Aurora - Wild Life - 9" Barney

Last Updated On Monday April 6th, 2020
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Aurora World

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Aurora - Wild Life - 9" Barney

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Ladies of reddit, what do you want from your SO on Christmas? [R]

5 years, 4 months agoNov. 10, 2014
5 years, 4 months agoWaterfallFlower posted on AskWomen.
Nov. 10, 2014

As long as we get to cuddle together, I'm cool with that. Although, I don't think I'd complain if he got me this adorable stuffed animal.

[Contest] It's Relatable...kind of. *Camping* [R]

5 years, 10 months agoSpacepenguin posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
May 13, 2014

contest is closed.

I'm about to spend a week teaching at camp. This is camp for adults who have to teach kids who are coming to camp.


Today is contest time in Camping's honor.

Find something on your wishlist that you can tie to Camps or camping.

If it's a book about camping, your job is pretty easy, but boring..

If it's aquarium gravel, well, rocks and camping, right?

See how that works?


  • You must have an intro post.

  • You must have gifted at least once.

  • You must link something from your wishlist and tell me how it relates to camping.

  • The item you link will not necessarily be the item you win. I'll choose the item from your wishlist.

  • Include the raffle phrase "sleeping bag" (Just in cases.)

  • Winner is the person whose answer amuses me the most. Hint: I'm looking for the most creative connection!

  • Winner will be chosen tomorrow morning (5/14) around 9am CST.


5 years, 10 months agoSpacepenguin posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
May 13, 2014

And owl which, you know, you could maybe see whilst camping! From my toys and stuff list.

Sleeping bag is something I don't own cause... I've never been camping :(.

[Contest] I like the narwhal [R]

5 years, 11 months agosweetbeauty posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
May 6, 2014

This contest is closed

  • Link me to a pic or video of a narwhal
  • compliment the narwhal in this form "oh narwhal i love your sword, you pretty unicorn of the sea" You must start with "oh narwhal"
  • link something under $10 shipped. I have prime. You can be international I don't care.

I am raffling "oh narwhal" Contest ends at like 4pm EST today.

5 years, 11 months agosweetbeauty posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
May 6, 2014

Oh narwhal, how Grey and porpoisey you are! I bet you stab a lot of sea things with your horn! :)


Link if I win

[Contest] Let me spoil your favorite person! [R]

6 years agogreatunclejerebear posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 27, 2014

This contest is closed. Winners posted today!!

In honor of my favorite person in the whole wide world turning 8 on Sunday, let me buy a little present for your favorite person! It can be your kiddo, mom, dog, husband...whoever :)

Just tell me why they are your favorite and you must link an item under $10 from your wishlist that you'd like me to gift them!

This will close Sunday morning (eastern time) when I'm making her birthday carrot cake! ☆

6 years agogreatunclejerebear posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 27, 2014

My girlfriend. She LOVES owls. :)

[Contest] Make me feel better :( [R]

6 years, 1 month agomegangigilyn posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 4, 2014

Having to stay home today because i feel really rotten, full of cold and general sickness. Basically i really need to perk up but i can't seem to get out of this slump :(

Rules of the contest are

1: Link me something that will make me feel better

2: Link me an item on your wishlist under £10, (Might as well use my lunch money for something)

3: Smile at someone random today, that way the good feels get passed on to everyone

Contest will end at 8pm GMT when hopefully i will feel well enough to get up and make some dinner.

Edit* £10 is just over $16 for any americans wanting to take part :)

CONTEST CLOSED congrats sillygirlsarah and thanks for bringing me round :D

6 years, 1 month agomegangigilyn posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
March 4, 2014

I hope this makes you feel better!

I'm home sick today too, so I know that feel bro. Massive cold and all around soreness. If I win I would like to cuddle with this

Feel better soon dear!

[Contest] Animals! [R]

6 years, 8 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 13, 2013

So I am making my man-best friend take me to the zoo tomorrow and I am so stinking excited. I love the zoo, and I am like a child at christmas when I am able to blackmail my friends into taking me. So here is what I am gonna do. Link me a somewhat cheap animal related item on your wish list. And I will pick 5-10 winners! Contest ends at 12:00pm (I am an adult and I don't even know my timezone, whatever it is in Pennsylvania) :D so link away my pretties!

And if i choose to use reddit raffle please include the phrase " get your zoo on gurl "

6 years, 8 months ago[deleted] posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 13, 2013


get your zoo on gurl! Have fun and thanks for the contest.

[Contest] An Attitude of Gratitude [R]

6 years, 9 months agoJuly 9, 2013

So my last couple of postings have kinda been downers and I really wanted to host an upbeat contest.

Tell me 5 things you're grateful for.


  1. I am grateful to have a happy, healthy reasonably adjusted daughter who makes me smile every day.

  2. I am fortunate that I married into a wild, open and welcoming family and I have fun every time I hang with my in-laws.

  3. I am grateful to have my husband who puts up with my considerable modd swings on a daily basis.

  4. I feel blessed to have found this community that reinforces my belief that people are generally good and kind.

  5. I am thankful that DPD officer did not feel like getting out her ticket book this morning, even though she was mean to me.

Bonus 6. I am grateful that my kitty waits for my by the door every day when I come home. It's kinda awesome.

So link me to something aroudn $10.00ish, including shipping (I do have Prime).

Reddit raffle phrase is awesomesauce.

I will pick a winner via reddit raffle Wednesday morning around 9AM EST.

Have fun and I am so excited to see what blessings you guys have.

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 9, 2013
  1. I am grateful to have a place to live.

  2. I am grateful to have food to eat.

  3. I am grateful to have a job.

  4. I am grateful for glasses (I am already clumsy as it is I can't imagine how bad I would be if I was born into a time when there weren't glasses yet.

  5. I am grateful for my cat.


Stuffed owl.

[CONTEST] I'm eight months sober today! Time to celebrate with a contest! [R]

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 7, 2013

Yay for no drinky-drinky kitchen sink-y.

Also you guys are great.

Anyway, link me an item off of your wishlist that is fun, childish in some way, for your actual kids, for your animal kids, or is just some form of whimsicle fuckery. Preferable around $10-15, as I do not make very much money hooking on the street corner since the "incident".

I may pick a winner based on whimsy. I may pick two winners if I get a hair up my ass. I may use reddit raffle because I'm mentally not all there and deciding things is hard, so please PLEASE include the raffle phrase "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HDATZ" because his birthday is Monday and I can't think of anything else.

Contest will close tomorrow night (july 8) at around 11 PM central time.

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 7, 2013

[Contest] Tell me about yourself. [R]

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 1, 2013


Tell me your favorite: Activity, Movie, Book,or Comic Book then tell me a blurb about yourself, using Potato as your word for the reddit raffle. Bonus points if you work the word into your blurb organically.


Put a $15 dollar or under item as your ideal gift, and try your luck! Contest ends at 5 pm (or 17:00) on July 2nd. MY STUFF:

Activity: Lounging like a housecat.

Movie: The Departed, probably.

Book: Holes, by Louis Sachar. (I just bought a copy I plan to give my nephew when he gets old enough.)

Comic Book: Right now, New 52 Justice League, and Earth-2.

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
July 1, 2013

Activity: Cooking, that includes baking potatoes.

Movie: Hmm. Mirrormask.

Book: Rose Madder or She's Come Undone.

Comic Book: Saga or Wet Moon!

Cute owl :)

[Contest] Heat Wave [R]

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 30, 2013

This contest is closed.

It's over 100 degrees here in the Western US today. This contest has nothing to do with the weather, though. Just felt like complaining.

Link to something on your WishList up to $15. I have Prime. Include the words heat wave in your comment.

Contest ends in 29 minutes and I'll use Reddit Raffle to select the winner.

Stay cool, my friends!

Winner:Congratulations to Goddess_of_sunshine!

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 30, 2013

Heat wave!


[Contest] I feel like crap, let me buy you something! [R]

6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 22, 2013


Sooooo yup. Title says it all! I already have a contest going but I made the deadline for tomorrow, so here's another one! Tell me something awesome you did today/this week/about yourself and use the word "fluffernutter" (just in case I decide to use reddit raffle) because it makes me giggle.

Edit: I'm not sick, I just feel like a piece of shit. Ya know? Sorry for the confusion :PP

EDIT: Three winners from original contest! /u/mcubb/u/serpentcroissant and /u/ufoundmi


6 years, 9 months ago[deleted] posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
June 22, 2013


How would this owl look with your hair extensions.