10, 2013

Baby Shark Robe

Hit me with anything from my WL if I win, and thanks for the contest!