AGPtek Color Changing 12 LED Mist Maker Fogger Water Fountain Pond Fog Atomizer Air Humidifier

Last Updated On Thursday February 4th, 2021
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The Price has Dropped! But is this a Good Deal?

TL;DR: - The price difference between high and low are only about $10.00. Probably too insignificant to worry about. The lowest price we've seen on Amazon in the past was on August 19, 2018. It is currenty 36% higher than the cost at its lowest.

Pricing Breakdown: Highs, Lows and Average Price Ranges

For the most accurate current price of this product, please check directly on Amazon. We will look at the historic low, average and high ranges to help you make an informed decision about the current price.

Prices stated in this summary below are approximate and in the past for your reference.

Firstly, the lowest prices we have seen for this product ranges between $9 to $12. We have seen this product drop between this range 5 times. The last time the price was low was on July 11, 2020.

When it comes to price, the first thing we consider is whether looking at historic prices is actually worthwhile. For this product, differences can be quite large between the price levels so it will be worth it to watch for a lower price level before buying.

The prices we've seen of approximately $13 to $15 are considered average. Average to low price level differences are 25%. Price differences are moderate and waiting for a lower price can be worthwhile if you are on a budget.

Highest prices are between approximately $16 to $19. High to low are about 40%. This price difference should be considered if meeting your budget is important.

The last time this product changed price was on January 5, 2021. On average, price fluctuations tend to happen every 18 days.

currently average price

7% Drop

Updated February 4, 2021
Price started dropping on

Jan 16

In Progress


Current price is higher than the price on Jul 11, 2020.
Current price is average in the past 12 months.
Used not available currently.

Price Activity

DatePrice ActionChange %Price Level
16 Jan, 2021Price Drop-6.67%average
22 Nov, 2020Sale End-6.25%average
18 Oct, 2020Price Drop-15.80%high
3 Oct, 2020Price Increase18.76%highest
8 Sep, 2020Price Drop-5.89%high
Update on 4 Feb, 2021 price change % swings above and below average price

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AGPtek Color Changing 12 LED Mist Maker Fogger Water Fountain Pond Fog Atomizer Air Humidifier

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This mask [R]

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Red eye croc vivarium set up [R]

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I honestly just got plants at Home Depot (indoor plants) that wouldn't grow any larger. They usually keep them inside near the garden area. If you want really nice plants i recommend you check Josh's Frogs. Depending on your set up make sure to get the right size plants.



The water area is something I add for both humidity and for the skink to swim in. I got plexiglass from my local hardware store and got (silicone sealant waterproof clear) to seal the edges, this separates the water from the land. I should mention it is deep enough. I did add a mist maker fogger water fountain in the water, wire runs through the backside of the tank making its way to the top of the tank then out. The lighting comes from the mist maker.

Mist maker:

Silicone sealant:


This build is great I have the perfect size terrarium (small size in link) for this type of skink.


Make sure to get mesh, hydro balls, substrate and its your choice on real or fake plants.



As far as advise on this setup... water plants everyday and keep humidity high with fahrenheit 70-78. Adding moss helps. Make sure to take your time on the setup make sure everything fits and nothing spill. As well as waiting a few days after setup is done to order red eye skink.

REMINDER: Skinks are very shy make sure to add lots of hide or plants so it won't starve itself.

Just in time for our game on Thursday! This also signals that I am ready to start printing! I only wish I could send you all one of these! [R]

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This might work lol I dont think it will play nice with the electronics of my speaker, but for your print it would be dope haha

EDIT: oh nevermind its gotta be submerged in water haha

My Rainbow Boa setup [R]

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you could try to put one of these in the water bowl. They might even make one without led lights. I have one and it works great I think I'm going to put it in my BCI enclosure to get a little more humidity in there (mine sits around 50% but id like it to be 60%-70%). Also you could try cutting some acrylic to size like I did, or a larger water bowl on top of a heat mat.

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I think it's essentially this inside the cauldron.

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Make all the Monsters!

You could even set up a display with one of these things!

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