Alacer Corp. ElectroMIX Emergen-C Lemon-Lime - Drink Mix: 30 PKTS (4.2 oz)

Last Updated On Tuesday November 26th, 2019
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Alacer Corp. ElectroMIX Emergen-C Lemon-Lime - Drink Mix: 30 PKTS (4.2 oz)

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Discussion and Reviews on Reddit


2 years, 7 months agoitsbecomingathing posted submission on keto.
April 6, 2017

Hey y'all. I'm 27yo male and 6'3" 510lbs. I need to lose weight for myself and my daughter. I want to stay alive! I'm tired of feeling tired and FAT. I need to make this change but I NEED to learn about what is MOST important here in KETO advice PLEASE. Maybe like a best way to start off? Some definitions? Some places to get recipes? Should I ease into it or by the ground running? Anything anyone could offer would literally SAVE MY LIFE. THANK YOU ALL IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT :)

2 years, 7 months agoitsbecomingathing posted on keto.
April 6, 2017

Funny enough, another user here mentioned them (as they have 3g of carbs per packet)


I add them to water and it tastes like a sports drink. It's very helpful if you're used to sodas and don't think you can drink water alone. I would stick to one packet a day and then make sure to eat potassium rich foods like avocado and spinach.

Short on vitamins/minerals - what supplements? [R]

3 years, 7 months agotpsince93 posted submission on keto.
April 9, 2016

I’ve been doing keto for 5 days now and have been tracking my food using CRON-O-Meter. As such, I’ve been seeing what vitamins and minerals I’m consistently taking. So, I’d like to know what you all think I should be supplementing to meet my goals for each of the following:

  1. Vitamin C – what should I aim for, and what type of supplement would give me extra?
  2. Vitamin D – I’ve heard two different numbers, 1000 IU and 4000 IU of D3 per day. Which is right, and how can I get more (I am a person of the Internet, and, as such, live in the darkness)?
  3. Omega-3/6 – Anyone mind giving me some detail as to what these are, and how much I need per day (current goal is 1.6g for -3 and 17g for -6)? Heard fish oil is a good supplement
  4. Manganese – Again, what does this do in your body and how can I supplement extra since I’m always short of 2.3mg goal?

Finally, anyone know what I should be getting in terms of electrolytes? I can easily get sodium and potassium because of LoSalt, I just don’t know how much is enough. Currently, I try getting 3.5g of sodium and 2g of potassium. As for magnesium, I aim for 300mg but am usually short – suggestions?

Also, I here is a screenshot of my “ideal” day and what it would give me in terms of my macros and micros, just for reference.

Sorry for the long post, but I’m at a loss to most of this stuff even after searching this sub. If you could give me any suggestions I would be forever in your debt!

3 years, 7 months agotpsince93 posted on keto.
April 9, 2016

[This] ( electro mix is pretty solid for a keto-er. high in manganese, magnesium, calcium, potassium, with only 3 carbs per liter of water. For other vitamins such as C and D, I generally break a multivitamin in half.

Salt and Potassium are a little easier to gage and administer correctly as they have a stronger physical effect on your body when stores are running low. Cramping up? Feeling dizzy and lightheaded? Chances are you're deficient in sodium, potassium or both. You most likely wont need too much sodium supplementation, as most Americans already eat in excess of 2 g's per day on a normal diet alone.

Drinks with electrolytes that aren't full of sugar? [R]

4 years agoNov. 2, 2015


4 years agoits_j3 posted on Fitness.
Nov. 2, 2015

MRW the MyFitnessPal app warns me that the salt I added is high in sodium. [R]

4 years, 7 months agoze_blue_sky posted submission on ketorage.
April 23, 2015
4 years, 7 months agoze_blue_sky posted on ketorage.
April 23, 2015

For the curious, .7tsp of salt + some crystal light + potassium Emergen-C + 1 drop EZ Sweets in 32 oz of water is my breakfast-electrolyte-blend.

[Question] Post-workout electrolytes [R]

4 years, 7 months agonomoredolls posted submission on xxfitness.
April 8, 2015

I workout for about an hour 3-4 times a week in the mornings before work. My routine is weights-based with 10-20min cardio. I have a whey protein shake as soon as I get to work and follow with breakfast (usually yogurt, nuts, berries, oats) shortly after. I also drink a lot of water/tea during the day. I sometimes find that I feel slightly nauseous and quite fatigued/tired for the first few hours at work. My mum (a nurse) suggested that perhaps I am not replacing the sodium I sweat out (my diet is not generally high in salt). Has anyone experienced this? or does anyone often have an electrolyte replacement drink post-workout?

4 years, 7 months agonomoredolls posted on xxfitness.
April 8, 2015

I have to take a diuretic and i live in a very hot climate so my electrolytes are always hinky. I got into using an electrolyte pack in my water when I work out and it helps tremendously. My favorite is the [Alacer Electro-Mix] ( It has no sugar and tastes really yummy.

Fiber and Electrolytes Sources [R]

4 years, 8 months agoma-ccc-slp posted submission on keto.
March 16, 2015

I am just starting back on keto today from just casual IIFYM deficit.

***Previous progress 256(August 2014) to 211(today) I am a 17 year old male 6"2'

And I need help finding fiber and electrolytes sources because I believe that's how i lost track at my last go at Keto. I am getting plenty of fat and protein in, and also I am trying to make muscle gains as well as trying to drop body fat. My goal weight is 180-190 by May/June.

Please keep in mind that the supplements I have to pay for myself so low cost is ALWAYS better. Thanks!

4 years, 8 months agoma-ccc-slp posted on keto.
March 17, 2015

I am still trying to get the fiber part in check, but have found this to be the best sugar free electrolyte supplement out there.

I'm basically force-feeding myself water at this point. [R]

4 years, 8 months agohe-jer posted submission on keto.
March 12, 2015

So after WEEKS of suspecting different products of keeping me out of keto I believe I have found the actual issue.


I'm not big on water. I don't like the way it tastes and I feel like I'm not really ever thirsty. This makes me not think about drinking it. Well I decided to consciously increase my water intake after my other "experiments" had little effect. 3 days of 98 oz if water later and I'm down about 6 lbs.

Stay hydrated my friends!

4 years, 8 months agohe-jer posted on keto.
March 12, 2015

check this product out, tastes good and gives you some electrolytes you need.

Can anyone please recommend which supplements to take while on keto? [R]

4 years, 8 months agoCutthroatTeaser posted submission on keto.
March 10, 2015

I've read magnesium citrate and potassium citrate. Either one? Both? Any others? Thanks!

4 years, 8 months agoCutthroatTeaser posted on keto.
March 10, 2015

These are what I take:
1. A daily multivitamin OR one serving of EcoDrink Multivitamin
2. Daily dose of Electromix
3. Every other day, two of these Magnesium
4. Everyday, 2 of these Fiber Gummies
5. Lite Salt on my food

Unquenchable keto thirst! [R]

4 years, 8 months agokaliforniakustom posted submission on keto.
March 6, 2015

I've been back on keto since January 5, and I am so thirsty all of the time!

I have one of those sun tea 128 ounce containers that I use to keep water in, and I drink one of those a day. In addition to that, I also drink between 3 and 6 cans of La Croix and a mug of coffee.

That's 174 - 210 ounces of water a day, but I am still unbearably thirsty!

Then, with as much as I drink, I get sick of it. I will literally be sitting at my desk feeling like my mouth is going to shrivel up with dryness, and I won't drink the water that's 10 inches from my hand because I'm so sick of drinking!

What IS this?!

4 years, 8 months agokaliforniakustom posted on keto.
March 6, 2015

This will help! I love it! I also add salt to it. Your problem is electrolytes.

PSMF Check-In, Feb. 2015 [R]

4 years, 9 months agoFeb. 2, 2015

A place to share daily notes and seek encouragement and information for the month of February, 2015.

4 years, 9 months agoLadyMcMuffin posted on PSMF.
Feb. 8, 2015

Hello. I haven't started my psmf yet (starting tomorrow) but have done keto for a long, long time. I got the fogginess and general "brain lag" that some have described. The kind folks over at /r/keto advised me to increase my daily sodium intake, and drink a cup of broth (chicken, whatever) specifically when I was feeling "blah". That cleared it up for me, but I am not a big broth fan (not a fan of drinking it as a beverage, anyway). I since found "electro-mix", it's a powder that you mix into your water to make electrolyte water. It's made by the Emergen-C people. It tastes lemony and good, no carbs, calories, sugar, etc. Love it. No more brain farts.

Hello friends! Looking for a little advice. [R]

4 years, 10 months agoAndroidGingerbread posted submission on xxketo.
Jan. 10, 2015

Hello there! I'm Cass. I'm on day 4 and feeling like utter crap, but I know that's part of keto induction. What I'm wondering is: is there anyone here willing to look at my numbers and calculate my macros as if they were your own? I'm just needing a little guidance I guess. Thanks, in advance.

4 years, 10 months agoAndroidGingerbread posted on xxketo.
Jan. 11, 2015

My daily electrolyte supplements usually look like this:

  • 1 packet of ElectroMix mixed with a teaspoon or 2 of Natural Calm in a glass of water.
  • 1 chicken bullion cube mixed in a tall mug of hot water. (Sometimes I do this twice a day, depending on how I feel.)

The rest of my electrolytes come from food. If I still feel unwell after the above, I may drink another ElectroMix. This seems to be working well for managing my induction.

Remember: Spinach is a good source of potassium and other healthy nutrients. It never hurts to mix it into whatever you're making or have a side salad with some olive oil.

Best of luck to you and KCKO! :)

Headache! [R]

5 years agorampion_scampion posted submission on 100DaysofKeto.
Nov. 3, 2014

As much as it sucks, I'm moving into ketosis, and that's an awesome feeling. Pounding water, eating cheese and sausage while patiently waiting for it to pass.

Thinking of all of you who might be experiencing the same thing is weirdly comforting.

Love this sub and the fact we're in this together. For those having similar symptoms, KCKO!

5 years agorampion_scampion posted on 100DaysofKeto.
Nov. 4, 2014

I also use an electrolyte mix that I mix into water 2x a day. The first time I did Keto, I had a headache and leg cramps about a week in and I drank two of these before I went to bed and my symptoms went away by morning. I drink two packets a day now usually.

Potassium...mmmm... [R]

5 years, 3 months agokrates_magoo posted submission on xxketo.
Aug. 27, 2014

I got myself some salt substitute to help replenish my electrolytes (I know I'm missing the potassium, getting cramps in my legs and arms). I don't have anything to sprinkle it over for the moment, soooo I tossed 1/2 tsp into my lovely berry flavored water. Interesting flavor, now it resembles more of a salty banana flavor. How do you like your potassium?

5 years, 3 months agokrates_magoo posted on xxketo.
Aug. 27, 2014

Blegh. I got some lite salt last weekend and tried pouring it into my water because I have heard people say they do that. Apparently I should have put some flavoring in there, because even though I thought it was a small amount of salt for 24oz of water, it was pretty much salt water. And I was determined to drink it! So, that was gross.

This stuff: Elctro-Mix is my godsend right now. It has ZERO calories & carbs and it isn't crazy sweet like other powders. It has a tart flavor, I hate when drinks are super sweet and fake tasting. I drink 1 in the morning with 12oz of water, and keep a pack on me jic I crash during the day.

Has anyone tried Pedialyte ? [R]

5 years, 3 months agoAug. 13, 2014

Does it work for replenishing electrolytes? Any downside?

5 years, 3 months ago[deleted] posted on ketogains.
Aug. 13, 2014

I use this on especially hot days for working out in my garage. Really seems to do the trick.

Emergen-C is SIX carbs? [R]

5 years, 4 months agothis_97 posted submission on keto.
July 28, 2014

Damn. Six whole carbs with this stuff. I bought some to regulate potassium, magnesium and all that stuff. Can someone suggest something besides broth? A supplement? Thanks

5 years, 4 months agothis_97 posted on keto.
July 28, 2014

The same company (alacer) makes this. 0 carbs, no vitamins, just electrolytes.

Gals... I made it through day one of Keto... [R]

5 years, 5 months agolrugo posted submission on xxketo.
June 26, 2014

I feel kind of yucky right now. What's happening to me?

5 years, 5 months agolrugo posted on xxketo.
June 26, 2014

A lot of it could be electrolyte imbalance. When you start keto, your insulin levels drop pretty rapidly. Insulin normally causes your kidneys to send out the signal to retain some water throughout the body, so when your insulin levels drop, you also drop that excess water retention, which takes a lot of sodium/potassium with it. Try mixing some Lite Salt in with water and flavoring like Mio (homemade Gatorade!) or having some broth. You need a lot more sodium/potassium than you normally do while you're on keto--sodium: 3-5g a day, potassium: 1g a day. The amount of magnesium you need remains about the same, but many people are deficient.

For a quick fix, ElectroMix packets mix in with water and give you everything but sodium.

Thanks for recommending /r/keto. This is how I'm going to lose the 55 lbs I need to. [R]

5 years, 5 months agoBritish_Rover posted submission on keto.
June 9, 2014

I'm the lose 55 lbs and get an orgy guy from /r/adviceanimals. I had to do some reading for myself over the weekend and I'm in. For those who are curious, here is my basic situation. I started Thursday morning at 264.4 lbs.

Before this challenge here is my exercise lifestyle. I play ultimate frisbee once a week 46/52 weeks of the year for the last 3 years. In ultimate I generally run about 4.5 miles in 1.5 to 2 hours depending on the games. I have played 1 hour of dodgeball a week 40/52 weeks of the last 4 years. 2 months ago I started riding a bike about 18 miles per day 2-3 times per week. I started playing softball weekly 2 weeks ago.

Diet lifestyle. I haven't had any soda in years. I generally avoid sweets except the occasional ice cream or sharing my kids holiday chocolates. I didn't think I was partaking in much carbs (though sometimes I know I got into a crazy carb groove) but I love popcorn. I ate toast with my eggs in the morning (I haven't eaten cereal for years either). I usually had a potato or some rice with my very meat oriented dinner. For the past few months I have had a can of chunky or progresso soup for lunch.

So I've been stuck at around 260. Oh Yeah, Alcohol. I drink several times a week with different groups of friends.

I am sure that going Keto, kicking up some more exercise, cutting the alcohol, and cutting some calories will melt me. I got a food scale from a friend that wasn't using theirs. I'm logging all intake. I'm weighing daily. I'm getting Keto pee sticks. I'm in.

Oh, and one more thing. In the video linked to the sticky post, he mentions the calories per pound of fat. My number is a quarter million calories. I want to burn 250,000 calories through exercise as fast as I can. I'm am adding hikes and walks to my limited free time too. I know better than to go out and run a marathon untrained to try and burn mucho calories, but I am kicking up the activity in my lifestyle until I reach that 250,000 calorie exercise mark. I created a spreadsheet to track the calorie count of every workout until I hit the 250,000 calorie mark.

My goal is to be at 209 by my birthday in November. What a gift that will be. Thank you all for the suggestion to come here. Before

5 years, 5 months agoBritish_Rover posted on keto.
June 9, 2014

Powerade zero or this stuff.

It is what I use for my duathalons. Nuun is also ok but it has a few carbs.

Finally realized I need to make a change, have a question about diet soda [R]

5 years, 5 months agoJim_Gaffigans_bacon posted submission on keto.
June 1, 2014


5 years, 5 months agoJim_Gaffigans_bacon posted on keto.
June 1, 2014

even better is club soda with Electro Mix in it. gives it a little flavor and you need those extra electrolytes on keto anyway.

[TMI] Excessive spotting for 3 months, some questions on vitamins and any other advice you can offer! [R]

5 years, 6 months agoMay 5, 2014


5 years, 6 months agoShemomedjamOOPS posted on xxketo.
May 5, 2014

If you want to check absorption of a pill, it helps to take one of the pills and put it in a glass of water. Leave it for...maybe 15-30 minutes, and see if it dissolves mostly. A lot of pills have this hard surface on them (which is why gel pills, or powdered capsules are better than tablets) that is hard to dissolve, and so I think a lot of the vitamins and minerals are not absorbed.

I don't have any suggestions for a multi-vitamin as I have not looked for one myself.

I do take Electro-mix several times a day, and I'm also trying to pay more attention to nutrient-dense greens as some of the stuff I used to take for my periods, have too many carbs in them which sucks :(

How much potassium do we need? And easiest ways to get it? [R]

5 years, 8 months ago[deleted] posted submission on keto.
March 3, 2014

I've read some conflicting things on the internet that leaves me with questions. The FAQ says we need about 1000mg a day, but other sources on the internet put my needs around 3500mg a day. Multiple internet sources point to the second one - so why does the FAQ recommend so low??

I know per 100g things like avocado, spinach, mushrooms, and broccoli are all good options - but I can't stand avocado, and 100g of mushrooms or spinach is an insane amount every day to try and reach 3500. Supplements cap out at 100mg/pill, so it appears that half-salt is the cheapest and easiest way to boost it.

5 years, 8 months ago[deleted] posted on keto.
March 3, 2014

I'm not sure about how much, but as for a source I highly recommend ElectroMix (available on Amazon). I bought some recently for backpacking, knowing I might get crampy with the intense exercise, but it made me feel so much better that I'm just going to start eatiing it all the time. It's also pretty cheap, even on my college budget.

Help - my office is ordering pizza for lunch. [R]

5 years, 9 months agoreinventor posted submission on keto.
Jan. 31, 2014

We were closed for a few days so now we have to stay onsite for lunch to try to catch up. They have ordered pizza only...Do you think it would be ok if I just scraped off the good parts and ate that (cheese - sauce and pepperoni)? My other option is to either not eat or just try to snack on the sunflower seeds I keep in my office?

Sorry if this is a silly question, I have only been doing this for like 2-3 weeks and am not sure of everything I can eat - but Cheese, Pepperoni and a little bit of tomato sauce seems safe...


5 years, 9 months agoreinventor posted on keto.
Jan. 31, 2014

You might want to try some type of electrolyte supplement? That has helped me with missed meal headaches A LOT.

Keto flu [R]

5 years, 10 months agoat_work919 posted submission on keto.
Jan. 14, 2014

Holy balls, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I have been doing really well with keto so far! About a week in and have lost 10lbs, which until recently made me feel terrific. I was happier about life in general, going to the gym and overall very glad I took the plunge finally.

And then tonight, all of the sudden... I feel as if within the span of an hour I got drawn and quartered, sewed back together, hit with the worst hangover of my life and slammed with a headache that would subdue an elephant.

Help me out here guys. I drank two bottles of powerade zero so far and am keeping my fluid intake insanely high. Tomorrow morning first thing (if I get through tonight) I'm going to buy some broth and drink some of that. Any other suggestions from those of you who have shared this burden?

Thanks in advance!

5 years, 10 months agoat_work919 posted on keto.
Jan. 14, 2014

These are really great to keep your electrolytes replenished:

Some essential ingredients? [R]

5 years, 11 months agoat_work919 posted submission on keto.
Dec. 27, 2013

Hey /r/Keto, so I was wondering what are some essential supplies that you must have to make the most basic of Keto meals? I'm gonna go get my check, cash it and I'm going food shopping. So any help would be great.

5 years, 11 months agoat_work919 posted on keto.
Dec. 27, 2013
  • eggs. think you have enough? get another carton. don't skip the yolks and don't be afraid to eat lots of them.

  • mayonnaise, full fat kind. no sugar/carbs.

  • pickles (low cal, low carb, great evening snacks, fermented foods help digestion)

  • Electrolyte mix:

  • cauliflower (excellent mashed potato replacement)

Starting Keto [R]

5 years, 11 months agoat_work919 posted submission on keto.
Dec. 27, 2013

Okay, I am finally fed up with being fat and I am dedicating myself to following the keto life style to the T for 90 days to see how it goes. If I ens up as successful as most of you have been then I will follow this to my goal weight. I see a lot of great progress in this subreddit and will be using those stories for my motivation. I am currently at 295 pounds, 41% BF. My goal is to hit 215 and 9% BF by December 1, 2014. I am still putting together my plan and appreciate everyone's posts on here to provide me some guidance!

5 years, 11 months agoat_work919 posted on keto.
Dec. 27, 2013

Hit up the FAQ over there in the sidebar for starters, if you haven't already. Then plot your macros/eating plan with the Keto Calculator (also linked on the sidebar), and install My Fitness Pal (MFP) on your phone to track your food..

The first thing you're going to run into is probably the 'keto-flu', so be sure to get your electrolytes!!! The FAQ recommends broth, and that works great, but I prefer this ElectroMIX stuff. Check it out:

Alternative to lemonade/fruit juice. [R]

5 years, 11 months agoat_work919 posted submission on keto.
Dec. 25, 2013

I've been doing keto since last weekend. So far, so good. Eating eggs and feta cheese for breakfast, a whole cucumber as a snack, Turkey bacon,drinking water, etc.

But I miss my lemonade and fruit juices. A lot. I feel like I'm gonna succumb to Minute Maid.

Please, any alternatives?

5 years, 11 months agoat_work919 posted on keto.
Dec. 26, 2013

I would recommend something like this:

it doesn't taste as good as minute maid but you can add some splenda to it if you want, and you need to get your electrolytes anyway :)

Week 2: Can someone criticize my food log please? [R]

5 years, 11 months agomaleimide posted submission on keto.
Dec. 23, 2013

So I'm on week 2 of keto - and I feel great. I've been using keto strips every day to make sure I'm still in ketosis, and they're usually either medium/dark, so I know it's working.

However, I haven't seen the scale move very much, but for some reason I feel like I can tell a difference in the way my pants/shirts are fitting.. Is that normal? When should I expect to see movement on the scale?

Here's an imgur album with what I've been eating this week: - Is there anything I should change about what I'm eating?

I've also done some light exercise this week - jogging/walking (3x about 1 hour each).

From Keto Calculator:

30/M/5'5" | CW 240 | 40% BF | Lightly active

  • 1901 kcal Goal, a 30% deficit. (830 min, 2716 max)
  • 40g Carbohydrates
  • 100g Protein (93g min, 180g max)
  • 149g Fat (30g min, 239g max)
5 years, 11 months agomaleimide posted on keto.
Dec. 23, 2013

Definitely on the spam, I've just been trying to use up what I've had in the house to save some money since I ended up not being able to use some stuff I'd already bought.

I've been wondering about the electrolytes thing.. I've been thinking of buying some of this: ElectroMIX Electrolyte Replacement - Drink Mix (no carbs).. though the salad mix I have does have some spinach in it I'm worried it's not enough.

You think 30/day carbs is too high even though my test strips are positive?

Don't be like me ... get your electrolytes! [R]

5 years, 11 months agoU_DONT_KNOW_TEAM posted submission on keto.
Dec. 20, 2013

about two months ago I woke up with heart arrhythmia. If you've never experienced it before, its seriously one of the scariest things that can be going on in your body if you aren't aware of what's going on. After they found out that I did some drinking at a camping trip the previous weekend, they stuck me with an electrolyte IV and the issue resolved itself after about an hour.

I went to the doctor the next day and had blood work done - all of my electrolyte levels were normal but only because I had that crazy IV the day before.

The last few weeks I've been experiencing severe dehydration upon waking up, increased phlegm in my lungs (dehydration symptom), and muscle cramps (and during my yoga classes too .... ouch!). After doing some reading, it seems like ALL of these problems can be caused by an electrolyte deficiency.

So please, for your health, go get some Sodium/Potassium/Magnesium and don't deal with the potential side-effects of electrolyte deficiencies. I was, foolishly, one of those people who figured that I'd be fine without it ... wrong!

Potassium | Sea Salt | Magnesium | Calcium

5 years, 11 months agoU_DONT_KNOW_TEAM posted on keto.
Dec. 20, 2013

your supplement of choice? [R]

6 years agolearethak posted submission on ketogains.
Nov. 25, 2013

reading through ketogains i see a trend of people that always bonk with the cause most likely being electrolyte loss. Starting keto this week and wondering if taking a supplement for sodium, potassium and magnesium should be advised. I plan on trying to train a week after my start but admittedly a bit scared by a couple of the stories i've read on here. whats your guys favorite products?

5 years, 12 months agolearethak posted on ketogains.
Nov. 27, 2013

I picked up some Nuun from a local running shop. Disappointed in it's ratios. It is tasty though.

Sodium 172.5mg (7%), Potassium 48.5mg (1%), Magnesium 12.5mg (3%) as well as Vitamin C , riboflavin and calcium.

Instead I've been using Electro-mix from the makers of EmergenC.

Magnesium 120mg (30%), Manganese 2mg (100%) Potassium 408 mg (12%), Chromium 20mcg (17%) as well as Calcium.

So no Sodium but 10x the Potassium and Magnesium as the Nuun.

Does not taste nearly as good.

Starting Keto today- 11/1/13. NO MORE EXCUSES... Would love some advice! [R]

6 years agofanaticus posted submission on keto.
Nov. 1, 2013

First off, my stats:

28/F/ 5'3"/ SW-200lbs /CW- 191.4 /GW-130lbs /UGW-125lbs

Hey everyone. i have been on and off the low carb wagon for many months now. I first stared a low carb diet in 2012 doing the Adkins diet. i lost 20 pounds before my wedding and i lost it between the dates of Feb 2012 and May 2012. i gained it back after the honeymoon and buying a house. Come Jan 2013 i started Weight Watchers and i lost the same 20 lbs, but in 6 months. i eventually got bored and fell off even harder than the Adkins and gained back my 10 of my 20lbs lost. Ive been reading the message boards on here and have gotten inspired and i have tried for a month now but it looks like 5 days on, 2 days failed and fallen off trying to build my body to get used to KETO and to get my body into KETOSIS, and then the weekend happens and i say to my self, I'm starting tomorrow- Day 1. I'm starting Monday- Day 1. i'll start the following month starting on the first day of the month- Day 1. We'll I've made excuses after excuses and this morning i woke up and realized i have to start at day 1 AGAIN. Frankly, i am sick of starting over. SICK OF IT! Today is a new day and yes, it is the start of a new month DAY 1. i'm ready. its time to get my mind in focus and stick to this life style change once and for all. I could use advice for keeping ones mind focused and how to avoid the cheating. my sister's wedding is coming up in June 2014 and i want to look my best. is it possible to get myself 50-60 pounds down in 6-7 months? Wish me the best and please feel free to give me any advice to help keep my mind focused, perhaps your own journey will inspire my mindset! thank you all in advance! :-)


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Nov. 1, 2013

Here are a few general tips that everyone should know when starting Keto:

  1. Electrolytes are incredibly important. Make sure you are getting enough through methods such as drinking broths, supplements such as this one, or food sources (i.e. spinach has a lot of potassium). Magnesium and Potassium are particularly necessary.

  2. Increase your fat intake! The standard "macros" of your diet tend to be 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbohydrates. This scientific calculator is great for determining your macros and it has tons of extra resources. Input your data and read through the paragraphs that follow and you'll learn tons of great information. A great way of getting extra fat in your diet is by making "Bulletproof Coffee" in the morning. It's basically just your standard coffee, but with a tablespoon of butter and a tablespoon of Coconut Oil in it. There are tons of testimonials to how well it works on this subreddit if you search for "Bulletproof Coffee."

  3. Vegetables are your friends. Some people on /r/Keto will tell you to be extremely careful with your vegetables as they contain carbohydrates. While this is true to an extent, I wouldn't overly worry about it. Try and keep your carbohydrates below ~30g a day (the Keto Calculator will give you an exact amount), but going over by ~10g from vegetables doesn't seem to have an effect on most people's Ketosis.

  4. Your entire perception of what tastes good to you will change after you become adapted to Ketosis. When I first started Keto, I absolutely hated most vegetables and was pretty much the poster child of sugar addiction. I never thought that I would be able to defeat my cravings for brownies, cookies, cake, etc but after 2-3 weeks on Keto, I began to realize that I was no longer craving these types of foods. Instead I was lusting after high fat foods like coconut oil.

Meals to stay keto on the go? [R]

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Aug. 1, 2013

I just started a new construction job and the only place to keep my food is in my small cooler, so no defrosting or reheating foods. Jobs can take up to 14 hours a day so the food needs to be more than just to 'get by'.

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Aug. 1, 2013

I eat a lot of "snacks" as meals, so these are my ideas for chow on the go without a fridge:

  • Almonds

  • Celery

  • Raw Broccoli

  • Peanut Butter

  • Quest Bars

  • ElectroMix (to keep those electrolytes in check)

  • Bacon

  • Hunters Sausage or any low carb jerky

  • Romaine lettuce wrapped meat & cheese sandwiches

  • Cream Cheese wrapped in salami (you can freeze these overnight, then throw them into the cooler and they should defrost by when you want to eat them)

  • Egg muffins (again, you can freeze overnight & they thaw)

  • Coconut oil in coffee. I use something like this or you could use a mason jar to be able to shake the coffee/oil to keep it from separating. If you drink it in the morning, you can use heavy cream too so you don't have to refrigerate it.

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