Scepter Water Can (5-Gallon)


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Scepter Water Can (5-Gallon)

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practical emergency prep kit tips? [R]

2 months, 2 weeks agoGbcue posted submission on bayarea.
June 5, 2019

I searched for the topic and read a few old threads but nothing recent.

Do you have an emergency kit ready? What did you learn when you bought it or put it together?

Let's face it, I'm a typical tech bro in the peninsula. I'm a medium size mildly athletic person. I have no medical training, I have no weapons training, I have no survival training. I have a family and a house and dogs. I'm not "bugging out" when TSHTF in any sense of the phrase. My wife and I are both obligated to stay at work to help out if something happens during work hours anyway.

I did put some gallon water jugs and canned food in my garage. I've talked to the facilities and CERT folks at my various places of employment and participated in some CERT exercises. I put a medkit in the trunk of my car. I bought a "ReadyAmerica" backpack from Amazon for ~$40. It basically has some water and MREs in it.

This week I feel like doing some "prepper" stuff, so I purchased some 5gal buckets ($3.25) and watertight lids ($1.79) from Home Depot and put a set of old warm clothes and shoes for each person. I guess if the neighborhoods floods maybe I'll have a set of dry clothes.

On my todo list is to make sure to exchange some emergency contact info with my neighbors.

As far as I know, there hasn't been a major emergency in the Bay Area in a long time. Does anyone remember anything from 1989? My older neighbors said it was no big deal. A few driveways around here got cracks in them.

What basic prep have you done? What are the practical tips we can all learn from?

Maybe the most practical thing is to stock up on beer and wine and trail mix.

Random links:

2 months, 2 weeks agoGbcue posted comment on bayarea.
June 6, 2019

I wouldn't trust anything in the Ready America (RA) bag, including the bag - it's flimsy, doesn't have good YKK zippers. Since most people aren't bugging out, size and weight aren't a concern. You're not only preparing for EQ, you're also preparing for other natural disasters such as epidemics, flood, fire, other situations where you don't have clean water or heat.

Look at the list of stuff in the RA bag and buy the same stuff from a commercially available source, made in USA or other equivalent country that's not China.

Get quality stuff like:

  • Nalgene bottle (plastic or metal, no glass)
  • 3M N95 medical-grade masks (teal)
  • Mechanix Gloves
  • prescriptions, drugs, first aid, tons of medical supplies (J&J, gauze, a CPR mask, NAR tourniquet, AED if you need, etc.)
  • 3M goggles
  • real MREs with heater
  • a brand-name headlamp from Black Diamond or Petzl
  • handheld flashlight
  • batteries (lithium)
  • crank radio
  • Leatherman multi-tools and knives (fixed blade preferred)
  • thick black contractors bags
  • roll duct tape or similar
  • a box of nitrile gloves (Black Talon or similar)
  • potable aqua tablets
  • waterproof matches and lighters. I like the UCO matches because you can light them and douse them in water and they still stay lit.
  • firestarters like vaseline soaked cotton balls or other commercially available starters like trioxane.
  • a small portable camp stove and gas
  • a small bottle of bleach (NSF certified)
  • some 5-gallon jugs, real jugs, not the flimsy ones sold at Walmart. I like the Sceptre jerry can, disinfect it, fill it, keep it in the garage in the dark so no algae grows, dump the water every year or so. Water in the dark like this shouldn't grow anything, but it'll taste bad because the oxygen would have gassed out (it'll taste flat/stale). A human would drink a gallon a day (in emergency situations) just to stay alive, so think of the quantity you need. You're not going to be sitting around all day, you'll be moving around constantly.
  • Guns
  • Ammo
  • Fox40 whistle (pea-less)
  • various tools like screwdrivers, prybars - but these should already be in your toolbox so no need to duplicate.
  • High quality backpack or duffle bag like a Kelty bag.
  • Camping water filters like Katadyn, MSR, etc.
  • Various USD and or bullion
  • a hank of paracord

The "MRE" inside the RA bag is basically lemon-flavored shortening (Crisco). Yes I've tried it. Yes it tastes terrible.

This is a non-exhaustive list, I'm probably forgetting something. Everything you buy for your kit is basically gone - you can never use it, except in an emergency. You're spending $ now so you don't die later, think of it as an investment.

Is it safe to keep water in my car? [R]

3 months, 2 weeks agoMay 4, 2019


3 months, 2 weeks agowolfcry0 posted comment on VEDC.
May 5, 2019

You want a water container, something like this

Increase in weight vs distance [R]

1 year, 3 months agoquinncuatro posted submission on Goruck.
May 20, 2018

To get the biggest bang for the buck, what's better, longer distance with challenge weight or shorter distance with heavier weight?

1 year, 3 months agoquinncuatro posted comment on Goruck.
May 21, 2018

How Government Wrecked the Gas Can [R]

2 years agoproperal posted submission on GoldandBlack.
July 31, 2017

looking for some advice on well pumps, water storage, and general conversation regarding water. [R]

2 years, 9 months agowoodforfire posted submission on preppers.
Oct. 27, 2016

was wondering if anyone is knowledgeable about well pumps, and possible conversion to hand pumps in a long-term SHTF situation.

i currently live next to a lake, in a small cottage that's less than 600 sq. feet, so there's not a lot of room for water storage. we plan on 'bugging in', as we're in a pretty rural part of VT. i currently have 25 gallons of water stored on hand, for a short term situation, as well as about 3 months of food. our plan is to use the 25 gallons for drinking water, and making daily trips to the lake for greywater, to fill the toilet tank once a day and possibly wash some dishes if we can. i know that's not the easiest thing, with the weight of water and all, but if we can get 3-5 gallons a day, we could possibly be ok as far as that goes. i have a bunch of water purification tablets and a couple of lifestraws as well if things get dire, but we'd like to get something going where we can use the well pump if possible, or possibly even convert it to a hand pump if necessary.

my current generator is a small, but decent one. i know gennys won't last long in a SHTF situation, but i have about ten gallons of gas stored that i can definitely stretch for a while if need be. problem is that it doesn't have enough 'draw' power to initially start the water pump currently, though it WILL run our fridge, some LED lights (these are great for low power draw), and to charge our phones, and it even ran a fan! we had a wind/storm situation a while back where we lost power for two days, and that was literally the only thing i couldn't compensate for. we had plenty of food, batteries, lighting (oil lamps FTW!), etc...the only thing i couldn't get working was the pump for water. we DID have advance warning so i filled the bathtub and had plenty of grey water for toilet flushing and washing of dishes and stuff like that.

anyone in the sub have to deal with this yet? is there an easy way to convert an electric-pump well system to a hand pump? i can kinda do anything handyman-wise if need be, but always look for the path of least resistance with stuff like this. the pump is all bolted down and hard wired, so i'd imagine if i needed to convert it it'd be a lot of work (which i'm not afraid of, but would rather not lol)....

any words of wisdom appreciated here. thanks in advance.

2 years, 9 months agowoodforfire posted on preppers.
Oct. 27, 2016

also, looking for any new tips on water storage. currently storing water inside, in a spare room. i have several of these:

I am so proud to be a prepper! [R]

2 years, 10 months agowoodforfire posted submission on preppers.
Oct. 5, 2016

I'm a relatively new prepper. I've been at it a few years; but in those few years I've learned and improved on valuable skills like canning, gardening, sewing, knitting, survival, fire starting, and got more comfortable with shooting.

I stock up on essentials and can food whenever possible. I always keep a rotating supply of water and other methods of water catchment available.

Now that Florida is being threatened by a hurricane, I feel calm. I'm not stressing too much about my family's safety, food and water supply.

On my way in and out of town, I saw parking lots of grocery stores filled with people circling the lot, gas stations with lines spilling into the streets, and people running around frantically because they weren't prepared.

Family that thought I was a bit paranoid for prepping so much, look to me now for advice on what to do. I love sharing the information and helping them out. But aside from any possible structural damage, I sure we'll be fine.

Thank you to anyone that posts helpful information here. I love to read this sub and the wealth of information that is available, thank you all!😄

2 years, 10 months agowoodforfire posted on preppers.
Oct. 6, 2016

i don't understand why every american household doesn't have at least 2 of these. i have 3.

Water storage question [R]

2 years, 11 months agocoswell posted submission on preppers.
Sept. 6, 2016

I live in rural Minnesota and get my water from a private well. For the past 2 winters we have been storing water in one gallon milk just we had washed and sanitized. About 40 gallons worth. Basically we want enough water on hand that we could be comfortable if we are snowed in during the winter and can't run the well if the power goes out. The issue I have is that the jugs we have been using are failing faster that we can replace them. We fill them with city tap water (chlorinated) from our parents property in town and rotate them regularly (wife doesn't like drinking well water). The wear and tear of usage causes them to crack at the seams and leak.

I'm looking for a new solution and would like to hear what others use. Portability is somewhat important so we can fill them and lug them down to the basement. I have been looking at the 7 gallon Aqua-tainer that cost ~$18. Are those good? I'd like to keep about 40-50 gallons on hand to keep 2 adults and 2 dogs well watered up to 10+ days (figuring 4 gallons a day to be safe)

2 years, 11 months agocoswell posted on preppers.
Sept. 6, 2016

I'm also just learning about water storage and, based in part on recommendations on this sub, I also recently got one of these [5 gallon scepter water cans] ( Seems to be solidly constructed but I just recently purchased it so I don't have a lot of experience with it. Regarding the aqua-tainers, I have two of them and I will say that I find the aquatainer spigot annoying because it is kind of leaky.

How do you all store your water? [R]

3 years, 5 months agomr_masamune posted submission on overlanding.
March 1, 2016

Hola! Going to be taking a trip this year for a couple weeks and I'd like to keep my water clean throughout the duration. I'm curious, what containers, systems, and methods do you all use to keep your water nice and fresh when you're out for a long time?

3 years, 5 months agomr_masamune posted on overlanding.
March 3, 2016

I just have some of these water jugs. They seem to work fine for me. If I'm running low I can usually find somewhere in a town to get a free re-fill. I'll also keep some water in my fridge so it's nice and cold!

New to prepping: Would storing water in old milk jugs be a bad idea? [R]

3 years, 11 months agoSept. 23, 2015


3 years, 11 months agowoodforfire posted on preppers.
Sept. 24, 2015

i recommend these

they're made for potable water (no bad chemicals seeping in), are SUPER thick, and have the spout for pouring. you can store them outside (though might wanna bring them in in the winter unless you need 5 gallons of ice), and they store vertical instead of horizontal.

they ARE heavy as hell though when you fill them. also, don't forget to buy water purification tablets. these are the most important thing you will ever have.

I bought a gasoline can. It's designed to eliminate spills and protect children with its federally mandated spring loaded nozzle. I've spilled more gasoline than I ever did with any pre-2009 can and it's really slow because there's no vent. [R]

3 years, 11 months agoCydeWeys posted submission on firstworldproblems.
Aug. 27, 2015
3 years, 11 months agoCydeWeys posted on firstworldproblems.
Aug. 27, 2015

These are significantly cheaper. They're basically the same as old-style gasoline cans that get around the regs because they're being sold for water storage. I believe they're made out of the same type of plastic.

Water storage options [R]

4 years, 1 month agomr_masamune posted submission on overlanding.
July 21, 2015

What do you use for transporting fresh water, and how much do you carry (per person per day)?

4 years, 1 month agomr_masamune posted on overlanding.
July 21, 2015

I use a couple of Scepter.

They even fit into my jerry can holders. They're cheap and durable. A bottom spigot would be nice, but meh.

[Contest] Convince me! [R]

5 years, 4 months agottubravesrock posted submission on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
April 6, 2014

CLOSED Winner is Rosemadderx

So a while back someone was looking for some shows on netflix to watch, and I gave them an ALMOST convincing post, on why they should watch House of Cards.

Well I just got finished building a garden and now I need some entertaining to take my mind off my sore feet and back. So convince me to watch your favourite show/movie in the same style.


  1. You cannot mention the title of the show/movie. It just might turn me off of it. NO SPOILERS EITHER. If it intrigues me, I'll probably ask you the name of the show so I can watch it.
  2. I will choose the winner via who can convince me to watch something based on their description.
  3. Link me something under $25 - I have prime - INCLUDING SHIPPING, that you want. Gift cards are fair game. May be more than one winner, depending bank account and inability to choose.
  4. Contest ends April 14th, 2014.

Ex. of style talking about: Once upon a time, is a very very populated city, there was a man named Frank. Frank had one dream. To pursue politics! Can you imagine that?! To become secretary of state? To become the Vice President? Maybe to some day be the President? But the thing is, Frank had problems. These problems were other politicians! Reporters! Bloggers! Personal Security people! Even //mistresses//! It's very hard being Frank. It's hard being frank so much that some time he even talks to himself, though some people just sometimes call that breaking a fourth wall. Frank likes to break the fourth wall.

5 years, 4 months agottubravesrock posted on Random_Acts_Of_Amazon.
April 7, 2014

Humans are fighting a race that has attempted to enslave humanity.

There is a lot of travel between planets/systems, but very little spaceflight.

The primary mission is a friendly outreach to help those who are in need, but the enemy keeps popping up.

There's another group of humans who would prefer that the primary mission be to obtain what is necessary to defeat the enemy AT ALL COSTS that keeps interfering with the main group.

There are several other races. Most of them are wary of helping the humans, but some are more helpful than others. There are a few instances where they appear to help the humans but it turns out there were ulterior motives.

Hopefully this is enough to convince you, but if not, maybe if I told you that between the tv shows and movies, there are 17 seasons and 3 movies, so you'll be occupied for a while.

Water Jug