Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Knife

Last Updated On Thursday April 23rd, 2020
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Updated April 23, 2020

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Fiskars Fingertip Swivel Knife

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit

Some of my recent work, hand cut from paper [R]

3 years, 7 months agojoZgroZ posted submission on Art.
Sept. 25, 2016
3 years, 7 months agojoZgroZ posted on Art.
Sept. 25, 2016

wowza, they're all so intricate; i'm glad you have found a way to profit from your work. but how do you repair an area that you accidentally cut through, or off?

also, check out this tool - i found it's design handy when working for a long time, especially on the more curvy bits.

Sandblasting glass? [R]

4 years, 5 months agoSomanatin posted submission on lampwork.
Nov. 2, 2015

Where could I get my glass sandblasted at? I don't want the whole thing sandblasted, looking for some parts blasted. How could I find a local place or where could I ship my piece out to?

4 years, 5 months agoSomanatin posted on lampwork.
Nov. 4, 2015

You can get super intricate, especially when creating vinyl stencils like in that video. I would test it on a slide or downstem or something easy to replace. That way you can test application thickness and soak times before rinse. Then when you are satisfied on how much to paint on and how long to leave it on for, you can do the actual rigs.

You can buy thick back vinyl adhesive at craft store. I like to draw on it with white pencil or cut out over printed text if I'm doing a font. I use this swivel knife to cut the vinyl ( Then you just have to tape it on and be really meticulous about cleanly peeling off the negative cutout space so the vinyl stays stuck on the glass and no etching solution gets under it.

If you YouTube vinyl stencil making you will find all kinds of crazy stuff people do, have fun!!

Fine lines? [R]

4 years, 8 months agoBeastmanCaravan posted submission on Leatherworking.
Aug. 11, 2015

Hi all,

So I'm not really into tooling raised designs or anything, but rather carving fine lines. Swivel knives (the ones I've seen anyway) are too big for my purposes. I've carved lines in with either and exacto blade or a glover's needle, but obviously the lines are so thin that they are barely visible. I was looking at an old book (like, 1880s) that described a tool called an "opener" whose job was,surprised surprise, to open up thin lines after they'd already been carved to a uniform thickness. Sadly, I can't see any such tool in my search ("leather opener" in Google only gives letter openers and bottle openers). Anyone have any good tips? Thanks!

[FP] First shirt - Arctic Monkeys! [R]

4 years, 9 months agoflamingllama33 posted submission on bleachshirts.
July 7, 2015
4 years, 9 months agoflamingllama33 posted on bleachshirts.
July 8, 2015

this swivel xacto knife, and lots of patience! I used a ruler to cut the rectangle sides out, and just went super slowly for the letters. This thing is great for curves! Here's the stencil i used:

[Q] How do you cut out your stencils? Do any of you use and electric cutter? [R]

4 years, 10 months agoKardinBreadfiend posted submission on bleachshirts.
June 14, 2015

I made my first shirt the other day, the Imagine Dragons logo and cutting out the stencil took longer than I would like if I want to make more shirts. I was wondering if anyone has a method of easily making stencils.

4 years, 10 months agoKardinBreadfiend posted on bleachshirts.
June 14, 2015

My stencil-cutting time has been cut (HA) down ever since I started using this as opposed to a regular Xacto knife.

Details [R]

5 years, 6 months agolukexcameron posted submission on stencils.
Sept. 30, 2014

i was wondering, how do people get these amazing details in their stencils? i use an exacto knife with the "regular blade" and cardtock and i can never seem to get the details that others can, and if i do its all straight lines. any advice on how to do smaller rounded cuts? thanks! (im a newbie to this)

Not getting views on Etsy HELP! [R]

6 years, 4 months agoarmoreddragon posted submission on Etsy.
Dec. 21, 2013

This is my site -- I've sold two earrings so far, but have had only about a hundred views since October -

Am I doing something wrong?

6 years, 4 months agoarmoreddragon posted on Etsy.
Dec. 21, 2013

If you can, try to get some nicer photos of your pieces. Paper is a material people are likely to be more hesitant about, and portraying them the best you can is pretty crucial. I've found that if you do it outside on a cloudy but not dark day, you tend to get consistently good lighting and white balance. Think about what sort of background you want to set your products against, and what that background says.

Maybe giving more information on the materials would help reassure potential buyers, too. If you're using a high-quality printer for the paper pieces, you might say that. Definitely say what type of paper you're using. Maybe consider using fancy high-end thick papers.

I'll also note that I can pretty clearly see the separate cuts that you made on many of the paper earrings, and they're somewhat asymmetric. Are you using a template to help get the shapes consistent? You might look into getting a swivel knife to help with getting really smooth curved cuts.

And as for getting views, that's always something that's a struggle. It's often nice to make a post to facebook/twitter/g+/deviantART/wherever when you make something new, giving a bit of a story behind it and linking to your etsy. There are a couple subreddits around where you can post things occasionally, though it takes some care to make posts seem interesting and not like random spam. You could consider taking out ads on various websites, but probably hold off until you're pretty confident in your product and presentation.