DenSan H040 TV Antenna Indoor Digital Antenna for HDTV with 10ft Coax Cable and Signal Booster-Freeview Local Channels

Last Updated On Saturday April 11th, 2020
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DenSan H040 TV Antenna Indoor Digital Antenna for HDTV with 10ft Coax Cable and Signal Booster-Freeview Local Channels

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    Industrial & Scientific, Industrial Electrical

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Tips for Getting in VHF-HI Channels Better on Indoor Antenna [R]

1 year, 11 months agoAntiMalwareFlames posted submission on ota.
May 15, 2018

About 2 years ago I moved to northern Minnesota. Everything is nice except for the fact that the TV reception is crap. I didn't start monkeying around with a TV antenna until cable prices went up. Anyways, I can only get in three TV stations: two UHF and one VHF. Theres supposedly another VHF, and according to some of my friends, there's another VHF in the same direction as VHF channel 9. Here is my TV Fool Report for more info: (Ignore the stations coming in from about 340 degrees. They are low powered TV stations for a Native American Reservation). What recommendations do you have for improving my signal quality and getting in channel 12 short of getting an attic mount antenna. Also, do VHF-HI channels come in when there are a lot of trees.

1 year, 11 months agoAntiMalwareFlames posted comment on ota.
May 15, 2018

What do you think about this for the VHF antenna. It appears to be a Yagi tuned for the VHF-Hi frequencies: I will also take a look at the antenna list you provided me sometime to see if they compare. Than, I would probably need a UHF antenna and a good VHF & UHF antenna slitter. Looking at my TVFool, what UHF antenna would you guys recommend. Thanks for your help :).

P.S The reason why I would want to get a separate UHF antenna is because I have issues getting in Analog Channel 28 with the current indoor antenna.