Bachelorette Party Favors Penis Gummies

Last Updated On Friday March 27th, 2020
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Bachelorette Party Favors

The Price has Dropped! But is it Cheap?

- The best price we've seen on Amazon in the past 12 months was on March 5, 2020. The current price is considered average. It is 29% higher than the cost at its lowest.

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15% Drop

Updated March 27, 2020

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29 Feb, 2020Price Increase17.67%high
21 Feb, 2020Price Drop-19.07%average
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Bachelorette Party Favors Penis Gummies

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  • B002NQCIFO Amazon ASIN
  • Bachelorette Party Favors Brand
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    Event & Party Supplies, Safer Sex, Sexual Wellness, Adult Novelty, Home & Kitchen, Health & Household

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Genital Preferences: If you're gay and date someone who’s a different gender, even if they're the same ‘sex’ as you, you aren't gay [R]

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May 20, 2018
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May 21, 2018


NSFW obviously.

ETH $2,500 minimum 11 months from now [R]

2 years, 4 months agoNov. 14, 2017


2 years, 4 months agolucky_rabbit_foot posted comment on ethtrader.
Nov. 14, 2017

If ETH hits $2,500 by next Oct I'll eat a bag of dicks.

EU LCS 2017 Summer / Week 2 - Day 3 / MSF vs. ROC / NIP vs. G2 / Live Discussion [R]

2 years, 9 months ago2th posted submission on leagueoflegends.
June 10, 2017


Lolesports | EsportsWikis | Countdown | /r/LoLeventVoDs | New to LoL

Today's matches will be played on Patch 7.11.

Today's Matches

Group A - Match 6 / Strawpoll

Misfits vs. Team ROCCAT

8 AM PDT / 17:00 CEST / 00:00 KST


Group A - Match 7 / Strawpoll

Ninjas in Pyjamas vs. G2 Esports

11 AM PDT / 20:00 CEST / 03:00 KST



1Fnatic3 - 0+5EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
2G2 Esports2 - 1+2EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
3Misfits2 - 1+1EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
4Team ROCCAT0 - 2-2EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
5Ninjas in Pyjamas0 - 3-6EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
1H2k-Gaming2 - 0+4EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
1Unicorns of Love2 - 0+4EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
3Splyce1 - 10EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
4Mysterious Monkeys0 - 2-4EsportsWikis // Lolesports //
4Team Vitality0 - 2-4EsportsWikis // Lolesports //


Week 2Date/MatchPDTEDTCESTKSTResultDiscussion
Day 1Thu 8 Jun
MSF vs. NIP8 AM11 AM17:0000:002-0MSF
G2 vs. FNC11 AM2 PM20:0003:001-2FNC
Day 2Fri 9 Jun
SPY vs. VIT8 AM11 AM17:0000:002-0SPY
MM vs. UOL11 AM2 PM20:0003:000-2UOL
Day 3Sat 10 Jun
MSF vs. ROC8 AM11 AM17:0000:002-1MSF
NIP vs. G211 AM2 PM20:0003:000-2G2
Day 4Sun 11 Jun
SPY vs. MM8 AM11 AM17:0000:00
UOL vs. H2K11 AM2 PM20:0003:00
  • All matches are Best of 3

  • All times are APPROXIMATE and should be used as a general guideline.

On-Air Team


Analyst Desk

Play-by-Play Commentators

Colour Commentators


  • Ten teams: two groups of five teams each (determined with group draft)

    • Top 3 teams from each group qualify for Summer Playoffs
    • Group winner from each group receives a bye to Semi-Finals
    • 5th Place from each group plays in Spring Promotion
  • Each team plays 13 Best of 3 matches

    • Double round robin within its group
    • Single round robin against other group
  • Tiebreakers: (1) Game Differential (points), (2) Head-to-Head record, (3) Number of games won, (4) Tiebreaker match

The official EU LCS ruleset can be found here.



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2 years, 9 months ago2th posted on leagueoflegends.
June 10, 2017

If G2 somehow make a comeback and win this game, I will eat a box of dicks.

[US-TX] [H] R2 Minivan w/ Lightcycle, cheap keycaps, Furt Reborn, ETF and other Artisans [W] Paypal/Trades/BTC [R]

3 years, 1 month agoPerniciousPony posted submission on mechmarket.
Feb. 6, 2017



* R2 Minivan will come with lubed gat blacks, sip sockets, Lightcycle and a discontinued and lubed MX Lock switch under the 'lock'/gamegrid key: $260SOLD

  • Front print, ABS backlit keycap set from massdrop (never used): $45
  • White/Blue keycaps (never opened): $45
  • Stock Pok3r keycaps: $25

Not selling outright:

  • Things listed in the 'trades' section.

Looking to trade:

  • Bloodlust MX Furt: Seeking a stem swap for one in Topre.
  • 'Miami' Glasscaps (Will split), AFAIK these are the only two that were made: Offers
  • Nightcaps Cyanobac Puppet Master: Offers
  • Boop Bonk (Goomba): Offers

I probably won't make it to the post office until this weekend, so keep that in mind. Prices include shipping and fees, unless you're international or paying with BTC then we can discuss pricing. Comment in the thread before posting. Additional timestamps/more individualized photos are available on request.

3 years, 1 month agoPerniciousPony posted on mechmarket.
Feb. 6, 2017

I love being sober [R]

3 years, 2 months agoBenevoson posted submission on trees.
Jan. 12, 2017

I absolutely love being blazed. It's my choice drug 9/10. I smoke nearly everyday after work and sometimes will smoke 24/7 through a full weekend. But while I love being stoned, I also love being sober.

Sobriety after smoking for a while is like jumping in a cold river on a hot summer day. It's refreshing. Experiencing both states of consciousness is the fun part about being high. I feel sharp, more alert, my memory is obviously way better and I'm much more aware of what's happening around me.

To me, being high all the time just gets boring. Things are duller, softer and slower after a while. Sometimes it's good to get back in touch with sobriety.

Saw a different thread about not wanting to be sober ever and wanted to share.

3 years, 2 months agoBenevoson posted on trees.
Jan. 13, 2017

My Sister [R]

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The 2017 draft could potentially feature just two teams picking in the top 4 [R]

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June 5, 2016
  1. Browns

  2. Titans

  3. Browns (pick aquired from Eagles)

  4. Titans (pick aquired from Rams)

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June 6, 2016

Rapist is the Real Victim Because Reasons [R]

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June 16, 2015
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